How to choose the right clothes for thin people

Firstly, thin people have to abandon the broad things, by which, as it seems, you can hide the figure.But it is the opposite, wide clothes, robes only further emphasizes figure flaws, and all parts of the body seem even more fragile and thin.The contrast between the wide sweaters and thin arms, as well as between the wide skirt and skinny legs immediately catches the eye.
Secondly, should not wear tight clothes and.Such clothing does not fit a full or thin people.In obese people tight clothing emphasizes completeness.A thin people even more hudit, so that you should forget about drainpipe jeans, Lacina, tight tops and.t. e. It is best to pick up clothes is not too close to the body and not too wide.

following rule - do not give up in black clothes.Yes, this color slim but tall and thin girl with short, black knee-length dress will look graceful, delicate, and with such a dress can be visually reduce the height.Women with small stature need to choose the right clothes - it is better not to wear this dre

ss, because there are simply lost.Thin women, and high and low growth to avoid long black dresses.Thin man is very fit classic cut trousers in black, also in narrow pants black feet will seem very thin.

excellent option clothes for thin people are the classical light-colored trousers and light jeans with the effect of "fray".Light colors help to visually enlarge the garment shape.The presence of folds, pockets and gives volume, so good, if they are present on the clothes for thin and the more of them the better.
thin man should be given preference shirt worn over the shoulders or tied on a bright, combines the color of the jacket jumper.Shirts should be selected with a large collar.Do not wear a shirt unbuttoned top button once again demonstrating its thinness, for the same reason, you should avoid tight-fitting T-shirts.If monochromatic shirt, you can choose a sweater with horizontal stripes, it will visually increase the figure.

Women can also hide excessive thinness by a laminated clothing, t. E. Worn over sleeveless blouses, and on top you can wear a jacket or blazer.Avoid jackets and blouson big shoulders.Jackets should be up to the buttocks not higher that emphasize thinness, is not lower than that reduce growth.
Hide thinness can be and with the help of drawing on clothes.Drawing on a fabric to be close.However, if the person is thin and small in stature, the only major figure podchёrknёt his figure, in this case it is necessary to choose the paintings of medium size, but be sure to avoid small patterns.The horizontal bar on blouses or jumpers give volume figure and the vertical contrary slim.In the women's wardrobe should be present skirts and blouses with ruffles, frills and ruffles different.When it came time to choose clothes, make sure that the fabric does not stick to the body.

thin people should prefer clothes of bulk tissue.For example, corduroys great increase volume feet.In the cold you can wear loose-fitting cardigan of wool sweaters, but with crew neck, avoiding V-neck, as it only highlights the thinness of the neck.
Long narrow skirts, tight pants, vertical stripes on clothes, deep necklines all this emphasizes leanness, makes the figure even thinner, as you know, such clothes for skinny is better not to use.

complete the image can help you choose accessories and shoes.Accessories do not have to be large, voluminous, preference should be given more subtle and elegant accessories.Men should pay attention to tie this piece of clothing that catches the eye.The tie should not be broad and it is better to tie a knot of medium size.Do not wear wide hats and curvy hairstyles do, because your head will appear on the thin neck is very large.As for shoes, the thin people stylists recommend shoes with elongated cape, classic shoes.For women, a good option is the shoes on a thin medium length heeled shoes to avoid massive, "platform" is also not suitable thin people.

Skinny people are looking for different ways of using clothing to appear fuller.Although modern and fashionable clothes shops are designed specifically for these people.Therefore, the choice of clothes for these people pretty diverse and large.It is not necessary from complexes about its thinness, since in today's world to be thin - it is fashionable.