Fashionable summer clothes from fashion designers

minimalist style remains the leading trend in the fashion summer 2011. Clarity lines in the fashionable summer clothes from fashion designers, at least the decor, the use of high quality fabrics - all this characterizes the style of minimalism.Although many of the leading fashion designers have gone from this style and presented clothes in exotic style "ethnic."

ethno - style is characterized by using a fashionable summer clothes from the designers of Oriental and African motifs, the combination of bright contrasting colors.Also, this summer will be a fashionable style "hippie".Free skirts to the floor, light dresses and tunics any length leggings made of thin material, chiffon blouses - all this characterizes the fashionable summer clothes 2011. Relevant are also tight-fitting blouses - body, which will be perfectly combined with long loose skirts and slacks.
main color this summer, most proclaimed white, and various shades of pastel.In most collections summer clothing global brands present model pa

le lemon shade.This made walking color tops and pants, cocktail dresses, linen jackets.Leading fashion designers offer this season to actively use the orange color to all women.

slim silhouette in a retro-style - the most fashionable style appears summer, popular will "pea" prints.Chiffon blouses, dresses with ruffles, silk tops, many fashion designers have a "pea" print.Among the models with a "pea" print leading steel long dress with a deep neckline.Floral motifs, fashion last season, will be relevant this summer - wide skirts and dresses with large flowers, patterns of fruit and leaves.You should also pay attention to the fashionable summer clothes from the designers at prints that resemble photographs, blurry pictures, are fashionable and children's drawings.Popular will wear, which is not observed symmetry of the pattern, that is, on one sleeve can be a drawing, and the other uses a different print.Every fashionista this season's wardrobe should always be white trouser suit - tight pants and an elongated rod-jacket.This summer, the various options for fashionable trousers: elongated, short, narrow and wide.Relevant are the jackets with long sleeves to the elbow and reception - collar.In spite of the warm season, a significant place in the summer collections takes the skin.The hit of summer 2011 was the lush leather skirt.

Summer clothes from fashion house Dior made in a nautical theme.It included a striped blouse, dark blue trousers cut free, knitted skirts, hats presented in the form of hats in the style of American naval caps 40s.

Designers house Chanel presented a collection of summer clothes for the business woman.The main colors in the collection are white, gray, black, light pink color.At present light dresses floral prints, which adds clothes summer mood.Prints - is a major figure in the dress.As for the fabric - this transparent chiffon, jersey, lots of lace, fur is also present.The entire collection is somewhat reminiscent of the sixties clothing includes short jackets, skirts and trousers with a high waistline, short shorts.Stylish ladies who love a simple, yet elegant clothes, probably will find themselves in this collection suitable model.

central place in his summer collection of Victoria Beckham gave the dresses in the style of the sixties.A feature of the collection was the use of extraordinary designer fasteners - lightnings, both short and long.The collection is dominated by white, silver and single colors.Many models are decorated with intricate prints.
Alberta Ferretti collection, summer 2011, characterized by an abundance of lace and lung tissue.It included mostly dresses and skirts maximum length of thin material.The color scheme is presented in the collection of gray, sand, white and emerald green.

Air dress - maxi present in the collections of Roberto Cavalli.In general, all riddled Cavalli fashion clothing femininity and lightness.Almost all models are decorated with decorative embroidery and fringed date this season.This collection Roberto Cavalli uses tissue pale pink, smoky, pale blue and milky.Basically it is a narrow thin pants and long wide skirts.

Summer clothes from fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana consists mainly of short skirts and light dresses.All the models presented in the collection are made from natural fabrics.Many Dresses and skirts decorated with gossamer complex patterns.For the decoration of some models designers use lace Provence.White is the main color of the collection of summer clothes from Dolce & Gabbana.Here's a she, fashionable summer clothes from the famous Italian brand.

Now you know about the latest trends in fashion summer clothes from designers and to update your wardrobe, ready to conquer the hearts of men.

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