Fashionable women's dresses and skirts

As we have already said, today we will focus on women's fashion dresses and skirts, which should be in the wardrobe of every girl.This year's fashionable feminine silhouettes, current will be short-fitting women's dresses.The color range is diverse - it is black, all shades of brown, shades bedding.Popular fabric during the cold period remains jersey, and in the spring and summer satin and chiffon.The most fashionable dresses of this season will be asymmetrical dress.It dresses with asymmetrical necklines and cleavage lines, as well as dresses with asymmetric individual parts.

Do not forget that the style is minimalist - style this season.This is reflected in the clothes.Short dress in black minimalist, sexy and elegant.In spite of the color, you can wear a dress and hot summers.The main thing is to choose the right accessories, they should be bright colors.Designers are advised of the season every woman have in her wardrobe of dress or blouse orange.This sunny color perfectly suitable for any woman.

One of the most popular colors this season is white.Light cotton dresses women's fashion white will be indispensable upcoming summer.Spring fashion trend - a white dress - shirt.Relevance to this year will be openwork crocheted dresses, - net.Models, crocheting is the most fashionable in the season 2011. It will be good to look knitted dress with separate inserts.Speaking of the tissues, in this season are fashionable model dresses made of silk, chiffon and leather.Designers offer silk dress oriental motifs with floral prints.In general, floral prints and prints peas - fashion trends this season.Also relevant in this season will be striped dress.

This pattern in marine style - dress in white and blue stripes, bright patterns, mini-dresses in stripes.Short women's dresses of silk, loose-fitting dresses are a very convenient option everyday wear.And on a hot summer save chiffon dresses.Chiffon dresses in bright colors: orange, scarlet, bright green, bright blue, turquoise relevant upcoming summer.Also fashionable dresses are dresses with fringe and tassels.Evening dresses of this season can be made in any style and direction.The most popular colors of evening dresses were white, red, black.As with color, not particularly changed, and fashions of evening dresses: Dress-year, dress in the Greek style - high waist and loose bottom, bustier dress.In models of evening dresses present floral prints.The fabrics used for evening models are quite varied, but the main ones are the silk and chiffon.Layered drapes, organza insert, beadwork - everything is important for evening dresses of the season.

As for skirts, then it can be considered a genius invention.So how to choose a style skirts will emphasize the dignity of the figure or, conversely, to hide some flaws.Combined with the same skirt different blouses, tops, etc.You can get a wide variety of outfits, from everyday clothes to holiday.

this season remains in vogue skirt - pencil, moreover, it can be made of leather, as this season the skin is very relevant.It can be classic cut and narrowed with high waist.In addition to the classical models are very popular leather mini skirt.This season, relevant and super-mini and leather skirts with ruffles, skirts country style.These fashionable skirts will look good in combination with the classic biker jacket or a silk blouse.Classical skirt - pencil can be not only leather but also tweed, silk, high or low waisted maxi or mini, the choice is yours.Also, this season will be fashionable tight skirts and maxi skirt - krenaliny.Another fashion trend this season is a classic skirt sun.Skirts with frills, ruffles, ruffles - is a trend this season.The long skirt with a smell - good find in summer and winter.In cold weather perfectly suited woolen skirt - maxi.Tulip skirt as well as the skirt - pencil, profitable emphasize shape, create silhouette "hourglass".Another fashionable model this year - a retro model of skirt-year.It can be any length and any tissue.

Now you met with an overview of women's fashion dresses and skirts, and wish you to be aware of the latest trends and chic look!