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Modern hair care: lamination or keratinirovanie?

is known to the women, there are two problems: straight hair should be screwed, and wavy - straighten.What just not idutzhenschiny to get the desired effect.All kinds of shampoos vyravnivaniyavolos and other similar means virtually have no effect.And uzhevrode be washed hair with shampoo good markidlya ideal smoothness of hair, used the balm and a mask for the same purpose, and even naneslakonditsioner, and the result is almost nothing.Hair dryer and iron is rescued nonenadolgo.And the cause considerable damage to the hair.One has only to rain or prostoproytis street in wet weather, how your hair is perfectly smooth, and hard work dostigaemyebolshim again take the form of a la "explosion at makaronnoyfabrike."At this point we can only silently envy beauties awarded kotoryhpriroda perfectly straight hair.

Is there no way out?Neuzhelitak and have to constantly torment hair dryers and irons to burn, you might ask.Kschastyu, in modern times people have found a solution to this problem.There dvasposoba a

chieve absolutely smooth hair.This lamination and keratinirovanie.

To begin to say that obeprotsedury be done in salons.You can certainly try to make etosamostoyatelno home, but it is unlikely the effect will be so expressive and long, kakesli would have done the master.

lamination procedure is misrepresented, that the barber envelops your hair with a special compound, kotoryypozvolyaet be a while your hair in the so-called film apotom this composition wash.This procedure is considered cosmetic and does vashivolosy smooth, silk and even bulky good color volos.Protsedura lamination is not particularly expensive, but the effect is smooth voloszaderzhitsya on your head for a while.Vysmozhete enjoy your perfectly smooth hair from one month to shestinedel.But there are cases when immediately after the procedure, klientyostayutsya dissatisfied obtained their effect was not impressed.Many professionalyskhodyatsya on the belief that this could happen in the case of very povrezhdennyhvolos.

How often should delatlaminirovanie?

In principle, there nikakogoogranicheniya how many times you can do this procedure.Once vyzametili that hair again began to curl a little, you can safely run again Kvasha master.Hair lamination absorb the kolichestvosostava that they need.

This is impossible to do lamination?

Fortunately dannayaprotsedura suited to any type of hair.Very often, professionals rekomenduyutprovodit procedure to people who have not much hair is thick or curvy, if they are damaged, have dry and visited tips.

dangerously lilaminirovanie hair?

Many professionals say that the composition of the funds dlyalaminirovaniya hair is completely harmless.But many ladies who proizvodilidannuyu procedure on your hair may be noted that from time to time protseduravliyala exhausting way their hair.

Everything you need to know okeratinirovanii

Let's look at the second type of hair restoration -keratinirovanie.Unlike the above procedure, hair keratinirovanie yavlyaetsyaozdoravlivayuschey procedure.

based keratinirovanogo volosvhodit straightening keratin, which is applied navolosy not wash.Keratin helps to restore hair on a deep level.Onkak solders to damaged areas of the hair and restores their strukturu.Keratin absorbed into the hair, strengthens, fills his zhiznennoysiloy.Thanks keratinirovaniyu hair get perfectly smooth, uhozhennyyvid.Even if you have very damaged, over-dried and kucheryavyevolosy, keratinirovanoe straightening easily cope with postavlennoyzadachey - improve and straighten your hair.After keratinirovaniya volosyhorosho stacked, they are not afraid of wet weather.Hair is really obedient, silky and shiny.

How dolgoderzhitsya effect of keratinirovaniya?

Inside nawashi hair will suffer specific composition of keratin, for 30 minutvam will need to sit with him, chtobyvolosy could absorb as much as possible of it.After that, without washing, keratinneobhodimo will solder ironing, razogretymdo temperatury.Vualya particular, the effect on your face!If you properly care for hair posleprovedennoy procedure, the effect promises to last from two to six months.Sleduetzametit that unlike lamination keratinirovanie is namnogodorozhe and you can fly a lot of money.But the effect is worth it.

Kakpravilno treat hair after this procedure?

In order to prolong the effect volosneobhodimo luxury to be able to properly care for nimi.K Unfortunately, in markets is unlikely you will find a suitable shampoo for vashihvolos.Usually, all these shampoos, even well-known brands contain lauritsulfat sodium, which is very detrimental effect on our hair.Therefore sredstvapo hair care products must be purchased in a strictly professional magazinah.Suschestvuyut also shampoos that not only do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate, and help not wash the keratin of the hair, the effect of extending the Sami krasivoyshevelyury.

As mentioned above, keratinirovanie - service neiz cheap.Therefore you must be very careful to treat discounts in poltseny.Neobhodimo very carefully choose the master not to be deceived.Dissatisfied with this procedure is practically no, and if they come across cases, the most likely reason is the wizard, you kotoryydelal effect smooth hair.It is necessary to ensure that the amount of keratinabylo applied in the right amount to hair "given" enough time to soak up the keratin.Neobhodimovyderzhivat certain temperature curling and enjoy tolkoprofessionalnymi means for hair care.

Keratinirovanieili lamination?

The choice is yours.But today, we can safely say that at times exceeds keratinirovanie protsedurulaminirovaniya.It not only does not harm your hair, because many confuse EGOS chemical hair straightening, which causes them harm, but on the contrary, napolnyaetih vitality and is ozdorovitelnyyharakter.In contrast to the lamination, keratin straightening obladaetbolee long-term effect, and the hair looks a lot smarter.

procedures vdomashnih conditions

On the Internet, you can deduct the weight of the recipes and provedeniyalaminirovaniya keratinirovaniya hair at home.Experts advise against all zhenastoyatelno do it yourself at home.These procedures dolzhenprovodit only certified master, or otherwise, instead obeschannoyshikarnoy shag you can harm your hair, if not stay without them.

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