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How to make the effect of wet hair

This requires raznyesredstva: from hairspray, ending sredstv.Konechno a number of professional, better to use a special gel - teksturayzerom, through which you can well handle the individual curls, giving them blesk.Ot conventional mousses and gels, it means differentthat in its application hairstyle zakreplyatfenom not have enough fingers to manipulate.But a significant nedostatoketogo funds - the cost, the pleasure is expensive and its use kazhdyyden be expensive.

So you can do privychnymisredstvami styling, such as varnish with the effect of wet hair.But it priuslovii that hair obedient and long.If your hair is unruly and short, then you have to resort to more powerful tools: the gel and nail.

tools for creating wet volospodrazdelyayutsya degree of fixation as the usual hair sprays.Dlyavolnistyh the nature of curls fit sprays lighter series, and need funds for pryamyhvolos strong fixing, as in this case slozhneesozdat effect of wet hair.

If you nravitsyaeksperimentirovat or you do not trust

modern means then mozhnovospolzovatsya folk remedies.The most popular are gelatin isahar.When using gelatin it is diluted with warm water and nanosyatpoluchenny solution to the hair.Then they need to mash to give volume.Poslevysyhaniya strands remain with the effect of wet hair.

use of sugar does not distinct from the use of gelatin.However, both options imeyutnedostatki laying: after these procedures hair quickly get dirty and have utrompridёtsya immediately wash your hair.In addition, "Sugar Style" can not be used in the summer as in the sun melts the sugar, making the hair and neck sticky.

strength of technology

Because you can not do effektmokryh hair by applying any single agent, will have to work on technique proper installation.

So, put on the hair strands Gales effect of wet hair and comb it with a brush with big teeth.Priraschёsyvanii lay strands as you like.Then, if desired ukrasteprichёsku hair accessories.

If you are the owner korotkihvolos then apply the tool on your hands and give the desired type of hairstyle.Last to fix hairstyle, make a couple of compressive hand movements.

Now some tips dlyaobladatelnits long straight tresses.To get the effect of wet volosrekomenduem used gum.But first you need to put your hands on the gel dlyaukladki and screw in small bundles of hair strands.Attach rubber bands ukorney beams and wait thirty to forty minutes.Then shall shoot strands and zavershiteukladku using a hair dryer.

Beauty "wet hairstyles" depends on the color of hair.Temnovolosyedevushki can not skimp on the means for stacking as ukladkapodcherknёt saturated colors.But blonde girls zhelatelnosokratit use gel that can turn into nastoyascheebezobrazie hairstyle.

Chtobypoluchit hairstyle with the effect of wet but not dirty hair, it is important to know tehnologiyunaneseniya funds and to properly combine the type of presentation of the situation.For example, the effect of "wet hair styles" dlyakrupnyh curls suitable only for summer and konkretnoyobstanovki.Also out of place "mokryeprichёski" unfolded with bangs short hair povsednevnoyofisnoy work.And here come with a laying at the party will be very dazheumestno.

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