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Proper care of long hair

Because of the extended period of its existence, long hair have a great tendency to split, so the ends nuzhnootstrigat every 6-7 weeks.And for much of split dry ends podoydutrazlichnye drugs and masks based on essential oils (castor oil, ylang-ylang, peach, coconut, almond, coconut, grape seed oil, cocoa butter, avocado oil, burdock, olive oil, vanilla, rose, vegetable (dazheslivochnoe) and others).

improve the look of the hair and at the same time cure ihpomogut different hair masks, for example:

  • Stolovuyulozhku mayonnaise, a teaspoon of honey, a couple of tablespoons of burdock oil and paruyachnyh yolks mixed until uniform weight and applied to the hair posredstvomvtiraniyafrom root to tip, then wrapped with a warm towel head na40 minutes.This mask strengthens hair.

  • Smeshivaemrepeynoe and castor oil (2 teaspoons) with a couple of teaspoons of berezovogosoka.Apply the mixture on your hair, put on a hat, obmatyvaempolotentsem and hold for about two hours.This mask is especially useful for th

    in ipovrezhdennyh hair.

  • Smeshivaemv equal proportions of honey and olive oil, applied to the hair and holds about 30min.

  • Smeshivaemyaichny yolk with one tablespoon vegetable or olive oil, applied to the hair.

  • Smeshivaemyaichny yolk, yogurt, castor or olive oil, applied to the hair.

  • Yaichnyyzheltok mix with a few drops of lemon juice, put on hair iderzhim half an hour.

  • Smeshivaemyaytso with two tablespoons of castor oil, a teaspoon of stolovogouksusa and a teaspoon of glycerin, beat all the ingredients until uniform mass ivteret the scalp and wash off after 15-20 minutes.

All components in any mask must be mixed doodnoobraznoy liquid mass, do not forget that any cooked smesvsegda should be warm.The best effect is hair mask will in tomsluchae if after application, you will cover the head with a polyethylene cap ilikosynkoy and top hats put on a warm towel.

almost any mask containing various oil mozhnoderzhat more than 40 minutes, and even more than 2 hours, the opposite effect will not be vedefirnye oil strengthen, moisturize and nourish the hair.But some maslamisleduet be a little more careful, for example, orange.Firstly, because of orange oil on allergy may appear, and secondly it is sometimes daetozhogi, therefore, more than 10 minutes, the mask comprising such oil can not keep.Fall in love with the mask can be added to pharmaceutical capsules of vitamin A and E.

brittle and dry hair in any case nelzyaprichesyvat brush, otherwise you can ruin the structure, which is then very difficult to restore.It is better to use a comb sredkimi and smooth teeth.It is also desirable to use a comb teeth szheleznymi.

After washing, try to rinse hair lechebnymisostavami: water slightly acidified with vinegar or lemon juice, strengthen volosytakzhe broth of onion peel, decoction of linden infusion tea leaves, chistayanegazirovannaya water, natural beer, broth burdock roots, decoction of nettle broth chamomile, rosemary andbay leaf, broth calamus, calendula tincture iprochie.

General rules of care long hair stipulate chtonelzya constantly use a hair dryer to dry - dry hair should mahrovympolotentsem, and then in the open air (ie, naturally), or in the mode of cool air.Takzhenezhelatelno hard to pull your hair different bands.Never sluchaenelzya walk in the winter without a hat, and in the hot summer should izbegatpryamogo sunlight on her hair.

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