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How to satisfy themselves sexually: masturbation

Secret Life

suddenly find out that your partner masturbates, for many it becomes a shock.Women in such circumstances, most often feel humiliated, take it as a loss of desire in relation to itself.They think that this way of self-gratification husband talks about their sexual failure.Men, finding a partner for self-gratification, do not feel a threat to their masculinity.And it is clear: female masturbation focused primarily on the clitoris, it does not interfere with coitus, but rather can serve as foreplay.Women are capable of multiple orgasms, so a man can believe that a woman who caresses herself, preparing to take it again.In addition, men rarely get a chance to see so close to the female genital organs, they are hidden by virtue of its location.Zastich your favorite masturbation means to unveil its secrets.And this is certainly exciting!

pleasure for themselves

Masturbation necessarily plays the role of foreplay.This is a separate sexual practice that exists in itself.Autoerotism - pleasur

e, not similar to any other.It is a different sexuality that exists in addition to the usual.These two kinds of eroticism do not compete with each other.Fondle himself - so give yourself a minute, which belong only to you.This is an excellent tool to relax and feel confident in yourself.That's what caresses herself a small child.In adults, such affection, and perform other functions.


What we hide, it may cause feelings of guilt, not because it is something bad, but because we hide it.And now entirely ceased to have sex - everyone meets himself.In this case, partnerships are becoming redundant.In the long term, self-gratification, like any other self-sufficiency, condemns human loneliness.From the point of view of having fun, masturbation inferior conventional heterosexual intercourse with a close partner: it was he who brings the greatest pleasure, the greatest relaxation.Perfect sexy still involves reciprocity.Adult sexuality - employment for two.When the partners are more likely to masturbate than have sex, it means that there is a problem in the relationship.If we caress themselves several times a day, this may indicate a severe anxiety.In this case, it is not about sexual desire.This should definitely talk with your partner, or even a therapist.This need for masturbation may tell us something different about us samih.Osobenno if a child we were forbidden to have their secrets.And when we "expose" the guilt increases.I was caught by his wife.She put her hand over mine, intending to continue itself instead of me ... It was unbearable.I asked her to stop, and we do it we never said.I think she feels guilty, as if she was not up to par.Although it is absolutely nothing to do with.It's really nothing to do with.

There are different kinds of masturbation

Medieval science believed that the seed comes from the lymph and lymph, in turn, produces the brain.It is concluded that too often depletes ejaculation brain and causes different diseases.This view persisted until the beginning of XX century.Gradually the attitude to masturbation again changed for the better.In the work of the writers of the Silver Age (AI Remizov, FA Sologub AA Tinyakov etc.). Estetiziruetsya masturbation.The philosopher Vasily Rozanov writes: "Among his fellow masturbator - both among Bityug Arabian horse."Modern medicine does not consider masturbation a health hazard.Antiquity treated condescendingly to masturbation.In Greece and Rome for her even produced special tools.Nevertheless, the Latin word "masturbation" is a shade of disapproval, as literally means "the desecration of his hand."The Bible tells how God punished Onan, that he spilled the seed on the ground.Some researchers believe that did not mean masturbation and coitus interruptus.Yet this story served as the basis for a conviction masturbation church.In ancient Rus' it was called by the Greek word "Malakia" or Slavic "masturbation" and equated to the evocation of the devil.Today, masturbation is seen as a means of self-knowledge and a source of sexual pleasure.Which in this case can not be equivalent replacement of conventional sexual relations "and we use them in different moments and stages of life.Some soothing caress and immersed in an ocean of sensuality, while others excite and carry into the realm of fantasy.Any of these options can be beneficial for the couple.They help each partner to recognize their enjoyment, which is important for the successful development of sexuality.And besides, how to regulate the voltage of each partner individually or in pairs, when one wants to have sex and the other does not.

occasion to reflect

woman was a natural reaction: she wanted to turn everything into a sexual game, share the fun.Her husband was not ready for it.He says partner "was not up to par," so triggered the psychological mechanism of projection: the feelings he attributes to her.He was not ready to put a woman in the area of ​​its intimacy.Many women have an exaggerated sense of guilt.In this case behind this illusion is that her man must and can be entirely if it does not work, then you are guilty.Meanwhile, most men need some degree of freedom.Therefore, the invasion of this sphere is often perceived as a violation of intimacy and causes protest.Ne be dramatized.Do not impose or prohibit myself any affection.Why not just play the game if it remains.It is important to masturbate enjoyable.There is reason to think, if it becomes the only kind of sex life.We did not know the consequences of this new game.We liked watching the other caresses herself, or to find out that he just does it, it's exciting.But over time, we imperceptibly drifted apart.