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How to explain to a child need to learn

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They involuntarily repeat this pattern.But even worse, when they want to correct past mistakes in new ways.

What do you want from life?It is the eternal question of the parent.At all times, parents complain that their children do not want to learn.Mom and dad with enviable persistence repeat the question and did not want to understand that children do not want to learn.Parental talent manifests i

tself in the fact that the child should be interested in learning.

Parents concerned about the reluctance of a child to learn actively addicted to the learning process of their child.We can say that such parents almost take the place of their child at a school desk.Do it for all tasks, control and placed him backpack.There must ever such "crazy" parents to stop and explain to the child need to learn?

Every parent is confident that a good education and successful education of their children to ensure a bright future.Parents, of course, right.But there is a flip side.Intensive training, fear of becoming a failure and being criticized by parents or receive "honorable" title "nerd" can turn high school years in hell.Learn every day "under the lash" is impossible, in a constant state of stress is impossible to love learning.

first child will try as quickly as possible to complete their studies, and then life will hate school, parents and teachers, who forced him to learn.It turns out that the force can be achieved completely opposite results.I did not notice that most of the children do not even approach the piano after studying at a music school.

today modern education is a complex and difficult task.This "burden" can be felt, raising student portfolio.Add to this insatiable ambition of parents, teachers exorbitant demands, and so on. D. Before a child is placed impossible task - to carry out the unfulfilled plans of their parents.At the same time the parents do not even think for a moment that their desire to exceed the ability of their children.Sometimes parents are horrified when they receive "pleasure" to watch their child, who managed for some time to "break away" from the parental control.

Most parents believe that their child is just lazy and only wants to deviate from its obligations.Of course, this belief is groundless.However, not all children think the same way, in fact most of them are willing to learn.They can engage and deed, and rest, combining them intelligently.Children, too, dream of a successful future.They are able to learn well and conscientiously deal with the case.In such cases, the child needs to learn to explain it is not required and can only rejoice.How to achieve this?

First of all, parents themselves need to realize that everything is always impossible to control, and not everything is subject to regulation.If the parents can understand that victory, miscalculations and defeat of children not only their success and errors, but also children.They will be able to explain it and to your children.It is necessary to give the child some freedom and to teach him self.The child responds much faster when he is granted some autonomy when it's busy business, which it is organized and a positive result will depend on how he will be able to distribute its action and time.

It turns out that before the parents should not be acutely the question of how to explain the need for the child to learn?Often such suffocating care of your child occurs in mothers who do not work and live only problems your child.Having a lot of free time, my mother starts to "help" their child to learn.She hires a bunch of coaches, records of the child in various sections and groups.From such an intense life of a child is even more weak and inattentive, and in response to my mother begins to tighten control.Instead, the mother should teach the child to control a simple way.Inattention and braking children are due to the fact that the parents decide everything for them and do for them.Their OPEC has no restrictions at all.Even before school parents do not give the child opportunities to express themselves and do something himself, but with the arrival of the school problem is only exacerbated.

parents reinforce their actions with excuses like: "The child is not coping very well!"It is the parents do not wish to notice that the source of the problem is not in the child, and in them.Schoolboy growing, and with it the requirement of enhanced control and seniors.Child first persuaded and then scare that will in the future where the courtyard, then go to penalties and do everything for him.As a result, the child ceases to learn.Parental desire and craving will discourage the child to learn.

task of parents - to understand the child and his condition is why he resists learning.Replace the child itself, and then imagine that someone you constantly monitors and checks: eating Do you have any need, from the comfort of home, you pay the bills, explaining there with a friend, do not forget any documents, and so on. Etc..?All of this will happen to you is not the moment, but permanently.I wonder how long it will be before you start to rebel against such guardianship hate and controlling?!All this is the same child feels against parents.Now imagine how much effort spent on child resistance, even in the most passive.Yes, it is leaving a lot of effort and energy to do this.As a result, the child is weakened and loses its motive for learning.

What to do?It is impossible not to control the child?In addition, the provision of modern child complete freedom is the most absurd decision by parents.Parents will need to select or excellent grades in school, or in the formation of the quality of its self-organization, self-control and self-management.Parents must create a child's taste for victory and success.Heavy task, but no one promised parents a simple and easy life.

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