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How to bring a woman pleasure in sex

term "pleasure"

concept of "fun" in dictionaries is interpreted as a sense of the joy of wonderful experiences and feelings.And since women are very emotional, they are able to respond to almost every detail, so it is these little things, they should be especially pleasing.

Some mistakenly believe that you can please a woman only when a woman has an orgasm.Orgasm is correct to call the highest point of pleasure and fun, which is on the way to a confident and loving a man allows his half experience many exciting and enjoyable moments.By its nature, a woman's body is unique, so any touch should be held, first of all, the emotional charge.The poets of old sang a prelude to sexual intimacy, and in our time analyzing sexologists and psychologists, women foreplay is very important, and for men too, because men lose themselves in bed from a primitive approach.If the woman is not satisfied with the quality of relationships, she also will have no incentive to demonstrate the partner aerobatics.Most likely,

and relationship itself will be negated in one beautiful day.

pleasure of voting

probably any woman will not give up the pleasure in an intimate setting to hear the voice of a loved one who tells her affectionate and gentle words.And somehow the threshold bedrooms, many men forget about folk wisdom that women love with their ears and keeping the partisan silence prefer to pull clothes from their ladies.

Meanwhile, from time to say a sincere compliment women really can melt.Simply say, "What are you my pretty!" And so on. N., But in this case there is a caveat: in no way a compliment should not affect a woman her "pain points.For example, a young lady, which is not the ideal form of legs, no need to say that she had beautiful legs: because it is certainly a very complex about it.In this case, it is better to pay attention to the depth of the eyes, the smell of her hair, soft lips, hands, skin, and so on - because every woman surely there are undeniable advantages.Women who are prone to be overweight, do not compare with the pads and pyshechki, but the skinny on the contrary, can be delicately hinted that they are for you - like fragile treasures.

pleasure of smell

women really like the smell of the male body, but with the proviso that the smell has nothing to do with sweat and dirt.Men who are used to comply with the rules of hygiene as well as personal hygiene, much more likely to have the opposite sex to succeed.It is not necessary at this expensive perfume fragrance - no less impressive in the women just produce pure body odor.

Some men suppress women's initiative in stroking their bodies and do not give the ladies kissing your neck, shoulders, arms, chest, considering that this is only their prerogative.However, a woman can enjoy and from direct contact with the man, and sometimes it's important to her, as well as getting the most affection.

pleasure of touching

woman walking on the intimacy with your partner, do not expect him to behave like a sex giant.The priority of her - a portion of the heat from the man she loved, and this heat can be felt through the kisses and caresses, and not through the rhythmically repetitive frictions.His female willing to forgive even a complete failure in bed, but almost no one can forgive the lack of embrace, tenderness and disturbing touch.

said that the woman gets more pleasure, which for 15 minutes stroking her hair, than that during the same 15 minutes kept in any position of the Kama Sutra.The woman feels happy when it receives generous portions favorite caresses before sexual intercourse, and after it.The main thing that this man often remembered.

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