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How should behave the ideal lover

Although nothing fancy, and the non-complying zapudrennogo here and not at all.To enjoy the art of lovemaking, you do not need to have any excess power, and many obscure knowledge.First you need to possess qualities such as femininity, sexiness and wit.Men in perfect understanding, bewildering sex do not see the big, complex its terms.They believe the woman enough to love your partner, to be able to understand and feel desired man to desire and seek to bring him the desired pleasure, you will need to obtain and the most of all that its share of buzz.

Behave ideal lover must be such that it had the power to perform or use the following tips listed below, which will help her to wear the title of "perfect lover."

Watch his reaction .Most men just do not tend to be frank on topics such as intimacy.The man would be better to carry a secret all his desires and thoughts, which he will share them with your partner.The woman, in turn, to try to understand and learn the secret of his desire to have the imagina

tion to connect with his intuition.This can help imperceptible at first sight have any information to give his acts or gestures.You just need to properly manage to catch them and capture their essence.Many things come to mind first women may be wrong and misguided.Do not just give up.We need to try to act on the situation, corresponding to all the previous actions of men.So behave can just touch all the good feelings and reactions coming from a sexual partner.

find the point .This applies not only erogenous points of your body, but your body love partner.For starters, you can work out for yourself.Later, it will be easier to navigate and understand how to behave and how a woman will drive their hands on the body of a man.She must liberate itself and lends itself to your fantasies.Try to find the point of the temptation in a man so how would you like him to do it on your body.Most women will be breast erogenous zone, but also in some men it is at the same level.And speaking of the pubis area, you probably will not find a single person who would not have been in that part of the sensitive zone.

Unleash emotions .Keep yourself relaxed while giving vent to emotions in the form of groans, cries and exclamations, not to be indecent and whimsical.No need to restrain myself when I feel like a sweet and sexy to breathe or cry, so only like men.After all, they can not guess the thoughts and desires are silent and not giving any sound woman.Some men take it as their dissatisfaction with his partner, which could lead to a tacit insult.Better with such emotion to feel like a man confident in his unique sexual abilities.

Queuing for fun .Many families are able to reach orgasm general, consider themselves very successful in sex.But this is often not at all, most of all it concerns the female half of society.Do not worry needlessly about it.Better to just become an observer of how your man baldeet from your body and you in general.After his ecstasy and can spur your own orgasm.

About Men superstitions .Many men over time begin to consider themselves not quite perfect, especially due to the size and shape of their merits.Behave should be perfect mistress so that his men did not appear and was not disturbed by it, such evil thoughts associated with a member.Since the main purpose of female intimate relationships will be love, then man will also be the fact of his admiration.So do not be ashamed to admire his dignity, at least occasionally.To have your man always had a desire to demonstrate once again his dick to you in bed.

Do not be afraid of light .Surely every woman likes to look in the eyes of his beloved and coveted.That in turn can not be done in the dark or with your eyes closed.A woman should not be allowed to become completely ruled out sex in dim or daylight.Present and behave lover should be able to both day and night.After all, a lot of men very much like watching your woman during sexual fun, which is possible only if at least a small amount of light (it can be even a candle).

Fascinating beginning .Though no one has yet proved that strawberries and cream is a win-win option for excitation, it is worth taking note.To start you need intriguing in any way interested partners.It can be like a piece of ice with fruit and suddenly began a striptease.Perhaps it is worth remembering that, on what would not have been able to give your man, let slip this in the recent past.Or you can just give vent to imagination and come up with your own version.This turn of events may lead you both to the still unknown and wonderful impressions.

try, experiment, use the tips of other men (it may just be familiar men from whom you can easily and feel free to ask about any thing).It's so perfect woman can maintain herself relaxed, and let her have put a great effort.But it can be the most desirable and the only mistress.