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No female orgasm

The majority of these women suffer from the fact that their desires are not met, that they do not get those expected and the best feeling.With such a problem with the fact that no women needed an orgasm during sex, it is sometimes difficult to share, even with the best friend.And with his beloved even more.It should be noted that the female half of society is much more difficult to achieve orgasm in obtaining the desired contrast to the men.To achieve the goal the girls first thing is to stop digging in yourself and seek all possible perpetrators of this problem.You just try to find a way out of it by resorting to the help of their loved one, which will be much easier and faster to solve it.

are looking for the cause.Sexual ecstasy any girl reached the individual, concrete way.Some girls prefer to laugh, some, on the contrary - crying, others were screaming like crazy and scratching his partner, while others prefer to die.But do not despair and frustrated those girls who do not know what to do during

sex in order to experience still unknown, but the feeling is very welcome orgasm.Still ahead.After all, in order to get the full pleasure of intimacy with a loved one, you need to start to understand yourself.We must try to determine the true cause and try to fix it properly.

Women's fears .The most common and most women, the main fears associated with sex, intimate relationships are doubts and insecurities.The girl in this case is simply not afraid of the expectations, goals, sexual preferences of their love partner.She also fears that because of these reasons, it simply refuses to further meetings with her in the future.Such fears are naturally associated with all kinds of complexes of the beautiful half of society.They can form due to any failure, failure in the intimate life of a girl, or formed during the life of a covered stage.

also major obstacles in achieving true orgasm may be simple thoughts of a girl who did not leave her head even in bed with a man.Such thoughts simply can not be directed to the desired way, the desired wave reception only pleasant.Thoughts may be associated with than just anything in particular even with the objectives of protection.After all, most of the girls embarrassed to talk about how to protect themselves, which are so necessary and needed at the moment.

Improper conditions or not at all convenient times for sexual pleasures can become another fear women.For girls it is assumed that the best place and the best time would be only those that are planned in advance.But many are faced with the problem of what to do if there is no orgasm when like all the conditions for obtaining the highest of sexual desire pre-planned and provided.Although most of them are missing the point that it is in the extreme, not planned, unexpected situations are more likely to achieve the desired preparation.But the cause of dissatisfaction and non-receipt of an orgasm can become just inexperienced, and even to the same selfish partner, or a lack of understanding and trust in a relationship with a particular man.

are looking for ways to solve .The first step for a girl who has no orgasm during sex, you must define the internal harmony.The female orgasm, or rather lack thereof - is a common problem.We must try as accurately and thoroughly examine your body, find all its weaknesses and erogenous zones.After all, the girl certainly want a man, it is necessary that she herself wanted a mandatory way myself.And for this you need to find the areas of your body that are tricky way will need to specify the man at the beginning of the sexual process.In order that the girl could still get the most desirable.But with all that is necessary to turn off all unnecessary and disturbing thoughts, it is better to think of himself and his beloved favorite, desirable man.

Beginners women in terms of sexual relations may be advisable to learn the techniques of Kegel exercises, which involves using the proper muscles female fans.Such exercises can give women more confidence, because after their application in practice in bed with a favorite can be achieved tremendous effect sensation.And from such a temptress will be very difficult and hard to leave.

talk frankly .If no orgasm during sex, the problem must be overcome for both partners.Only by working together can achieve the desired, correct result is not contrary to any of your favorite people.Or rather, one should try to gently, gently and without any claim to explain to his beloved on such an important issue as lack of orgasm.Moreover, if two people rather long interval of sufficiently strong and respectful relationship.Do not hate very satisfied sexual relationship.If your partner really wants a serious, long, solid relationship with the girl, he said it will be able to understand and even to respect the trust as an impulse.

most appropriate moment. It is understood that the time and place for a frank conversation should not choose when you are already directly in bed with her beloved.Moreover, it is the tone of voice of reproach and resentment, it may permanently damage your love relationship.It would be better only when a loved one becomes an ally, not an enemy.Find

output is possible by means of a request that required "ritual" could become immediate affection and gratification.Or just to hint to him about your most most exciting areas and poses.You can also ask for a change of pace partner, which is important in this case.

to get as much pleasure from each sexual relationship, a woman needs to begin to love yourself just the way it is, and it is in reality.That self-love can be the easiest solution to the problem of getting an orgasm.