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Size of manhood

perfect color and size.

According to the survey 40% of girls at their preference in a man, in the first place put the value of the size of manhood.But American scholar Beverly Whip, who studied in detail the sources of female pleasure, concluded that the stimulation of the vagina is the mobility of the pelvis men assigned 4%, finger dexterity - 21%.Regarding the factors related to the phallus - the length of the dignity determines the success of approximately 25% and its diameter - 38%.Plus, according to that same scientist, the male sexual organ, in a calm state having a length of about 7.5 centimeters, it was during erection on average increased by 260%, and some instances - only 165%.So we can safely say that the size of the phallus does not bring happiness, in contrast to their own skills!


If the value of manhood you very much worried, get help from all the same scientists.It is thanks to their merit was a formula that shows the relationship of the size of men's shoes and the length

of his penis.The very suggestion of the existence of these "parallels" stirs the subconscious of girls for more than one decade, but only received official confirmation today.So, if you wish to prepare yourself in advance, counted then: A = (B 5): 2, where B denotes the length of the foot guy and - still unknown dignity.The very basis of this equation incorporated the fact that even in the embryo due to the influence of hormones almost simultaneously developed the limb together with the sexual organs.


You figured out the original size of the male sexual organ and chose the Man to taste, do not waste time.Remember that when dealing with this body the word "late" practically means "never."Even if you do not take into account potential problems with erections that occur with age, the male organ simply can completely come to naught!Experts unanimously declare that it decreases with age.Such losses in the length of the male body are 0.17 centimeters every 10 years.The conclusion is that at the age of 30 and 80 years old male organ may lose as much as 10% of its length.But the thickness of the phallus suffers more for size: the same period of time, it can be less than 25%.


most frequently heard complaint from men - is the inability of women to handle their dignity.And then they have to believe, because about 80% of adult men masturbate, making it about once a week.

That is why proposed to his beloved that he had for you "open class", which will be made public clear instructions.Pay close attention to what he guy squeezes his penis near its base and pull it down.It is because of this artificial resistance is formed, which provides a stable and strong erection.

Shaped pleasure.

And here it is, the long-awaited moment of climax, when it wide of his pants gets his "friend" ... And then that you are very carefully hide their amazement - what is he there?An interesting fact is that not only the size of the male organ of his hatred of one another, but also its shape and angle.By the way, each "model" has all the features that you receive any incomparable bliss.

Square: the diameter of the base of the penis is fully equal to the diameter of its head.By the way, not once mentioned that it was brought to a head much of the "work" in the vagina.In other words, what it is thicker, the island will be much pleasure women during sexual intercourse.

Lighthouse: size advantages at its base is much broader than at the end.With deep penetration of this difference is very much felt.

Spatula: a penis is completely disproportionate.This is due to the fact that his head is much thicker at its base.It is safe to say that this male organ is an excellent supplier of orgasms.Plus, you do not need to enter it fully, to feel all the fun.

Tadpole: do not say, and the head controls everything here.Such penis has the same physiological benefits as the previous one, however, because of their appearance and aesthetic standards, it is less attractive.

Policy: Center - this is not its purpose.As with most policies, there are those who are oriented to the right, and those who are completely focused and completely left nothing can force them to turn off the chosen path.In both embodiments, such a risk a long penis "knock" in the same vaginal wall.In this case, to avoid possible difficulties in finding a comfortable position.

Optimist: Always upwards.Bending of the phallus is very strongly expressed that (even if it is not large) to please a woman for him there is no difficulty.Here are just ate you decide to go with a loved anal sex, ask him, so he did everything very carefully.

Korotkoshey: very small, but quite udalenky.Most of all it concerns its thickness.You need to try and stop you've ever dreamed about the length.The only "but" a penis is not very suitable for acrobatic tricks in bed due to the fact that it is easy to slip.But spend time pirouettes not worth it, because to please a woman a man with a penis could in the simplest position.

Englishman: he is like a true gentleman, thin, long and seems bigger than it is.Most like a penis priverzhenka "deep" feelings.Since the thickness of it is not enough, for a full sex happen to choose the position in which the phallus is to press on the front stack vagina.

Last, but remember that the result of good sex also depends on you, do not impose on all length and shape, just to show their ingenuity and enthusiasm itself!Good luck!

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