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Technique erotic massage

undoubtedly erotic massage designed for your man will be an excellent, reliable means of bringing into your love of novelty, freshness, nobody extreme.Because massage can help not only your man, but even a woman to get a new experience, a variety of sensations.It should be noted that the skin - this is also your body, and very greatest that somehow connects people with all of the outside world.

On top of our thousands of nerve endings, which is almost entirely studded leather, are also linked directly to our pleasure centers.And in order to be more sensual massage, proper preparation is also important to him.And with regard to the most massage techniques, the course stringent requirements for its implementation is not.Just can be used at all the different methods that can only come into your head.At the same time there are some certain rules, as well as in terms of special effects.Without their help, you can hardly get what you need.A more precise technique to get the desired erotic massage, not any us


Romantic atmosphere .Himself erotic massage in particular for a man held in some romantic setting.It is possible to ignite and aromatic candles or simply turn to music.And the main thing is that no one is better prevented during immersion in such an intimate, romantic atmosphere.So why will need to turn off all mobile resources.But to achieve the desired effect of such a procedure would be best carried out not on the bed, it would be better for a change on the floor.At the same time on the carpet can lay a sheet or even a large towel.This soft surface much reduces the efficiency of erotic massage.Also, instead of aromatic, any spark can even use the oil burner as well as sticks.We should not get carried away too much by mixing different smells.Simply order not to harm the desired effect.

cooking oil. And what oil should better opt for a massage?Just it should not be too thick, otherwise strokes are not at all pleasant.It is possible to add various oils to be very highly useful.On top of the best option - a variety of perfumed oil.Incidentally massage oil should be warm before you start stroking.And for such a small bottle of drops in a bowl of very warm water.To do this, first oil is applied directly on their hands in order to make them warm, soft, soft.The very same erotic massage for your man starts with very light strokes.And the need to cajole every centimeter of your partner's body.And the movement should be very smooth, soft.After all, it's only for the sake of a loved one.

pressure force. Note that each receiving a massage can be performed with very different intensities.This technique greatly diversifies itself massage techniques.To this end, erotic massage for your men includes the following techniques as pressing and tapping and kneading movements and circular, fan-shaped movement.Self massage can perform both full palm and fingertips, and the lateral surface of your thumb.Moreover, at first simply need to press harder on the body, and then and just almost imperceptible touch your fingertips.Yes, and no harm will know and some special erogenous points at the whole person.

rear surface of the body. particularly erotic massage begins to start from the back surface of the body of a man.To begin intensive massage and neck, and shoulders.Well, then traffic will move smoothly and to your hands.But the need to warm up not only the upper part of the hand to the elbow.It also should be massaged and the entire surface of hands right up to the fingertips.Then slowly get down to the bottom, we go to massage his legs, but no circumstances should you miss and ankles.A foot massage is recommended better to do when your man is lying on his back.However, any consideration should be given to his inner thighs, and the back and shoulders where there are both male erogenous zones.That is very necessary.

front surface of the body .Sure, Getting to massage the front surface of the male body, you will need to help the man to roll over on his back.Do not overlook the neck and shoulders.After them follow exactly his hands, and only then will need to move on to his chest and stomach.This touch his genitals do not need much, and so little.Ieaccidentally touching them so the back of your hand.After all, from casual touching your partner will be excited in particular.Yes, and do not necessarily touch only the hands, because you can and do the other parts of his body.In particular, the chest and the inside of his forearm, the skin around the nipples and areas between the fingers - this place is especially responsive to the simple touch.

foot massage. then goes in particular to massage his feet should stay on touch, stroking the inside of his thighs.And this part of the body will be licking.A foot massage will need only one hand.Then, the other hand stroking his inner thighs.And the foot massage will need to gently, avoiding his every finger.After all sections between his fingers very sensitive.Just the main requirement for a foot massage, also related to the technology itself - in particular, the transition to them should be smooth.And take your hands off your partner's body will not be to in no way interrupt the pleasure.
most important condition in this case, as the massage technique would be your true feelings for the man.The person who will like, and is dedicated to erotic massage.All of your efforts, sensual attitude towards him the man to truly appreciate them as loving praise.

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