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What if a child is ill

Follow your doctor's recommendations

After a thorough examination by a pediatrician chooses treatment specifically for your baby.In no case do not change the treatment regimen recommended by a doctor at his own discretion, or referring to the experience and advice of friends and grandmothers.If you read in the instructions to the drug some information that caused you doubt, talk with your pediatrician about this.

Be very careful

Medications always come in the same time (this is especially important in the treatment of antibiotic).Pay attention to when the baby should consume drugs: before, after or during meals.Stick to the recommended dosage your doctor.For measuring doses of syrups and suspensions, uses special measuring spoons, syringes, pipettes (they are usually sold together with the product).Pay attention to how you need to take the drug: dissolve, dissolve in water, swallow, drink plenty of fluids.It is also very important to follow the course of treatment.In no case does not negate the

prescription drugs ahead of time just because you felt as if the toddler has recovered: it is fraught with aggravation of the disease.

correct approach

Sometimes the crumbs do not like the taste of syrup or suspension, he is naughty, turns his head away, crying.But you have to be hard, because it affects the health of your treasures!Older child will try to explain why it is important to take medication, and try to outsmart younger.For example, mix the crushed tablet with honey or jam.Important: unpleasant taste, we feel the tip of the tongue and the middle part of it, so try to medicine fell closer to the cheek, not directly on the baby's tongue.

Gentle menu

Try to include in the menu sick toddler only easily digestible foods: body strength needed to fight the disease.Do not force a child to eat.During illness, children often lose their appetite because the weakened body wants to rid itself of the excessive burden of digesting food.Do not worry, as soon as the crumbs will be a little better, the appetite will return soon.But you need to give to drink often and a lot, especially if the disease is accompanied by fever and / or diarrhea.

Fresh air is also important

If the windows are permanently closed, the air will increase the concentration of pathogens.But you are interested in toddler to breathe clean, fresh air and quickly recovered.During the day, regularly ventilate the room.If possible, buy a humidifier: It will maintain the desired climate in the home.

Should I bathe?

A sick child often sweats.If it is not washed a few days, the skin may cause irritation.Daily bathing (from him is to give only at a very high temperature) can quickly recover, bring your child relief, improves mood.Water treatments during the illness should be short-lived.Not wear pajamas in the bathroom to a pipsqueak did not suffer from temperature changes in the bathroom and bedroom.Now you know what to do if a child is sick, and how to help him.