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A young child refuses to eat

And if it's a fish?

refuse such an important product in the children's diet did not.And because search is the way of familiarizing capricious crumbs to a delicious and extremely healthy seafood menu.Even if the first attempts are not very successful, paused for a moment and come back to him.Sooner or later your efforts will be crowned with success!

What is it such?

believed that babies whose mothers during pregnancy did not forget about the benefits of fish and to include it in your daily menu not only larger than their peers, but also better able to communicate, comprehend words before.This effect makes the use of the sea or ocean fatty fish, such as Norwegian salmon - the substances contained in it, are responsible for the full operation of the brain.Fish dishes are important for the child in the first and complementary feeding are essential during periods of intensive growth.Half saturated fats found in salmon are divided into unsaturated Omega-3 and Omega-6, each in its own way is important f

or the body.These acids help regulate body temperature, stabilize blood pressure and heart function, strengthen the immune system, improve memory.It is thanks to them that the body produces substances that play a key role in normal brain function.Along with these most valuable components of the king-fish gives a person a whole range of other nutrients, protein and vitamins.Proteins fish are easily digested, they are perfectly balanced composition of amino acids - this ensures normal growth and harmonious development of the physical, strong musculoskeletal system, it helps meet the needs of the baby in energy.Moreover, Norwegian salmon is rich in calcium, potassium, iodine, sodium, phosphorus, fluorine, magnesium, vitamins A, B1, B12, PR D and E. With this, it also has a positive effect on the digestive system, nervous system, it helps the liver stimulates exchangesubstances that contribute to healthy sleep.

You do not know - learn

How to change the prevailing opinion of the child about the fish?It is not so difficult.Engage it!One of the most effective ways - to do cooking any fish dish together.Suggest capricious several options, tell me what each of them is good.You will get an excellent assistant, since kids are constantly drop into the kitchen, cool under the feet and try to engage in a serious adult business.Read the recipe together, explain the crumbs that everything should be done in order, in a certain sequence.Tell us about each stage of cooking - what will happen, how and why.Compare the number of products using ingredients of different tastes, smells and textures.Talk about spices, utensils and tools that you use, explain that what is, let the kid he borrowed kitchen utensils, and teach just to clean up unnecessary items, cleaning and so on. D. When your experiment will come to an end, the baby will not refuse to try the dish,in which he has invested so much energy and inspiration.And let cooking dinner will take longer, and the kitchen after passing "basic training" will disheveled appearance - it's worth it!It is enough to captivate a child an interesting fish dish - and he will not mind to try the rest.

Paste "Goldfish"


400g Norwegian salmon;100 g butter;3 pitted olives;2 carrots;1 bunch green onions;1 tbsp.l.sesame seeds.


fillet of fish simmered in a little water until tender, season with salt and let cool.Boil the carrots, cut into slices one, and the second pass through a sieve.Mince fillet of Norwegian salmon, add the butter and grated carrot, whisk until smooth mass.Put the pie "Goldfish" on the plate in the form of fish, lay on top of thin slices of carrots like scales.Cut the rings and sliced ​​olives, do have eyes and mouth.Feathers onion cut into pieces Construct are conifers.Before serving, sprinkle the seeds.

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