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Chronic somatic diseases of children

Doctors disease progression compared with the movement of water in the river.Feed her keys from time to time secretly beat: this period corresponds to the hidden (latent) downstream of the pathological process.When he is gaining strength, illness comes into the acute phase.In late diagnosis or the wrong treatment, he could take, acquiring acute and later chronic course with periodic exacerbations.

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When the acute process becomes chronic?It depends on the disease!For example, acute gastritis, which often occurs in school in the fall, the child should recover for 5-7 days of a cold - 1-2, bronchi - 2-3 weeks.Sinusitis, lasted more than three weeks, doctors call protracted.And if the disease is not retreated at the end of the 6th week, so she went to the chronic form.Cough and other symptoms of bronchitis are concerned your child 4-6 weeks?There is a protracted course of the disease.Symptoms last longer?The child has every reason to be enrolled in command chronicles.It is replenished

by the children with a hereditary predisposition to a particular disease, and also due to often ill children and those who are studying in high schools and high schools with a complicated program.Some chronic diseases, such as allergies, originally from early childhood: they tend to grow and develop together with the child.It all starts with the infant diathesis, who after a year transformed into atopic dermatitis (also known as atopic dermatitis or eczema).This skin disease occurs in every third baby suffering from allergies, with 70% of the school age it acquires a whole bunch of others like himself: allergic rhinitis, hay fever, asthmatic bronchitis, which is formed on the basis of asthma.Fortunately, there is always hope that the child eventually outgrow the diagnosis, especially if to help him in this.

From the Chronicles

The more often the baby is sick with acute respiratory infections, the higher the probability of formation of chronic illness, and the more he catches a cold.Opticians have long noticed: the higher the workload, the more they work.The lyceums and gymnasiums deteriorating eyesight in children in the first grade and in secondary schools - only 4-5 class.Writing a child in school, moms and dads should be aware that such an intensive training system places high demands on children's health.The kid, who already have a chronic pathology, such a load simply does not pull, and often ill child learning in this mode, it can become chronicles.I do not want to pick up the child from the prestigious educational institution and the community to which he was accustomed to?Try to reduce his load!It is believed no more than three cases of acute respiratory infections per year, and for kids from one year to 3 years - no more than five of such episodes.If your child does not get out of colds, be prepared for the fact that the pediatrician will record it in a number of FIC - sickly children.This abbreviation, rather a medical warning sign, indicating that the child is at risk for the development of chronic diseases of upper respiratory tract, bronchial tubes and lungs (especially allergic rhinitis and asthma), and rheumatic fever and glomerulonephritis (an inflammatory disease of the kidneys).A school years he may show a tendency to chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, neurotic reactions, paging.To prevent their development, local pediatricians identified frequently ill children as a special group monitoring.Show the son or daughter of the ENT doctor, immunologist, allergist, take blood, urine and bacteriological examination of smears from the nasopharynx.And most importantly - try to avoid anything that weakens the child protection system: hypothermia, giving up day and night of sleep reduction in preschoolers, overwork and overexcitement!This has a negative impact on health.At the pediatrician to develop a complex of preventive measures.One of the most effective ways to boost immunity - hardening.It is useful and chronically ill children.Creating greenhouse conditions, you worsen the condition of protective forces of the child's body: they weaken without training, muscles without movement.Strengthen the immune system by pouring cold water, long walks, sleeping in the open air in the summer and with an open window in winter, chest massage and physiotherapy.

Health School

no secret that many children does chronicles school.Adjusting to her first-graders are experiencing enormous stress, which leads to an increase in acute and chronic diseases of upper respiratory tract, digestive and nervous system.Turn frequently or chronically ill child to free education, or at least arrange it off during the week.You can negotiate this with the class teacher or ask the pediatrician corresponding certificate.If a student overtired, feeling bad, let work out at home or even on the rest of lessons, and the next day to catch up.Make sure the child is sure to have breakfast before going to school: the morning hungry leads to imbalance the child's body rhythms, and exacerbation of chronic diseases.Allow the student to cheerfulness freshly orange juice, green tea and the infusion of rose hips, cook porridge in the morning (they are energy-intensive) and offers fruit - an apple, a banana, two mandarin ... By the way, all the students - and first-graders and eleventh-graders, especially with chronicdiagnosis should have 5 times a day (every 3-4.5 hours) at the same time.Compliance with diet and the day in general contributes to the synchronization of internal processes and serves as a kind of protection from exacerbation.