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What you need to eat while breastfeeding

Food should be diet and quick to prepare.

Unfortunately, the limited number of products, so we have to somehow diversify the existing range.

But diet while breastfeeding should not only be harmful to the child, but also fortified, that gives a lot of trouble, because almost all the vegetables and fruits are subjected to heat treatment.

To better preserve the beneficial properties of the products, not bad to buy a pressure cooker, in which the taste varies considerably.

Usually doctors advise women who are breastfeeding to consume food every day more than ever before, calories (300-500 cal.).For the most optimal amount considered 2000-2200 calories.Of course, the number of calories needed may vary slightly based on the height and weight of women and is approximately 1800-2700 calories per day.This calculation is based on the amount of consumed milk per child per day.

During this period it is necessary to reduce the consumption of fatty foods and sweets every day to eat dairy products: yogurt, milk

, cheese.
Enter in the diet of vegetables, meat, fish, chicken, eggs, nuts.
also needed fruits;and do not forget rice, cereals, bread.

What you need to eat while breastfeeding to during pregnancy and lactation are not washed out calcium from the bones?This requires products that contain calcium.The recommended dose per day for breastfeeding women - 1600 mg.Calcium is found in ordinary cabbage and broccoli, sardines, oranges, almonds, cheese, tofu.But be careful with some products, they can cause allergies, not only in nursing mothers, and in children.Therefore, after careful observation is necessary to eliminate these foods from the diet.But since without calcium did not do, you have to buy a preparation containing calcium.However, note that calcium is usvaivaivatsya only together with vitamin D, magnesium and zinc.Therefore, when buying a drug see whether it contains such elements.

With daily use of fruits and vegetables a woman's body will get the necessary vitamins.It should be noted that the development of the baby and its proper physical development plays an important role vitamin D, which many found in fish, eggs, milk, cheese and butter.Therefore, in feeding do not forget about these products.

As regards the use of coffee, chocolate, cocoa negative impact on the child's body is not found.Of course, if a nursing mother will limit the use of two cups of coffee a day, and if the child does not show anxiety, sleep well.
Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, are not considered to be harmful to nursing women, although no benefit from them.But if the baby is found such disease as fenilketanuriya, then there could be the use of aspartame is contraindicated, since the aspartame contained fenlalanin and increase its content in the child's body can cause mental retardation.

particular importance is drinking regime.Little child needs extra fluid that nursing mother should drink as water, juice.Try to drink 8-10 glasses of fluid per day.Although it is not a problem during lactation.In addition, drink fluids needed for more frequent feeding a baby.
Experts say that there is no food, about which one could say with certainty that these products are banned.All this is so individual that it would be correct to consult a doctor.

As for the cooking, you should not eat fried food.For lovers of meat and chops can be cooked meal like this: little pieces of flesh to fight off a little salt and pepper and wrap each piece individually in foil.Sprinkle with chopped garlic and onion, wrapped.Cook 45-50 minutes in the oven or double boiler.

If conventional products - pasta, rice, buckwheat, boiled potatoes tired, try to combine the buckwheat and rice in equal parts by rinsing certainly before cooking.Slightly fry the finely chopped onion and carrot, all laid out in a pan with water and the bay.You can not imagine how it is delicious.It may also surprise the taste of a mixture of finely chopped vegetables.

Meat is better to use various kinds: lean pork, white meat poultry (better boil or make meatballs) language.
also very useful low-fat varieties of fish (perch, cod, carp, hake, and others.);it is better to cook.
amount of protein in the diet should be increased.For this fit and cheese curds.Milk and dairy products should not be consumed raw, do one cheesecakes, cheese casserole, cook the condensed milk without sugar.If cow's milk in the diet of lactating women may cause allergic reactions in the child, it is better to replace the partially fermented milk products (yogurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt, etc.), Alternating with milk and dairy products.
essential that nursing mothers diet contains enough fiber, which stimulates peristalsis.To do this, the daily diet should include a large number (about 400 g) fresh or cooked vegetables (carrots, squash, beets, squash and others.), At least 300 grams of fruit and berries (apples, cherries, pears, plums, currants,gooseberry) juice with pulp is better.Thus it is not necessary to use tropical fruits (except bananas) and vegetables, orange and red.Fiber rich Pshenko, buckwheat and oatmeal (porridge should be alternated), black bread and dried fruits especially (prunes, dried apricots).

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