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Tongue-tied in a child

The child can not reach up to the language of the lower lip.Language is usually also shortened, thickened and the tip may have a central cleft.In extremely rare instances, it may be spliced ​​to the bottom of the oral cavity.In the article "Tongue-tied the baby" you will find many interesting and useful information for yourself.


short bridle of tongue occurs three times more often in boys than in girls.Up to 50% of patients with Ankyloglossia have close relatives with the same pathology.Most of the children in the rest of health, but some it may be a manifestation of the syndrome of multiple congenital malformations.Prevalence ankyloglossia is about 1: 1000.The success of breastfeeding is largely determined by the fact that the baby massages nipples mother tongue, stimulating the milk.Some babies with tongue-tied tongue instead bitten nipple.It hurts the mother and does not stimulate lactation.These children quickly get tired and fall asleep while feeding.However, not sated, they wake up

early, demanding of breastfeeding.Some eat almost continuously, while tiring themselves and tiring mother.

Artificial feeding

Last bridle in children with prune Ankyloglossia midwife at birth, since already at that time it was known that it interferes with breastfeeding.Bottle feeding is often for children with tongue-tied, as they can bite the nipple.Therefore, some babies donated pathology is currently transferred from the breast to bottle-feeding.

Solid food

Children with Ankyloglossia that can eat normally naturally or artificially, often have problems with the use of solid food.They need to put food on the dorsum of the tongue, so that they can swallow it.

Other restrictions

Some children Tongue-tied can not completely clean the mouth.The solid food particles, for example, the rice grains may be stuck under the tongue.When ankyloglossia also impossible to lick your lips to lick the ice cream and put out language.It is believed that ankyloglossia not accompanied by delayed development of speech skills.However, due to limited mobility of language the child is often not able to correctly pronounce certain sounds.

correction speech problems

children with tongue-tie can cause problems with the pronunciation of the letters "d", "n", "n" and "m".Often parents bring them to a speech therapist at the age of four years and they can be difficult to re-learn how to pronounce the sounds correctly, even after surgery frenotomy.Therefore, late surgical correction at ankyloglossia ineffective.Just before surgery can prevent the development of speech speech problems.In the past, midwives ripped truncated bridle sharp fingernail.Nowadays treatment depends on the child's age, severity of disease and the availability of a split tip of the tongue.Make sure that the bridle is not too short or thick.Surgical correction methods ankyloglossia relatively painless.

Early correction

Currently, children under 9 months of age tongue-tie neatly dissected with scissors under local anesthesia.After surgery, the child is applied to the chest or give him to drink from the bottle.Usually, he immediately stopped crying.Bleeding at the same time is virtually nonexistent.

Late correction

Children older than nine months who already have teeth or bridle thickened, dissection is performed in the transverse direction under general anesthesia.To prevent bleeding, or used Electroscissors electrocoagulator.Both methods of surgical correction ankyloglossia fairly simple, and the wound on the bottom of the mouth usually heal within days.Feeding babies with the most tongue-tied after eliminating adjusted.Frenotomy brings immediate effect babies are breastfed are better after surgery suck the breast and thus begin to receive the necessary amount of milk.After surgery, the child can put out tongue and licking his lips.Most of the children after surgery improves appetite.However, some of them, adapting eat a certain way by limiting the mobility of the language, may not feel the improvement.This child after surgical correction is also improved, but this may take some time.Late ankylotomy child is forced to re-learn the correct pronunciation of sounds.

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