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Depression and nervous disorders in children and adolescents

Somehow we tend to think that depression - a lot of adults.If a person suddenly begins to feel an inexplicable sadness, fatigue, anxiety, we can move to the diagnosis.It turns out that children can suffer from this disease ...

Experts say such a state, even in infants.The first experience of depression children acquire in the period from 6 months to 1.5 years.It most often occurs due to the fact that the mother begins to lure the child gradually weaned from the breast, and then in connection with access to the work, charging kid grandmother or nanny.At this time, to fight depression can advise only one thing - as much as possible and better quality to chat with your child.

At this age the disease is quite difficult to determine, there is only an expert can help.Why is this happening?All this follows from the fact that a small child's parents do not take reasonable person consider it too small and do not realize the situation.From this it follows that the reason for such an early depression are pa

rents themselves, casually referring to their children.

As soon as the child matures, the depression becomes much easier to detect because the symptoms are already visible with the naked eye: it is apathy and unwillingness to communicate with people, and indifference to the world.

There are already a few other causes of disease.

for basic schools, depression can be expressed in the inability to maintain a high concentration, you have problems with memory, problems begin with achievers.

children with depression, can be divided into three groups:

• students who can be rude to the teacher conflict with classmates, do not observe discipline in the classroom and become unmanageable.These children unnecessarily inflated self-esteem.

• students who, in principle, to cope with the material, but may suddenly change their behavior and become apathetic, immersed in his inner world.This happens due to the fact that the nervous system of the child can not stand the enormous academic load, or emotional tension.

• Sometimes it happens that the outward prosperity (excellent training, good behavior) masks an internal rift.Such students are afraid to go to the board, well learned lesson told vaguely, very emotionally react to the slightest criticism.Gradually the fear of being unprepared for the lessons to strict teacher turns into a reluctance to go to school.

In adolescents, depression occurs mostly in the rejection of conduct: a child becomes aggressive, rude to all, often hysteria on any, even minor, point.The impetus for the beginning of the disease can serve any stress.In the view of the adult, the first love, exams, conflicts with friends or teachers seem insignificant, but for a teenager can be disastrous.

In no case can not be rude to interfere in the affairs of a child, making fun of it, to jump to conclusions, otherwise it can lead to tragic consequences.To avoid illness, the parents just need to love their child without any conditionalities do not hesitate to show his affection, to be attentive to its problems.

atmosphere in the house is to be friendly to the child that he would always go back to where his love and respect, listen to his opinion.Native house - a stronghold of all life, a place where you can hide from the problems and troubles.

Fortunately, depression is treated, but why fight it, if it is possible to comply with preventive measures, which are also not so difficult.You just need to follow the recommendations of doctors, support the nervous system of children with vitamins and organize nutrition, rich in protein.Naturally, in the prevention and treatment of depression in children leading role belongs to the parents.We need to value communication with your child, listen to his opinions and advice, his warm love and help in solving problems.In short, do everything to make the child feel full person, I have learned to live in harmony with themselves and the world around him.Depression and nervosa in children and adolescents - business, as the doctors say, reparable, but it is better to prevent at an early stage.

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