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Hard teething, what to do?

Every mother worries process of teething baby.It is impossible to predict when and how will this process is your child.Someone notices already got out tooth, and someone is faced with a high temperature, increased salivation, swollen gums, loss of appetite, loose stools, whims, and sleepless nights.The above features are typical when erupting Zubkov.However, it is important not to overestimate their own confidence and not to confuse them with the symptoms begin to viral infection.Therefore, if you are experiencing one or more of the above symptoms, the best decision would be to see a doctor.The pediatrician will examine the child and eliminate the possibility of a more serious condition.

Once you have made sure that your child will not get any complications, take measures that are able to alleviate his suffering, associated with the teeth erupt.

At a temperature of 38 degrees and above is necessary to give the child a fever reducer.However, if the fever keeps the baby three days or more, you shoul

d inform your doctor as this may be a sign of the disease is not associated with teeth.

if irritation around the mouth and chin resulting from excessive salivation, helps children's cream to which your child is not allergic.

When inflammation of the gums can become both white and red (close to purple) color.Some children inflamed gums deliver a strong concern, which explains all the whims and desire to bite and pull in the mouth.Relief can bring the cooled teethers massage the gums with a clean finger, peeled apple or cabbage leaf.As a physician, it is also possible to use the funds that have local anesthetic ("Kamistad", "Kalgel", etc.).

case of loss of appetite and rejection of food should not insist and encourage your child to eat.Eating only adds to the feeling of discomfort and itching in the gums.The kid who had just reached for a spoon may flatly refuse to eat because he is experiencing discomfort.Put your baby to the breast, let him milk mixture, so it makes up for the lack of vitamins and nutrients.

When frustration chair is also to inform the doctor, since this feature is not considered to be directly related to the teeth erupt.

t If a child or pulls himself for an ear or cheek, it may be a sign of teething.But these features are typical for otitis media (middle ear infections).Initially, check yourself - simultaneously press the fingers of both hands on both ears of the child when he is calm.When otitis baby cry sharply.However, in any case, the physician should pay attention to such concerns baby.The above recommendations can help relieve the pain and discomfort associated with the teeth erupt.But you must remember that all the concerns subside and become less important when the baby feels your support, the warmth of your embrace and hear your voice calm.If you can support a child, calm him down, he believes that the pain will subside soon.Teeth cut is not so long.Think of this step as another step toward adulthood.Be confident in their actions and that together you cope with any difficulties.Check your child a story, tell us about how a small tooth wants to climb out to meet with the owner and how he (tooth) scary inside, because he knows what awaits him.Explain to your child what is going on with his gums, why he feels discomfort.Children understand much more than parents can imagine.They are able to perceive not only the words, but the slightest change of mood his mother.Your task - to give your child confidence that all is well with him.

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