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What are the most useful fruit for beauty

useful and tasty
mandarins, kiwi, peaches, oranges, pears and so on.How can you make from fruits gourmet treats.There is no limit of imagination: you can add to the risotto, add mousse, build an elaborate salad, baked in foil.And this pleasure is not less, if you just eat the fruit.But of course the main wealth of fruit - it micronutrients, the vitamins that we can get when we enjoy the fragrant quince ripeness, soft juicy apples.For example in pineapple contains: fiber, iodine, chlorine, magnesium, fiber, protein, vitamin groups A, B, C. It turns out that those who are in your diet includes plenty of fruits, care about their health, and therefore cares about the beauty of thatthere can be no well-being.

slimming figure
Fruits help the girls, who tend to be overweight.Due to the fact that they contain a high fiber content, they can improve digestion, help to reduce weight and help cleanse the body of toxins.Different diets have to choose unsweetened fruit.To get rid of the extra kilos are well su

ited grapefruit and apples sour varieties.Only need to know that while diet is necessary to drink at least 2 liters of water a day.But abusing this way of losing weight is not necessary.The best option would be to eat fruit for three days, and then you can go back to the usual menu.

sharp nails
The next secret is that the effect of fruits that they have on the condition of nails.If the nail polish is not very much good, here come to the aid of a lemon.Within 7 to 10 days wipe nails a slice of lemon, and then the result will not be long in coming.Then the nails are strengthened, they do not break, do not separate, and not break, the nails are no dark spots, and shine nail envy of any woman.If there is no patience, desire and time to do these procedures, then your service is the essential oil of lemon.It provides the nails that have changed color, and returns the natural nails of their beauty.Means good care of the cuticle and skin of the hands, making the skin soft and smooth.

fresh face
skin loves fruit mask.Recipes made on the basis of lemon tone, whiten, exfoliate the face, giving it freshness and tenderness.Take the juice of half a fruit and mix with two tablespoons of oatmeal, a tablespoon of sour cream.Impose on the 15 or 20 minutes on the neck and face, then remove the mask and rinse with cool water.But this mask, for example, apple pulp, to which we add a spoonful of olive oil, give the skin a healthy appearance and good will refresh your skin.On the basis of extracts of different fruits make cosmetics, they take good care of the person and help to cope with various problems.

If the hand is cleansing lotion Clean & amp; Clear, you can say goodbye to greasy luster of the skin.The effect of this lotion is based on the unique properties of Pomellen, lime, grapefruit, lemongrass.Foods that contain these extracts, this unique invention of mankind.These products allow the skin to enjoy the valuable qualities of fruit, although we did not put any effort for it.

Beautiful hair
good example of the fact that the fruit is a real boon for hair care.When added to extracts of watermelon, apples, grapes, oranges and other fruits and berries, then create products with remarkable properties.Shamtu Shampoo gives hair volume and gives a flavor of mango, tangerine, kiwi.Another shampoo Herbal Essences Fruit Fusions returns the pristine beauty of the hair and fills the vitality thanks figs, kumquat, kiwi for oily hair, and normal hair thanks to a cocktail of persimmon, lychee, pomegranate.Such agents moisturize hair, take care of the scalp, clean hair from pollution.

infinite number of "fruit recipes", which give attractiveness and charm.Variety toilet waters and perfumes that complement the image of women fruit, fresh flavors.And no wonder that worldwide fashionista trust health and beauty of all that makes the beauty-industry, based on the fruit.

Nutritionists argue that useful for the organism are the following fruit and berries:
They contain beta-carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A, and vitamin A because it benefits and is the prevention of cancer.The unripe apricots beta-carotene contains more, so you need to give priority to durum.Apricots are rich in potassium, so good for the heart, as well as magnesium and phosphorus, which is essential for brain function, calcium, which is necessary for the nervous system and muscles to work.

Bananas Bananas are useful for the heart and the need for prevention of cardiovascular disease, because they are rich in potassium, it is necessary also for the normal functioning of muscles.Bananas contain vitamin C and B vitamins, which are necessary for the functioning of the nervous system and muscle tissue, ephedrine, has a tonic effect of light contain catecholamines, which are useful for the intestines and stomach.

contains powerful antioxidants - bioflavonoids that work against cancer.The grapes contain fructose and glucose, they contribute to the fact that the heart work normally.It helps to resist irritability and sleepiness.Raisin is rich in boron, manganese, magnesium, potassium, iron helps carry oxygen to the tissues, rich in iron.Raisins good for the nervous system, heart, lungs, bones.There are eight times more sugar than grapes.

The figs contain a lot of fat, sugar, calcium, potassium, carbohydrates and vitamins A, C, B. Useful for kidney, stomach, vascular and heart.Vitamin B6 produces serotonin - the hormone of pleasure.Fig lowers cholesterol and reduces appetite.

Cranberry Cranberries contain many trace elements and vitamins.Cranberry juice helps fight infections and prevents the growth of bacteria.Cranberry useful pancreas, bladder and kidney helpful.

Lemon is rich in vitamins B, C and P increases efficiency, helps the cells of the immune system to fight various diseases.

Mangoes are rich in potassium, iron, fiber, organic acids, vitamins A, B and vitamin C. It stimulates the kidneys and intestines, useful for night blindness.In the manga a lot of potassium, which is useful for vessels.

Cantaloupe Cantaloupe is rich in potassium, beta-carotene, it contains a lot of vitamin C.

Now we know what fruit the most useful beauty.Following these simple tips, and eating fruit, you can improve your health, and use fruit to maintain its beauty.