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Useful and harmful properties of kefir

From childhood to old age

with this fermented milk drink we learn in early childhood: it is one of the lures, which helps the child adjust your stomach to adult food, because his main nutrients (calcium, iron, protein, vitamin D, B vitamins, beta-carotene, and others.) are present in lekousvoyaemoy form.Medicinal properties of kefir are well known in folk medicine, and explains accumulation of antibiotic substances produced by yeast cells.Appreciate it, above all, for probiotic action - it inhibits the growth of pathogens in the gastrointestinal tract, suggests there is order, helps prevent intestinal infections and fight dysbiosis.And our immunity, is known to be ... in the intestine.So that those who regularly drink kefir differ good health and ability to withstand all sorts of misfortunes.And when healthy stomach, and the complexion is good, and the skin is radiant health and hair shine.And the figure stroyneet: proven Larisa Dolina and her kefir diet!And if you suffer from chronic fatigue syndro

me, nervous or overtired simply - with yogurt not part!That's Japanese, even some known to the world centenarians are ready to pray to Buddha yogurt.Their scientists have even shown that kefir in the diet helps to resist cancer.Very useful kefir elderly: maintaining a healthy the composition of intestinal microflora, it prevents the development of putrefactive processes in the gut and improves liver function.Kefir, like any therapeutic product need to drink right: drink room temperature drink in small sips.You can add a spoonful of honey, jam or fresh berries.But gastritchikam with high acidity of the yogurt should be abandoned.

Kvaste health

Kefir fungi represent a kind of "blend" of 22 different microorganisms that live in peace and harmony and to each other very well complement.The first violin is owned by streptococci, including flavoring.They "play up" lactic acid bacillus, acetic bacteria and yeast.The fact that the lactic orchestra played well, evidenced by specific Kefir smell that will not allow to confuse it with either yogurt or a fermented baked.Quality of yogurt is largely dependent upon the quality and fat content of milk, and the taste - the acidity.Choose yogurt necessary, based on your goals.If you lose weight or suffer from renal edema, give preference to low-fat (diuretic) kefir.Gastric ulcer, gastritis and pancreatitis have to give up the strong (three days) of yogurt.If you "weak" stomach, the strong yogurt just for you, and if you suffer from constipation, give preference to a weak (one day), drink.If you are all right, drink an average (two days).Only trouble is, neither one-day or three-day kefir in the store you will not find - in fact most of today's mass production of kefir have a shelf life of 14 days.

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