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Therapeutic benefits of green onions

habit of collecting green shoots and consume them raw comes from ancient times.It is to such plants are green onions.Useful properties of which our ancestors made out a few millennia ago.

Ingredients juice of green onions

high content of organic matter is the main advantage of green onions.They explain the medicinal properties of onions.

Green onions in large quantities contains useful and biologically active substances: carotene, inulin, natural sugars, vitamins E, C, PP, K, B vitamins, proteins, enzymes, minerals, saponins - active plant substances, essential oils,alkaloids.A mineral substances: iodine, fluorine, potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, copper, cobalt, amino acids and volatile.

healing benefits of green onions

scientifically proven that if every day to eat about 100 grams of green onions feathers, it is really possible to meet the daily requirement of an adult in vitamin C. What is important after a long winter, when the body has exhausted all of itsstocks and

a distinct sense of a lack of vitamin C, which is expressed in the state of fatigue and spring beriberi.Incidentally, in the green onion vitamin C is several times greater than the bulb.

Chives, having in its composition of microelements such an arsenal, provided invaluable assistance in the fight against the spring malaise.

in green onions and contains chlorophyll, which inhibits the growth of a variety of disease-causing bacteria and plays an important role in hematopoiesis, which is especially valuable in anemia.

Volatile essential oils and green onions detrimental effect on various infections and viruses.They destroy pathogens of tuberculosis, dysentery, diphtheria, promote disinfection of the oral cavity, which is deposited a significant amount of bacteria.There is no better means for colds and flu.The flavonoids contained in green onions to stimulate the heart.Substances contained in the green onion, strengthen the heart muscle (myocardium) and the walls of blood vessels, so people with problems of the cardiovascular system is to include green onions in the diet.

Zinc contained in the shoots of green onions, prevents brittle nails and hair loss, as well as a positive effect on the reproductive functions of women and men in the production of the sex hormone testosterone and sperm activity.In addition zinc is useful for strengthening the immune system.The phosphorus and calcium in the composition chives improve the health of teeth and gums.

Onion is rich in iron and get this important element can be both fresh and fried, baked or stewed onions.This makes it possible to use it in dishes for any form of heat treatment.

Green onions are added to almost all dishes and gives a great taste.Fresh green onions stimulates appetite, promotes digestion and makes any dish very appealing.It should be noted that useful substances chives and completely absorbed faster if use bow with vegetable oil.

Contraindications chives

Despite the fact that the benefits of green onions obvious to him to be careful for people with diseases of the stomach - large quantities of onion juice can cause irritation of the digestive system and can increase the acidity of gastric juice.Also, the uncontrolled use of chives can increase blood pressure, affect the cardiovascular system and provoke an attack of asthma.

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