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CS Lewis, biography

Clive Staples born November 29, 1898 in Ireland.When he was little, his life really could be called a happy and carefree.He had a great brother and mother.Mother taught young Clive different languages, even forgetting about Latin and, in addition, brought him up so that he grew a real person, with normal views and understanding of life.But then it happened grief and my mother died when Lewis was not even ten years.For a boy it was a terrible blow.After that, his father, who had never been a soft and cheerful character, gave the boy in boarding school.This was for him another blow.He hated school and education, has not yet got to the professor Mount Kirkpatrick.It is worth noting that this professor was an atheist, whereas Lewis always had religious.And, nevertheless, Clive adored his teacher.He treated him as an idol, standard.The professor also loved his student and tried to give him all his knowledge.A professor was really a very clever man.He taught dialectic of Man and other sciences, passing all th

eir knowledge and skills.

In 1917, Lewis was able to go to Oxford, but then he went to the front and fought on the French territory.During hostilities writer he was wounded and taken to hospital.They discovered Chesterton, which began cheering, but at that time, was not able to understand and love his views and ideas.After the war, the hospital and Lewis went back to Oxford, where he remained until 1954.Clive is very loved by students.The fact that it is so interesting to read lectures on English literature, that many came to him again and again, to again and again to sit in on his classes.At the same time, Clive written various articles, and then took over and the book.The first major work was a book published in 1936.It was called "Allegory of Love".

What can we say about Lewis, as a man of the believer.In fact, the story of his faith is not so simple.Perhaps that is why he never tried to impose his faith to anyone.Rather, he wanted to present it so that those who wanted to see her, could not see.As a child, Clive was kind, gentle and religious man, but after the death of his mother, his faith was shaken.Then he met a professor who, being an atheist, he was much more intelligent and kind man than many believers.And then came the university years.And, as Lewis himself said, he was forced to once again believe people are unbelievers, atheists are the same as him.At Oxford, Clive had friends who were as intelligent, well-read and interesting, as himself.Besides, these guys reminded him about the concepts of conscience and humanity, because he came to Oxford, the writer has almost forgotten about these concepts, remembering only that you can not be too cruel and steal.But the new friends were able to change his views, and he again gained confidence and remembered who he is and what he wants from life.

CS Lewis wrote many interesting treatises, stories, sermons, tales, novels.This "Screwtape Letters" and "The Chronicles of Narnia" and the space trilogy, as well as the novel "Till We Have Faces," which Clive wrote at the time, when his beloved wife is very seriously ill.Lewis created his stories, not trying to teach people how to believe in God.He was only trying to show where there are good and where evil that everything is punishable, even after a very long winter comes summer, it came in the second book, "The Chronicles of Narnia."Lewis wrote about God, his companions, telling people about the wonderful worlds.In fact, as a child, it is difficult to distinguish where the symbolism, and where the metaphor.But it is very interesting to read about the world, which has created the lion Aslan zlatogrivy where to fight and to rule, as a child, where animals speak and live in the forests of mythical creatures.By the way, some church ministers belonged to Lewis negatively.The fact was that he mixed paganism and religion.In his books and mollusk Dryads were, in fact, the same children of God, as the animals and birds.Therefore, the Church considered him a book unacceptable when viewed from the side of faith.But consider just a few clergymen.Many refer to the books of Lewis positive and give them to their children, because, in fact, despite the mythology and religious symbolism in the first place, Lewis has always promoted the goodness and justice.But it is good not perfect.He knows what is evil, which is always evil.And, therefore, it is necessary to destroy the evil.But this is not necessary from hatred and revenge, but only for the sake of justice.

Clive Staples lived not very long, but not very short life.He wrote many works that can be proud of.In 1955, the writer moved to Cambridge.There, he became head of the department.In 1962, Lewis received at the British Academy.But then his health deteriorating, he submits resignation.And November 22, 1963 Clive Staples died.