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Olga Kabo - personal life

Isabella rides with Quentin Durward, the wind blowing in their faces, waves her beautiful hair, and a dash - "Isabella's understudy."And so on ... Around it appeared that "understudy Isabella" should appear in the picture much more than I, and the wind will not waving my "beautiful hair" and a wig stuntman.I like a diligent student of Sergei Bondarchuk, he wanted to be the mistress of its own role, and to do everything yourself.And set out to master the skills of riding!VGIK, incidentally, horse riding included in the curriculum.At six in the morning the first train I was riding the subway in Beetz.Typically, a horse, I, like many students, heroically to fill up.One day in the calendar after a horse riding we put dance ... Of course, "wheel feet" - this is just an inner feeling, but from Batman to throw the machine was at least unusual.In order to fully participate in its first "horse" picture was a little college classes.And every day after steam and rehearsals VGIK I started to drive to training in eq

uestrian club "Petrel".Worked with me a great stuntman, athlete and teacher Sasha Zhiznevsky.Every day he offered me a new horse to accustom me to find common language with different animals - in character and temperament.Occupation our always starts with the fact that I own a horse saddled and cleaned.By the way, I really liked, I carefully combed mane, whispering something to her ear, fed apples ... And then - in the arena!There were falls, tears and despair ... Stunt taught well, but peculiar.For each drop was supposed to put them a bottle.And I fell quite often.So picture - Olga Kabo, riding to the gym across the Wine and Vodka Shop - was the usual phenomenon.Just kidding, of course, but seriously, I then realized one important thing: if not confident, somewhat annoyed or tired, chances to be in the sawdust arena sharply.Horse - a clever animal, and if the rider is weak, it does not deny yourself the pleasure to confirm this.Not once in my life I then gained useful experience from the stunt!


film in which Olga had a chance to ride, there were several "Knight's castle", "crusader", "The Musketeers Twenty Years Later" ... Often surveys taken not trained horse, but just from a nearby farm animals.Easy to get along with them, because the horse - excitable creature, and all the spears with suits of armor of their scare.In a panic, and they run at a crinoline, and here and ride it!In the film "The Possessed" Igor Talankin my character Lizaveta Nikolaevna had to sit in the saddle in the ladies'.It was a novelty not only for me but for the mares.She could not grasp why sit on it sideways and beating their feet with just one hand!Shooting, just do not laugh, Olga, were held on the territory of the Psychiatric Hospital named after P. Kashchenko.There's generally a very nice, calm, and here also the golden autumn, the tracks are covered with a carpet of leaves ... Patients are not only out to take a look at how the film was being shot, but also took an active part in the crowd.In short, despite our mare complexity in terms of side saddle, I did not want to lose face, and literally.I was in such situations is acting passion - to prove to myself that I can do!How did we end up with the galloping of the red "Kashchenko"!General impressions associated with horses, I have a lot.One of the horses gave me Nikolai Gogol, the owner of well-known equestrian club."You are so often happens with us, let you will have a horse - Nosegay".And Budennovsky stallion with a gentle name Nosegay became my trusted friend and protector.Once we spoke with him at the spring carnival dressage - we have prepared with friends mini-performance "The Passion of Carmen."To do this I had to learn very beautiful element of dressage - Spanish step.Oh, how many liters of sweat I left in training!A break in the riding I had a, perhaps, only when I was pregnant with my daughter.But then came the stables - to treat horses.Our ancestors knew very well what to do when riding a horse work all muscle groups, and whether you like it or not, and will acquire the royal carriage!And I, among other things, I believe that with his back to the proud man is formed and a personal pin.I, at least, riding just in this sense, discipline.I do not remember where, but one day I came across a picture of Queen Elizabeth II on a horse.I was delighted: the old lady in some ridiculous raincoat riding on a spirited steed - incredibly majestic and strong.Wonderful, very life-affirming picture.You know, in Spain it was time to take care of the horses had a right to anyone, but the ride - just the aristocrats, above all kings.So I like to think that every rider - a little queen.

stage of life in a new way

now in my life entered a new stage!I became the owner of several horses.It happened last year, after my marriage.At the first meeting with Nikolai we found out that we have a lot in common, including a mad love for these noble animals!Kohl said he is holding its own and used the morning to start in the stable."And I have a stallion Nosegay!" - I was delighted.Of course, Kolya weight advantages, but share a passion for our noble animals convergence, we can say, clearly contributed.My husband is seriously engaged in show jumping, and when he takes the barrier height of half a meter, I look upon him as a god - such fearlessness I myself never found.He wakes up every morning at half-past four, and seven male in the saddle.I'm such a regime, of course, would not stand, but a few times a week and try to get out to ride.Alas, does not always work ...

¬ęBest" in the world a gift

Once, on Valentine's Day, Nicholas gave a gift that almost turned a nuisance.In the morning, he invited me and my daughter Tania travel.We long were going somewhere, and Nick did not say where or why.In the end, it turned out to be in the Yaroslavl region, a fairly large barn.There were a lot of different horses, but in the eyes rushed, especially "Black Tulip" - luxurious Dutch Friesian horses.The farm these beauties are bred specifically for driving - driving in sports teams.While I admire them, it turned out that we did not come just to look.Nikolai bought us a couple of friezes: Phantom stallion - mare for himself and Antalya, which meant to me.These horses are very elegant - a long, gypsy curly raven mane, brush on his feet as cuffs time camisoles queens ... but it should be noted, for all their grace, these are very strong horse breed still Draught.The mare was more like a big beautiful stuffed animal and I, with characteristic carelessness I immediately said that I wanted to take a ride on it.Nicholas supported the idea, adding that these fabulously beautiful horses trot.Clothing for riding always in my trunk, I quickly dressed, sat down and ... No, I did not expect such a hurried from the rather well-fed horses with a very peaceful expression of the muzzle!Therefore, sat imposingly in the saddle, did not understand how it happened, we rushed to the place of lightning!So fabulous trot feel failed, but I felt a gallop to the fullest!

favorite Bourbon

I always seem to remember that horses - animals unpredictable, do not know what's going on in their head, so relax by no means impossible.In general, we flew from Antalya to give purple with good acceleration.Stop hooliganism or at least reduce the speed of its gallop I have not worked.My husband has two horses: diopter - Dunya home-Holstein and Trakehner Time - we affectionately call him Temochka.The graceful, flexible, lightweight, and how this has gone ... Fortunately, the path seemed a barrier and did not know how to jump, not only I, but also of Antalya.Directly in front of a pole she abruptly braked, and I almost flew out of the saddle!My knees were shaking, I was speechless.To be honest, for a long time I have not so much beating heart ... It is a pity that we live far hairballs rarely get to visit them, but two great representative Friesian we now have!Speaking of queens ... The thoroughbred horse, the greater her whims.Dunya ours, for example, women can not stand, jealous, what to say, the mare to the bone!With it, it is necessary to whisper, even cozy up to her to tell what she is beautiful, tasty treat.Ridiculous, of course, but it is.Diopters loves Kohl - always meets him at the stables whinny!He does not tolerate when her sit inexperienced riders just starting vrednichat and bristle.To visit their pets, we are always ready to thoroughly - buy carrots, apples, watermelons, all that love horses.It was very touching when the eighth of March, I saw at the entrance are two huge package of fruit."This Duns - said Nikolai.- She, too, like a holiday today ... "with goodies for pets once entered my story.Yes, it is!On the way to the stables, I used to stop at a natural rynochke on the sidelines - buy carrots.Once one of the vendors I let slip that vegetables take to horses.And here it every time when I drove up, waving his hand already, "Olga, go here!I'm your horse won the best carrot. "And I began to buy her a treat only.Once a vendor-myalas myalas and finally says, "I also really like a horse!" - "I am happy ..." - "I myself something at the factory working.There's me they liked.Cows are always yelling and horses are wonderful - stray together and cry.And the tears they have huge ... "After this sentence I heard only the wind rustling ruffles bag with carrots ... Needless to say that most of the roadside, I have not stopped.You know, my first horse, Bourbon, twenty years.He is the representative of Budennovskaya breed and has a very quick temper and fragile body.Every now and then Bourbon colds, and I bought for him balm "asterisk" whole kilograms, children Siropchik cough liters, because horses are often treated exactly in human medicine.He coughed like an old man, suffered, but could not tell where it hurts.I'm sorry it was incredible.And when Borbon reached a venerable age, I decided to save him from the load and keep at a dignified old age.Now my horse lives in Orel at the House of Art, nibbling the grass and just walking.He deserves it, because Bourbon gave me so much joy and pleasure!And let six harnessed to the carriage, and the ladies, racing on a date furious gallop, were only in the movies.Horses must continue to live with a man as a symbol of freedom and perpetual motion.