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Rimma Markova: People's Artist of the USSR

Rimma Markova - People's Artist of the USSR began to appear only after thirty, first gained notoriety after forty, but viewers love and attention gained almost immediately - because such and such organic credibility could not go unnoticed.We met with the actress on the eve of its anniversary.Phone ringing off the hook of TV, trying to immediately agree on a set, and she once again patiently explained that her schedule is painted on many days in advance, and there is no free time.

Rimma Vasilyevna what you feel in connection with the upcoming anniversary?I will not believe.I also eighty-five.And I'm never happy with anniversaries because they all lie like dogs for three hours.I'm better on it.And the dream - would rather have it all gone, because I always call and get bored.All channels, all the newspapers, all the magazines ... I was already sick of myself.Who I have just been - in the "women's history", and "Life Line", and all tell, tell, tell.Well, as you can!I know all about myself: I'm a man, a fr

iend, a kind artist.And I'm not fond of himself, from his artistic creativity.You see - it rarely happens, but I'm to the point of self-critical!Worse than I currently do not think anyone thinks.In memory more often remain dark and bright memories.What are the most vivid feeling of happiness were in your life?Yes, what happiness?The battle is on.Life - a struggle, I think so.Someone said very precisely - the struggle for life.And there are people who die, there are those who are fighting.I'm a fighter, I fight.That's all.But apart from the struggle in life, there is also love.And you do it too ... I was up against when the old man begins to talk about it.Saliva is already flowing from old age, people look and say, "My God, ugly mug, and she is there something else says about love."Yes, I'm in love, I fell in love in.And change - not me but me.And I fell in love with abandon.I liked a lot of men, and when I fell in love, it's always been for real.And then it is for some situations impossible to not develop, did not happen.And, naturally, I was suffering, because when you fall in love with a man - you're composing it.And many turn a blind eye.Do you believe in manifest destiny?

Yes.Mom told me that when they were young, you like everything in this age, wondered.And she said: "Your children will go on the road, strewn with flowers."And she could not understand what it means, what it says.But I am constantly surrounded by flowers and bouquets.As they say: "For a long time I was in the Hall of Columns."My flowers are everywhere and always a great number of them.I now say, "Do not buy me hrenoviny birthday.You do not need any flowers, do not spend, because I then distribute them.And do not buy any boat or box.I do not know where I have to go on. "I have a bag of shit.Or do Dari, but know in advance what you need.Give tights, scarf, shawl beautiful.I have a bunch of stuff at my dacha.There are paintings, because I have them, of course, I do not throw away.But all this (points to a lot of knick-knacks) given.All this Khokhloma, which carried a gift, when we filmed in Suzdal.Sure, she's beautiful, but where to put it in such numbers?But this is an expression of the people's love!Do you think that I do not understand?And I can not get a gift, especially when I see my generation that beggary.I've Sergei Mikhailovich Mironov said, "Give me five minutes to tell the president.And look - everything will turn.He will not hear this from anyone. "

I say, "You're so wentest!No one says. "I say, "Why did not you say?Did not you notice what's going around? "I immediately saw an elderly man chooses products in the store and kept asking," And how much is it?And this? "And the water just started taking.And I bought a carton of milk, and gave him: "Take."- "You what ?!" He's gone from the store, and I went home and cried: I dare?But I did it in confusion.It is also necessary to think what you're doing, and when you are rude - given right in the nose.And you will be the soul good.But when I got into a mess ... I can imagine how I offended.But it was not me!This state!And there sat poor people.A well-fed will never understand this and do not think that anyone is hungry.I even went to the priest, saying: "Father, what shall I do?I'm so mad at the whole bedlam, noodles, which hang, robbing, robbed, humiliated the elderly, because they live on earth. "How to live after that?But since my childhood I was a hooligan and a bully.I was a fighter.And now the fighting.Unknown to anyone, but the struggle.I never sat quietly, always stood for justice.And no I will not deviate from this path.Even when I was invited to television, which I hate, I'm talking about what I see.

Hate TV?Why is that?

Because I believe - this is a criminal organization.Most!Me they can not zombie, but you are young ... We have already lost a generation, and we will continue to lose.But as the poet said, "Russia will find former articles that we loved from the books, when it will grow people are the same as those who were killed."I do not find you this time, and you may even'll find me.So I do not have this rainbow mood: anniversary, let's say I'm all there is, I have no delight.I see, I know this generation.That is to create wealth.People who have restored half of the country after the war, restored the production, agriculture, what they can not do now.They built the city and waited to see what will thank them for it ... The directors and audiences appreciate you as an artist is very high.And in his eighty-five you are a professional demand.And this is not even all the young actors can boast.In general, I will no longer be removed, because it is now so I have used!

been shooting all week for twelve hours, until three or four o'clock in the morning.Forces at me anymore.Yesterday I came to shoot, and leave the car can not.The driver said: "Alexander, get me out."He just got to help me, but this time some people I shoot.I asked the producer, "Who shot me?Tell me, did not dare to do that.It is impossible in such a way to show the actress. "I validol placed under the tongue, and they let me shoot!And then write: "So drunk Markov."Or prick.Yes, anything can write.I have so much to read about myself.It seemed to me that you - one of the few actresses of whom do not compose fables.I am now shown a newspaper where I have the photograph mouth looking in different directions, fingers curled, and below is the caption: "Grandma Rima angry."And another image: close to the director Merezhko girl is blonde.And there is a comment: "Granddaughter Markova wants to marry Merezhko.Markov displeased. "And I have one grandchild, granddaughter, no!And supposedly the blonde asked me, and she says: "My grandmother taught me to sing and dance."What kind of nonsense?Do I - a ballerina?And with these journalists do?How much of all this Nonko have suffered, God forbid.To her it was so much attention ... Recently I got a call, "Rimma V., we are doing a program about Nonna Viktorovna Mordyukova.You can not tell us about it?You were friends. "I say, "Yes, friends.Fourty years.And I know everything inside and out.But you want me to tell some things that I'll never tell, because it Mordjukova instead Tyutkin.She is loved by millions. "I wanted one newspaper even sue.Nonko already felt bad, somewhere she left, and she became ill, and she began to drop his cup medicine.And what a photographer, you bastard, called her, she looked at him, and he took a picture of it.And then it was printed.So I phoned the newspaper, demanded that the editor and asked him, "Do you have children?Are not you afraid that you will pay for this?How dare you Mordjukova way off?And how dare you print it? "I think that such actions are returning boomerang.And if it happens after a long time, their consequences, manifestations may seem irrational and inexplicable ...

general, do you believe in mysticism?

I do not believe in mysticism, and the other is assured.We are all atheists, because we are so brought up, but I believe that something govern us.Anyway, I'm to the point of helping something.Right now I have a job in the new picture.To my age to play a major role, and interesting role - it is such a gift!Nobody knows what I'm doing, even though I have all played a role, there are only three shooting days.And played on the nerve, the lack of time.But, of course, how it will turn out as a result, I do not know.The movie is really difficult to predict the result.And sometimes there are absolutely amazing situation.How is it that, acting in the film "Night Watch", you do not know what your character - a witch?All the actors who starred even in a small role, be sure to read the script.And for the first time in my life I did not read the script.Prior to this role, I was offered a very good actress, and they refused it.Therefore, when the role was offered to me, you did it already cunning.They said: "We can not send the script.Habensky went to Cannes, we have only four days, we all urgently need to shoot. "And just sent my text.I look - and there is a fraud.Here she laments: there is some grass, I have a daughter to grow up ... I did not know that her daughter - a spider.And then I watch the movie - and my character is not a fraud, and a witch.It does not become frightened when it learned?Many actors are afraid of superstition play similar roles.I was afraid all the time, so suffered!I thought, "What have I done?" Before that I was offered a role in which I'm dying and lying in a coffin.That is something you can die, but do not lie in a coffin.And I said that I will not be removed.And then I played a witch!So I was in despair.Then I got sick, I thought, "God punishes."But I do not know anyone as a result had to play, so probably all done.Because of my brother, Leonid, has not done.He played Satan, and died a month later.Let's go back to your profession.You lie a few new scripts now are shooting pictures.

Is it a misfortune for the actress?

For an actress my age is not something that happiness and a gift for all the flour, for all the difficulties.After all, there were moments when I was close to end his life.But I dreamed of and wanted to become an actress though, no matter what.Believe me, what I just swallowed, came to Moscow and lived in a train station.Total.And rationing, when there was nothing to eat.And there was nothing to put on, and nothing and no prospects.I went to the studio, I had only one dress.And the shoes were not.And when you look around right now ... Here we are shooting in a country mansion, almost a palace.So there is a swimming pool measuring nearly a football field.You think, I am pleased to see it?How People Live!Of course, we believe they are cattle, I'm sure.We used to call these people crooks, speculators, swindlers, thieves.And now they say about them: an oligarch.I recently blurted out from the stage ... What a meeting it was, and they sit - cheek with the back are already visible.I said: "Guys, stole - share.Because it will be bad.Do not you and your children.Despite the five-meter fences, guard dogs. "You think about how many thousands of young men in Moscow alone worked as a guard.Whom do they protect?And from whom?Look at the Queen have security.And who is she?Montserrat Caballe?For those who are now called the stars, there are many mixed feelings.But among them there are surely your colleagues, whom you admire.I will not say what the actors I admire.Why is that?What's wrong with the mention of the name of the artist that you like?There are actors that I like, and there are actors who I do not like.The actors are wonderful, but I do not like them.We have a rule, have dramatic actors when you watch the show, even if you are unfamiliar with the performers, be sure to go backstage to say, "Thank you, I enjoyed it."Because they say, I come here, for example, Petrenko and watching the play.And the actor is waiting for it later.So I went to see Sadalsky one performance.What - does not matter.I strongly dislike this.Sadalsky says: "Come on, go behind the scenes."I say: "I can not."I can not even say thank you, because I barely withstood the play, although the artists playing popular.And this bastard Sadalsky went to the actors, and they ask, "Why are you alone?A Markov why not come? "-" She did not like the powerful. "Do not silent?

No, he said with pleasure.Although I'm sure that he, too, did not like.After a while I go to the theater to watch Artsybashev "Marriage".And he had a break in the manner of inviting the actors behind the scenes.And there Wolfe was someone else and this actress, who did not like me mightily.And here we sit, drink tea and talk.And she at some point I said, "I remember you said ..." I even could not think what to say.Well, what could I say?Yes, I did not like you?I can not finish off the man.She does not care about my opinion, I'm sure.But she did since hates, though many years have passed.That's the whole answer.People tend to err and make mistakes.In your life there are serious mistakes?Of course, who else they did not commit?And I commit.I once stole a hundred rubles.Then they returned, but in fact stolen!Why - I will not tell a long story.But the situation was terrible, I cried month, and the one from whom I stole the money in the restaurant took lunch and brought me.He yelled at me and said: "Idiot you are crazy!Well you took a hundred rubles?If you steal - so a million. "I had a friend of the singer, he called me, and I weep.He said: "What is it?" - "Arkady, I stole the money."Brother came to me and said, "How could you do this?You have a daughter, how will you educate her? "To me then, many came because I just wanted to commit suicide.How could I do this?And all because the guy picked up the couch and showed me that it is under.And there were stacks of money.And one was crumbling.Here I am away from her and took a hundred rubles ... therefore correctly say, neither of which do not promise.I was friends with the family of the great actor Mikhail Sadovsky.And I remember how he got paid, and someone from the home put it in a prominent place.And he said, "Take, do not provoke people.Do not confuse Satan pushes the elbow, and the man did not want to, and someone else will be cursing yourself all your life. "And I'm really ashamed and ashamed still of his act.Then I have these horrible puncture was not.There were some situations that I now can not remember, but I remember this all my life, although more than a decade has passed.Are you talking about something in their life regret?

strange feeling sorry

I regret that I have little children, only one daughter.But I believe that the actors have no right to have children.Our profession - it's such a plague!Because the real actor completely disconnected from life.But this should not be done.Children are more important than that however.I gave birth to a daughter, and time to do it, was not, and I did not do for her what I had to do a lot nedodala.And how many of these actors' kids!It crippled life.And my marriage.It was a side, because the main thing - it is work.And if you had the chance to change something in your life that you would have changed?I would not change a single day.I would be an actress.That's all I want and more I do not care.

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