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When happen to pass by the old brick building not far from the subway "Alekseevskaya" I always remember the events of two years ago.Since my childhood accustomed to the fact that everything in life should be done according to the rules.Wash dishes immediately after eating, cross the street on a green light, do not be rude to elders, even if they are wrong.And certainly not to move to the guy, you know that less than a month.Ivan opened the door, missed me forward.I came in, put the duffel bag on the floor and looked around the bright, cozy room, the pillows on the couch, on the kitchen table - two clean cups.At the door, as if waiting for the hostess are brand new women's slippers."Behold, now is your home - with some embarrassment said Vanya.- That is our general. "I put on my slippers - my size.Walked into the room, I sat on the couch, trying his best not to show that nervous.Why am I here?And suddenly it's not what I need?


... The director of the film "The Storm Gate" has decided overdubb

ed heroine.They called me.I've arrived.Look - on the screen next to the actress, which I dub nice guy plays well.- Who is it?- I ask.- Unknown boy, the name does not tell you anything.- And still.- Ivan Zhidkov, studying at the Moscow Art Theater School.Several months passed, and Toll White invited me to the Moscow Art Theater on the "White Guard".We then starred in "Talisman of Love" and friends.I read the program from: Nikolka - Ivan Zhidkov.She looked at him again and thought: What an actor!And looks expressive, theatrical.Then we accidentally crossed the street in the company of friends in common, we have introduced, we stood side by side and separated.After some time at the banquet about some premiere of his back to me summed.Zhidkov said calmly: - Ivan, very nice.- Tatiana, - I said, feeling like a complete idiot.And met at social events, they nodded to each other.I caught myself on the fact that I feel some confusion, "Wow, even the phone number did not ask ..." The director of our repertory - the play "Tales of the Old Arbat" - made a tour in Nalchik and Vladikavkaz, "I promise to be a fantastic trip!"And, the truth, in the end turned out to be a day off, we were taken to the mountains - to Cheget.This beautiful!They drank mulled wine, bought sweaters of wool, hats, socks ... and relaxed and satisfied, boarded the plane.I thought, "But who's going to meet me with a bunch of things?" I decided to call an old friend - Ramaz Chiaureli.We have starred together in the film "a lusty, or Fab Four", and now he leads a radio show on "Mayak".- Ramaz, can not you meet me at the airport?I'll cap brought a present.- No problem, say the flight number.On the approach to Moscow, I was suddenly for no apparent reason thought Chiaureli come not one, but with Vanya.Where did this belief - I'll never know.I leave - is Ramaz.One.Stretch cap: - Here, this is for you.- Wow!Thank you.You know, I'm not one came.Do you know each other?- And he shows his hand somewhere behind me.I turned around - Ivan ... Ivan then said that it was surprised by my reaction, if I knew that he would meet me.- Hi, - I say - very happy, but I have one cap.He laughed and we went to the car.Ramaz proposed: - In the trunk of the New Year with champagne is - Tatiana, take home to drink with Olga in the case.- Come on now open!You're behind the wheel - you can not.We Vanya drink to meet - is not a "case"?Ramaz looked at me with surprise: I usually strangers to behave with restraint ... But the champagne was opened and all the way with interest looked at us in the mirror.- Ramaz told - you're not from Moscow - said Vanya, filling plastic cups.- Yes, I born in Kaliningrad.- Can not be!I grew up there.Moved from Yekaterinburg, when I was nine years old.And then it became clear that we shared a bus stop from each other!We walked in the same yards, walked the same streets.

- Wow, eight years spent side by side and never crossed.

- Maybe they met me once you did not pay attention.I was rowdy.Fighting, the girls threw the scruff of worms.

- Yeah - I laughed.- My sister and I had the right of girls and blockheads avoided per kilometer.

- arrived - announced Ramaz.

out of the car, I suddenly felt regret that the road ended quickly.I did not want to leave.House told about Van sister.Olga says:

- He likes you.Otherwise, why would he drove to the airport?

- Vanya even the phone did not.So, we chatted - and ...

- Do not worry, even announced.And faster than you think.

Future plans

Olya before I realized that I was beginning to fall in love.We have it from childhood an amazing bond.For many, the twin similarity - a source of constant problems.But this is not about us.The family photo album there: we are five years old, the same comb, in identical suits.We lived a wealthy life, and the material has been selected for bryuchek nonspottable - temnenky.On lap stitched leather that longer is not frayed.Tailor pants dad.A sewn by my mother's request, seamstress sewing shop of the theater.Dressmaker we liked.The parents left us on their care during rehearsals, even riding dragged into the shop.Of course, like all normal children, we sometimes fought with Olga, her hair pulled each other.In general case, the player fights, when we could not decide what to listen to the record - "Bremen Town Musicians" and "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.""Since you have never had any trouble - says now my mother.- You are not capricious, did not require constant attention ... we sat himself in the arena and entertain each other. "We were obedient children.When my mother said: "The girls, for you cleaning!" - I can not even imagine a circumstance which could prevent us from returning to clean the apartment from the parents of the theater.My best friend - sister.At school our class was completely fragmented, no one is kept in control, never organized matinees, did not celebrate birthdays.One girl is still prepared boys congratulation on February 23, but none of them came.Fortunately, we have always been with Olga each other.We have our plans for the future were shared.In fifteen years of thinking about journalism, which gives the opportunity to communicate with interesting people.But the parents wanted us to pursue an acting dynasty and offered to try to go to the theater to a unique class teacher Boris Beinenson.We screamed, "No, do not want to be an artist!It is not ours! "In life so strangely arranged: something from which you run, as a rule, then it becomes yours.And then, something to strive for, as a result of cheating.We still got to class to Beinenson.I remember the first of September rose in the morning are inflated, frustrated.Parents are worried, "Maybe we do nothing to incite it?" But in the evening of the same day they opened the door, saw the children with glowing eyes, absolutely happy.In this school were our associates: Interest boys, girls, wise teachers.We spent two amazing years and is very experienced when admission to the various institutions have been separated.Final performance become "Little Tragedies" We played with Olga in "The Stone Guest", I - Laura, Olya - Donna Anna.Artyom Tkachenko was Don Juan.Together we enter a theater class.In the same day bugged.He was a small shoots, long hair, colored shirt, funny such terribly worried, I went to the scene semiconscious state, all green.Now thoroughbred handsome hero "Swordsman", it is impossible to make out the features of the boy.

When after school my sister and I decided to enroll in a theater, together with us went to Moscow and Artem.In the Moscow Art Theater, he saw the twins, once warned: two identical girls do not need take only one.Teachers at school said that because of the similarity of our problems can occur: someone will take in performances, take in a movie, someone - no.But we believe that this will not happen, and did not want to leave.We went to "Sliver."Tkachenko, out of solidarity, too.Thank God, did all three.I am happy that we did not go with Olga different roads for fear of spoiling their careers.My sister knows everything about me.I do not hide from it.A week after the meeting at the airport called Ramaz, "I'm throwing a party at the cottage.Come. "To go, to be honest, did not want to.A lot of work, and even the beginning of March, the time is bleak - I tortured, tired ... "Vanka Zhidkov will" - said Ramaz.And I decided.Consider: Stay in good company, to chat with him about Kaliningrad, remember childhood.On the appointed day was going to go out and suddenly I heard in the news: dead great Georgian actress Sofiko Chiaureli.Grandmother Ramaz.Ole said:

- better to stay at home.Ra-Mazu is not up to fun.Yes, and no one will not come ...

- And you call.

- I'm afraid.All of a sudden does not know yet?I can not bring him the news.Better to go.Disassemble in place.

He alone

Friends Ramaz decided not to leave on a day alone.The house was full of people - about thirty, I guess.I immediately went to Vanya.He brought a glass of wine, and we settled in a secluded corner of the fireplace.Guests came and went, someone said hello, someone said goodbye, the company is changing all the time.And we like Vanya and did not notice that."Let's go out into the street, - he said.- Get some fresh air. "It was cold.Around one, the dog ran.But we wandered, wandered - listen Vankina stories was very interesting, "I am not going to become an actor preparing for the Polytechnic.But Dad, in my opinion, did not really believe in the venture with technical education.And once he sent me to shoot infomercial saying, try, what do you lose?Maybe it was just like my violent direct energy in a safe direction.Because I was not the gift, good parents shook his nerves - and scandals, and ran out of the house ... like Liberty. "That is why Vanya then left the Moscow Art Theatre - it was cramped and uncomfortable in the hard part of repertory theater.Many actors would have twisted his finger to his temple: go nowhere from the Tabakov!But I understand it: I, too, with the theater did not work out.After graduating from college I went to audition with his sister in the theater "Modern".All applicants lined up in a semicircle and looked like a horse on the market.Strolling past us, the artistic director Svetlana Vragova broadcast that the acting profession has exhausted itself, professionals no longer have, in the movies and TV shows among mediocrity.I started acting even in the second year the school and listen to these words was unpleasant.But I did not argue, just came out of the theater and promised to myself in life more on the displays will not go."Theatre - is, of course, stability, - said Ivan.- I've been sitting all winter without work.Money was not even rent an apartment, staying with friends.But like at Todorovski played in the series I was lit ... But any proposal for six months.How to cut.Thank God broke through in the end.Currently filming in "Ivan the Terrible."Vanina frankness I liked.He did not build from a superman, not splurge.And another thing it bribed.Men are willing to listen to women's memories of childhood and family, but for many of these intimate conversations nothing more than a way to quickly drag the girl into bed.For questions Vanino I felt a sincere interest.We talked for almost the whole night.Already in the morning, he asked:

- What would you like?

- Sea.Sun.And do nothing.Terribly tired.I have three years there were no vacations.Take me to the warm sea, as well?

this phrase I threw so without thinking, and he remembered ...

For Vanya car came - he was in a hurry to shoot in "Ivan the Terrible."And I left and missed him terribly.Although between us we have nothing.The same thing happened with Vanya.He told me afterwards that fell asleep in the car and when I woke up, the first thing that was in my head - "Tatiana".Vanya began to call, send messages.It is more open person.Well, I am not able to write, "Oh dear, I'm so bored."I do not hate.His esemesok I saved up.I do not leave them to re-read five hundred times.I do not like beautiful words, I am more convinced things.I myself speak little, I prefer to do.But I remember, like, a person feels the same as I do.And it without me uncomfortable - like just left, and the feeling that broke a long time ago.Returning from the shooting, Ivan invited me to a restaurant.On the street slush, rain, a banquet in a restaurant, in the other there is no vacant seats.I started to turn sour, but Vanya found a table and ordered champagne and said:

- We're going for three days in Egypt.Tickets purchased and booked a hotel in Hurghada.

- Wan, and I just said so!

- Well, now let's just go.Depart a week later.

Of course, I agreed, especially since he had never been in Egypt.And like!And two days before the trip, and I start to shake: we are familiar with only a week, how can I fly with him to a foreign country ?!I called the driver who often accompanies me, and meets with the shooting.I ask:

- take me to the airport Zhidkov?We go along for a vacation.

And he answers:

- Wow!

«Well, - I think - and this is there!»

new move

The plane sat in a completely disassembled state.Once it became clear that we had no place nearby, and I'm afraid to fly.Vanya again all arranged.I lied to a neighbor that we just got married, go on a honeymoon, and persuaded him to change places.I: Battle guy!In Egypt, we spent three fantastic days: swimming, overeat different delicacies, sunbathing ... there was no intention, did not talk about the future.But when flying back, I felt that in my life, something will change dramatically.I think Ivan felt the same way.On the day of the return, we talked a little more silent.At Domodedovo I said:

- A couple of days flying to the shooting.

- Before your departure is required to see you - promised Vanya.

And we went home.A day later met and like everything was fine, but I would not let anxiety.I had no idea what would happen next.Vanya led some unnecessary conversations, I smiled ... In shooting flew confused.What awaits us?Doubts resolved when just a day he called and said: "I want to live with you.Already found an apartment.Of course, if you agree. "So a man should behave - to do things.Walking to restaurants, walks, company - fun and enjoyable, but it stops the relationship.Logically, I understand, but the rapidity of events bogey.And here we are in the apartment.Ivan brought me here from the airport, not allowing even go home.Right now I have to make a decision that will change in my life.

- Vanya, I've never to anyone not living together ...

- Remember when we met Ramaz you in Domodedovo?You came, and seven minutes later I realized that I want to marry you, and I want from you baby.Then I learned that Vanya lifetime so chooses.Seven minutes.And understand: it is mine.My apartment, my car, my thing, my friends.I have the same.I can not say that Ivan shook me some trait of his character.Simply, he is my man.Although mind kept saying you're crazy, that can be understood in such a period each other ?!But I felt - this is my people.And stayed.Things transported gradually.Eventually, Olga, watch how I drag it out of the closet jeans, the sweater, said, "Oh come on you have to be afraid.He's a great guy, and you will succeed. "But I was restless.When the relationship is just beginning, they are still fragile, need to work on them - a desire to be together is not enough.And we was not possible.We were traveling endless: the tour, then shoot.Apart from Wani born evil thoughts: why all this?I was afraid to meet after a separation.I thought: lie down, and he greeted me like something is wrong.Exhaust itself, and could not stand, put his doubts Van.It turned out he was nervous as I was, "I am very worried that once you get out to me from the other aircraft.And I understand that all invented myself ... "The fear that feelings can, as dry grass, quickly flushing burn without residue, followed us both.I flew to the Czech Republic for the shooting of the film "Marriage as a bequest."Ivan said that to get a visa and will be there in a couple of weeks.This is a great time for a brief relationship.I was all nerves.Ivan will fly to distant lands, and suddenly I look at him and realize that he is not the one I need ?!On the day when he had to fly, we moved from one city to another.Finally we got.I sat in the tail of the bus, everything inside was shaking.I see through the window: Fluid is at the door.It turns out one person and another.And he is waiting to give me a hand.I left.It feels like we are now acquainted again.He, too, was confused.They came to the hotel.We entered the room.I think, "Lord, what do you do ?!" But then he looked at me and smiled.I immediately calmed down: it was he, my Vanya!Nothing changed.

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