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Tatiana Dogileva, personal life

During the execution of the corona trick "snake woman" when the priest is resting on top of one of the examiners stood up from his chair and enthusiastically zatsokal.None of the bidders to demonstrate anything like this could not, and I was sure I will.But in the list that read fat uncle - obviously not from the circus, and of officials to govern them - my name was not there.Enthusiastically looking surprised member of the commission, first hung with his mouth open, and then began to whisper with the Chairman.I heard the word "girl-snake", "completely fearless" and his surname."Dogileva?- Loudly asked the official.- Some have the ability, but the girl is ugly, but because absolutely theatrical. "

brutal life

two months I felt that life was over.What do you want ?!I was deprived of dreams, unjustly deprived, and even called them ugly!Parents, from morning till night standing at machines in the factory, it was not until consolations.Seeing her daughter blubbered father or mother shout: "Stop sheddin

g tears!It is better to be engaged in lessons! "I climbed into the closet and, buried in the dust and smelling of mothballs winter coats, thinking about the cruelty of the world.My grief was compounded by the fact that every morning I saw a neighbor, with whom we held exams and that the school adopted, sent to school.I do not know how to do it, but it was incredibly good - not a girl, and the picture.I do not much like to work in a circus, as they cast strap sports bag on his shoulder, to declare it, the whole yard, "I went to the circus school!" Then I did not just hear about his "very severe appearance" and the likeeven I accept the fact that I did not become an actress destined.After receiving the certificate, will begin to prepare for admission to the Institute of Asian and African countries.- And what made the decision to change and go to the GITIS?GITIS ... Until GITISa was a lot of things: the VGIK, Moscow Art Theater School, "sliver", "Pike."And about that ... I made persistently taught English, all the Chinese revolution from the teeth bouncing, middle of the night wake - tell you about the Japanese islands and mountain rivers.But as soon as she heard that VGIK entrance exams start - I rushed there ... Apparently, out of protest: you say that I am ugly and I did not take the actress, but here I'll take - and will do!VGIK did not allow me even before the first round - was advised to enroll in technical college.Is there such a "tradition" - all unpromising candidates to send to study engineering.In this "parting words" I just short-circuited, "What have the right not to allow a person to the profession, which he can, from early childhood dream?" I decided that I would show up at all college theater, which only exist in Moscow.

Received or not

Someone vgikovsky entrants suggested that exams at Moscow Art Theatre School to dress modestly modest and not painted, even eyelashes.He was found in the mother's zagashnike otrez pale pink chintz and built himself a sort of peasant sundress, her hair braided in two pigtails.In this form, and send it out.I read something from the classics, that is - I do not remember.But full of suffering and inescapable melancholy eyes sitting in a selection committee Sophia Stanislavovna Pilyavskaya I forget until the end of life.In the midst of my "speech" to the table came examiners one of the teachers: "How?" - "Two hundred people a day - Pilyavskaya sighed and nodded briefly in my direction, she added: - And such a nightmare ... "- After eight years you and will be removed from Pilyavskaya Kozakov in" Pokrovsky Gates ".It you remember?- No of course!I myself several times sat in GITISa selection committees, and I know what it is.By the end of the day you do not remember not only the individual applicants but also your name.In one of the shooting days Mikhail came to me and said, "Tatiana, you really like Sophia Stanislavovna."I nearly burst with pride!Forgot Pilyavskaya about the "nightmare" that she "dubbed" my exams and did not mean to.After the fiasco in the Moscow Art Theater School for the exam in the "Sliver" I overdressed to the nines: in his own hand sewn mini skirt of green velvet with sewed on the hem portiere fringe, bright red koftu- "noodles" and white socks.It did not help - and are given the heave-ho.Commission GITISa I read a poem Yevgeny Yevtushenko "Les Miserables" - which, as you know, is very consistent with my inner state and condition:

satellites fly over the earth,

Explosions break a silence over the taiga,

and some bald clever

Here, looking at you with a smile.

Wonder Commission

finished reading the last lines froze.Only then noticed that all the men in the selection committee, as the selection, bald.Look at each other, stroking hairless crown, snorts.Well, I think certainly thought that I deliberately ... Now just do not take!Already I wandered, drooping and unhappy at yard when she heard: "Dogileva, go back!" Back.I stood, waiting spacing: say, How dare you ?!And then I asked: - Tell me, what do you have with your teeth?A neighbor lamented: "The actress in fact with the directors need to sleep!" To which my mother has issued a desperate falsetto: "Well, let him sleep!" I readily grinned, showing big Shcherbina.In response - Polyphony and puzzled: - Yes-ah ... with the challenges raised her head, but the tone has turned compassionate: - Did your teeth important?- And what, in your opinion, the main thing?I was surprised: - What?Soul!"Bald clever" zahmykali again.Only Vladimir N. Levert - he will be my first real teacher - remained a serious - if you get rid of Shcherbina, take to college.But consider: no gold and other metals.Parents who are you?I replied that my mother turner and fitter dad.And I heard: - If you need money - say.Here are our teachers were!The next day my mother went to the orthopedic clinic - then perhaps the only all over Moscow.I gathered a council, but the verdict was disappointing, "nothing can be done.You missed the boat.As a teenager, you could put parentheses, and now the jaw has been formed. "On the way home my mother comforted: - What are you, my daughter, so worried?God is with him, with this institution for artists!And I nabychivshis, repeated: - All the same will do!Once on the landing we heard a phone call.Called from the hospital: "Come.Let's try to do something.Should not some kind of nick breaking the fate of man. "Before you sit down in a chair, the doctor warned: "It will be very painful," - I nodded;"We'll have to cut out part of gum" - agreeing, covered his eyes.Two hours before the operation was, I did not even gasped.On the last and decisive round of GITIS was a swollen lip and iron bracket on the upper teeth, which I have removed only a sophomore.- And the world finally saw the famous dogilevskuyu smile.And your parents enter the GITIS how to react?- Different.Dad was very upset, "Daughter, you train us so smart - where he likes to received while you're in the actress.Well, what's good for? "But my mother went strut.Set a holiday table, she invited neighbors.- And when there was a first novel?And who he was - your partner?- Roman happened a couple of months, and its hero was a classmate Yuri Stoyanov.He is now a very attractive man, but thirty years ago was just dazzling.Tall, slender, fair-haired, blue-eyed, to the same - master of sport of fencing.

What to do?

After the first session, we both passed, say so, not very well, I accompanied the Jura on vacation in his native Odessa.It is not declared fit, kissing in a secluded corner to distraction.Saying goodbye, Stoyanov said: "I will tell you about us to you parents.Spring get married. "And I spent two weeks apart enough to realize that love is necessary to tie.Otherwise you'll have to say goodbye to their studies.On his decision I announced lover on the first night after his return.Stoyanov suffered.This is me, rounding terrified eyes, reported fellow students: "Yura suffers so!Almost did not eat and did not sleep! "However, his suffering did not last long.At the end of the first year he married the pretty girl with the Faculty of Drama.On the eve of the wedding, we two classmate who had beloved first visit handsome GITISa to me, they sent a messenger to the Jura.He was invited to one of Stoyanova audiences.The door opens into the slot sticks Yurina head.- What do you want?- Voice tense, his eyes suspiciously rummage through the audience.- Come on.Sit down.We need to talk - respond.- What have conceived something?- Further strained the Jura.But still it goes and sits down.We line up in front of him on the growth of the popular and addictive while pitiful song:

And love you and I was rather short,

Maybe, just do not wait, we love,

Call me to the wedding, my favorite,

View yourCall the bride ...

Only together

Sing tragic persons, adding a voice trembling.Waiting to hear our singing to the end, Yuri speaking with laughter and tears, shouting "fools!" Departs from the audience.- On the "kissing blissfully", I suppose, things have not gone?- Not logged in.My first man became a resident of Kiev.His name was Volodya.In Moscow, he came to travel.We met in the subway, which was against my rules.But Volodya, once introduced, immediately suggested: "Girl, you do not want to go tonight with me to the Bolshoi Theater?" How could I not want to, if I, Muscovite, never in it was not!In their third or fourth visit after we met Volodya met me at the institute: "Kid, I brought you from Kiev cake.Come the evening at the hotel - tea popem. "The tea party is to be completed, I understand - so to lose her virginity went quite consciously.It greatly saddened my existence.The girls-his classmate fall, straining heart and sobbing long otperezhivali, and I remained the outsider.With this it was necessary to do something.Poor Volodya almost went nuts when he realized that he had become "a pioneer."Vela I like a seasoned lot to see person.How did he repented, asked for forgiveness ... like I dropped her a careless smile, "What are you mumbling?Leave these reflections.Everything is fine. "Again, someone was playing ... Volodya was very decent and apparently fed me the warmest feelings.Another six months, coming to Moscow, met near the institute tried to explain.But performing its function, it has become quite uninteresting to me.Even when leaving the hotel, lost in feelings about his fall, I thought only about what you should immediately tell all her friends, savoring the details.- The graduation performance of your course, "Much Ado About Nothing" directed by Vladimir Levertova became an event.Especially critics praised your Beatrice ... - It is.I remember (I do not even like to remember!), I wrote something like: if the other participants of the performance can be said that they are brilliant graduates, the Dogileva Tatiana, who played Beatrice - held an actress.So there!Due to the success of graduate performance I received invitations from several theaters.But first of all I went to the advanced "Lenk", whose artistic director - at the request of Levertova - agreed to see me.Mark Zakharov was laconic: - Well, everything is clear ... Nervous this design ... But you, as a graduate in the contract does not agree?- I do not agree.- And I have no vacancies available.Is there a play, you're like the preliminary rehearsals.It was not even a rehearsal and a reading of.But, in any company!Jankowski, Zbruev ... Both constantly laughed at me.Do not bully without hurting - so, of joie de vivre.The atmosphere then in the "wall-eye" was wonderful, I desperately wanted it to work, but Zakharov promised nothing, and I'm at the invitation of George Tovstonogov assistant went to the "demonstration" in the BDT.They were willing to take me right away, but on the eve of a trip to St. Petersburg, I got her first starring role in a movie - a couple of weeks began shooting.Tovstonogov shrugged: "So, let him come after the shooting.Make the staff. "- And what was that movie?- The worst in the history of mankind.It called "ticketless passenger" and has been campaigning for young people enroll in vocational schools.I played a young shtukaturshu Ninka Babaytsevu.- It seems that during the shooting of this particular picture you met a man who became your husband?- Specify to the first husband.The shooting took place in Krasnodar.Splashing sea, all blossomed.Do not fall for these "decorations" impossible.And I fell in love.Hysterically.The last member of the film group - in the "cracker".At each site there is a man who declares: film-so, take such and such, and stick on a board - bang.Alexander seemed a divinely beautiful and almost as smart.Returning home, I told my parents that met the main man of her life.Mom, four years ago allowed me to sleep with the directors, snapped: "To live together without the registrar's office - did not even think about it!Here are married - then please! "Apparently, her" blessing "applied only to directors.The Pope said that he would invite to the wedding all the native village near Moscow.


No sooner had I unpacked the suitcase, which went to the "full-scale" survey, called Zakharov: - Tatiana, how is it ?!We hope you, hope that you will have to Nelyu "cruel games" Arbuzov's play, and you have the list of BDT actors on the same performance stated?- But, Mark A., you do me no definite promise!- How does it not promise?Jankowski and Zbruev you excitedly praised the theater, you fell to the court.Yes, you are enrolled in the state!Then people in the know told me two truths: the world of the theater once everything becomes known - again, the principal director do not like when colleagues intercept them actors - two.For several weeks, I went to "Lenk" and looking out for his name on the board schedules.She was not even in the crowd.The girls had their Fall otperezhivali, and I was still a virgin.With this it was necessary to do something about the time.It worries about the creative downtime added one more - I realized that I did not love my husband.Gathering her courage and invited Sasha to postpone the wedding.In response I heard: "Then death".I had to go to the registry office.Married, we lived in a communal apartment - a tiny room allocated flour mill, where he worked for Dad.I played all day hysterical wife: washed, ironed, cooked, pan draila.And in the evening, exhausted household, sat down in the kitchen, dropped her head in her hands and thought, 'hang something? "Fortunately, Zakharov gave me a tiny, wordless role in" Revolutionary Etude "Shatrov.In the play were busy Jankowski, Leonov, Peltzer.In this scenario, even though I was ready to have a sculpture portraying a backdrop!And I was lucky to embody the image of the theory of free love.Zakharov set the goal: "And you, Tatiana, in a mad erotic languor climb the podium, taking away from the speaker a glass of water, and in the same languor devoured it!" I meanders all parts of the body, flowed to the podium in an impossible yearning took a glass... And I was immensely happy when I saw on the face of Mark A. slight smile.Sorry, I'm in front of an audience that role has not appeared.Shortly before the premiere Zakharov decided that I should play the young byurokratku Sapozhnikov.I was scared - serious role, with a complex pattern, with text.Thank God, everything worked out.The play was a great success, I was praised, including Mark A., a kind word to me which was more important than thousands fimiamnyh reviews.I felt absolutely happy.But in the theater, because there forgets about his married status.Going home, where will have something to talk to a man who has become a stranger, did not want to.And to go with him in the same bed - even a sharp knife.We broke up three months after the wedding.I was the initiator.Sasha initiative supported - surprisingly easy.I assume that by that time he already had a girlfriend.Anyway, six months after breaking up with me, Alexander was back, this time happily married.


Apparently, southern nature Sasha played the same joke that and me.I fill obsession that on his return to Moscow vanished.Only with my eyes the love scales fell before his.- Rehearse Neelie role in "cruel games" you have started already, being a free woman?- Yes, these two events coincided."Cruel Intentions" ... During rehearsals of the play, I learned how Zakharov can be merciless.Man, he is certainly very clever, so has a very sick man.In order to humiliate, destroy, Mark A., only one phrase.Until now, in the eyes is his twisted grimace of disgust, pained face, and ears - in exasperation-drawl: "That-a-nya!The one-and-nya!