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What I used to be Scarlett Johansson

That is actress Scarlett Johansson already knew three years.Painfully bright little girl made an impression on the film "Dirty Dancing" with Patrick Swayze s leading role.And she wanted to shine only in musicals.The girl was immediately recorded in the dance school, and my mother began to drive young talent almost all the auditions, which were announced in New York.After each failure was followed by a reward - a hot dog.Sandwiches with sausages umyali mother and daughter a lot, because the first roles in the theater and on television Scarlett has received only five years later.They were followed by others.

Baby was so in demand that is not studied in a regular school, and in a special - for children working in show business (Professional Children's School in Manhattan).When in 1998, Scarlett starred in the movie "The Exorcist" in the credits of her debutante called them.But by the time she was only eight roles on the big screen - not counting the theater and TV!

mom Scarlett, Melanie, to this day it i

s a permanent manager and supports any "crazy creative initiatives daughter."As for the madness on the personal front, there is Mrs. Johanson adheres to the most stringent rules and recently accompanied the shooting overage child: what if something did not work!With her husband, Dane Carsten, she divorced when Scarlett and her twin brother was 13 years old.In the words of the actress, and his brother - haired, two-meter - like no more than Schwarzenegger and DeVito in "Twins".Also, Scarlet have older: sister Vanessa (also an actress), brother Adrian and stepbrother Christian.Scarlett's father - an architect, his grandfather - a fairly well-known writer Einar Johansson.

In Scarlet incredibly low hoarse voice.What she failed a screen test because of this, how many tears shed, how many directors, interested in her "cold" rude!And at the end of last year and I took the signed contract with the studio Rhino Records and released their debut album.It turns out, hoarseness - not a fault, but "unique vocal."Once they hit the most by Andrew Lloyd Webber, who offered Scarlet major role in the legendary musical "The Sound of Music", but something they did not work out with the maestro.

In 2003, the actress has intended to come to New York University to study art, but, fortunately, got turned down there.Otherwise, the high point of our heroine that fell exactly on this year, could not break through.After the movie "Lost in Translation" Scarlett woke up famous.To get used to the role, she spent several months in Hokkaido with her then-boyfriend - What kind of study!For this role, the actress was nominated for the "Golden Globe".From the proposals did not rebound.Scarlett starred in "The Girl with a Pearl Earring," "The Island," "Match Point," "Scoop," "The Black Dahlia" ... So much so that the mother-daughter begged the manager to take time out and relax,fearing that overstrain.It is not necessary, however, to think that our heroine to accept any role.She refused to Tom Cruise, who called it a "Mission: Impossible - 3".And superstar too aggressively acquainted with her fellow Scientologists ...

First Love Scarlett caught in 14 years.She offered to marry and give birth to elect a bunch of kids.Then it passed as suddenly as it began.Realizing that such a previously be Scarlett Johansson could not - she put up with it.Now the actress repeats: "People neprisposoblen monogamy."In late 2006, Esquire magazine named Johansson "the sexiest woman of all living."And 2006 brought Scarlet 6th place in the "hot hundred" magazine Maxim, 1st place among the 100 sexiest women in the world of the magazine FHM.In 2007, the list was added to the flattering title of the sexiest celebrity magazine Playboy.The actress was all the fuss "does not turn": "What about my brain?Why no one cares about my heart?The kidneys, gall bladder, at last! "Scarlet, among other things, a prude.You would not put on the street is nothing transparent or tight, believing that there are other ways to show beauty.

The figure called the Scarlet perfect, despite a small (163 cm) height and a certain tendency to be overweight.For fitness, diet and other things, it is ironic.Over rampant fashion for slimming laughs: "No man will not notice that you gained a few extra kilos.Why then suffer? "The secret of the beauty Scarlett Johansson is:" Confidence. "Fame, Scarlett gave myself a vow: never change and remain the same in New York girl.And though in the press, no, no yes and there will be reports of "star disease" Johansson (she never allowed to eat in her presence on set), close assure that Scarlett true oath.It is the same, which in the past was - still riding the subway, can have dinner in a cheap pizzeria itself makes a manicure in three nights.Another no, because it is, anyway, a star.

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