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Born Dmitry Shepelev

Shepelev Why?

Because he - almost man of peace.In 27 years time to change the three CIS countries (Belarus, Ukraine, Russia), and light up in each, and Belarus and Ukraine miss Dima, bite your elbows.Because it is beautiful (yes, let us not hide behind synonyms!), Charismatic, his words will not climb.Absolutely ambitious.So cute says Belarusian word "kastrychnik" (October)!Besides, is not married, that adds to his appeal.Dmitri, apparently, in Moscow you have settled a long time.It is true that concluded with the "First Channel" strict contract, one of the points which means a ban on your work on television in other countries, in particular the Ukrainian?If so, for the Ukrainian audience, this sad fact.Do not be sad.I do now live in Moscow by and really has signed a contract with the "First Channel".But why, you, do not watch the Ukrainian TV?All last season I led the successful show on TRK Ukraina "Wallis Fribourg Graechen, Wallis Fribourg Graechen no chi."You will immediately and unconditionally a

ccepted the offer to become the leading show Property of the Republic ", by sacrificing our" American Idol "?

Which sacrifices are you saying?It's more of a charity.Imagine what a relief experienced Ukrainian TV hosts, when I went to Moscow.I accepted the offer to become the leading "First" and did not regret it.Where you spotted Konstantin Ernst?I think Konstantin L. spotted me at the right time and right place.Such a happy coincidence.Where exactly is hard to say.There is a version that still I knowingly wrote his name with chalk on the pavement near the Ostankino television tower.Casting in Moscow was severe or you were out of the competition?I held auditions.Certainly the leadership reacted to the Ukrainian TV channels of your choice in favor of Moscow, to say the least, unenthusiastic.Not worried: "What if Moscow will not come to the court and have to go back to Kiev with his head downcast, sad eyes, yes?

No, not feared.Go to Moscow was not terrible, but quite fascinating.In Kiev, the year I was sitting without work - that's when my eyes were sad.When you look at you in the "Property of the Republic", it seems that you are literally born for this program.Not a shadow of excitement, trepidation - entirely self-confidence, sense of humor.But on stage, the jury stars santimetry-masters.Initially much worried?The first time felt a little awkward.It feels as if stuck his head into the TV: everywhere - known faces and deserved people.But Yuri A. Nikolaev constantly holding my hand, gave offense, patted on the head and I calmed down.Nikolaev long you watched?She makes observations, corrected, shouting, maybe?Yuri A. screams even their dogs.We met on the first show proof-read the script, "Property of the Republic."They shook hands and smiled.All.Uncle Jura (I sometimes allow myself so called Yuri Alexandrovich) very patient, sensitive and convenient partner.First and foremost, a great authority for me.Somehow it happened that we even considered the father and son.Sometimes it picks up the phone and hear a response like this: "Dmitry, hello, and Yuri A. accidentally close?" Do not resist the banal question of brutal competition in Moscow, especially on television, where only the strong survive, and for this, they say,all methods are good.And then suddenly there is a serious project, the unknown, the young, energetic leader, also from another state.As it is apprehended environment?

The fact that you come from another country, there is no surprise for a long time.I think the environment has apprehended my appearance with interest and understanding, apart from threats, lined with rhinestones on the mat at the door to my apartment.Intrigue Moscow temptations - night clubs, girls' cinema, wine and dominoes "has not yet been corrupted humble guy from Kiev?Man of Kiev, perhaps, corrupted, spun, thrown to the bottom of life, stripped to his underclothes.And I - the guy from Minsk.Apparently, you Extreme - in the "big race" participated on the "Cruel Intentions" going.This is - a kind of bravado, when "on the world - and the death of Red", the thirst of adrenaline or a desire to test themselves on the strength?Hard to say.Just interesting sporting event and trip abroad in the bargain, but still generous per diem.What should be the woman that at the mere sight of her you have defined: "This - not the heroine of my novel?"For example, it should be a man in a skirt.And what is that, once seen, and immediately: "Ah!" Today you demanded broadcaster, then get good fees.Capable of folly - for example, you can order your favorite instantly pull every last penny, or approaches to such issues with intelligence and pragmatism?If you ask about the gifts that do, the last of his money on them not to go down.I can not agree with you that after every penny - it's incredibly romantic.What are the disadvantages of women, whims can quickly put you out of yourself?Silly question, of course.As well as the length of a finger nail.The rest of the women are beautiful in their moods.Surely you love stories happened that ended parting.You know how to be friends with their "former"?Yes, most were in good terms.We go to each other's homes, sitting in the kitchen, drinking bitter, nostalgic, weeping.Included in the nearest plans of Dmitry Shepelev marriage?No, it is not included.Now to me it is not interesting.

In your opinion, the romance between a woman who is a good man and a 40-bit 20 (which is now not uncommon), based solely on sexual attraction, or in this situation, there is an element of calculation?It seems to me say this - the same as write "all glossy magazines should be burned."Do not generalize!But what about the young man, whom he had met Madonna?You do not see the passion in their eyes?Are you not touched by how she feeds him with a spoon cottage cheese and asks to hook tights under trousers to keep warm?What kind of calculation are you talking about?Great relationship, sincere.How about the men's amusements toys: motorcycles, cars, weapons and maps?You know how to shoot, ride a horse?You are reckless?I am pleased to drive a car.To arms indifferent.As well as for motorcycles, I am afraid to sit at their helm.Topographic Maps prefer during long and adventurous journeys.For roulette does not sit as the dealer starts giving advice and chase me in the neck from behind his desk.Follow the fashion trends, brands?If so, how do you prefer?Rather, I take care of myself and I wear what I like, not what you need to wear.I believe that in the locker room to be both expensive and very cheap stuff.Today men, especially public professions obliged to look good.Whether visiting a gym, you do not confuse beauty treatments, the same manicure?Confused sleep in curlers and make epilation.Nail clippers are not afraid and do not see anything wrong.The black earth under the fingernails is much worse than the clearcoat.You know something to do with their hands - to fix the vacuum cleaner, iron, screw in a light bulb, hang a picture on the wall?

recently-boiled bulb into the vacuum cleaner.I can give some advice.Which holiday prefer - active, passive, extreme?The company alone?This summer, traveled to Spain at the wheel and one.I do not get bored with yourself, my dear, maps, cameras and books.Last summer, traveled to the United States with a large group of friends.We had a lot of fun - it's the most memorable trip of my life.I love and lie on the beach and ride the surf.

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