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Biography Andrei Mironov

In the biography of Andrei Mironov all started is as easy as in the history of any person.He was born in a family of actors and actresses.Probably, already because of this, life and biography of Andrew were, in their own way, are predetermined.Father Andrew called Alexander Menaker.He was also an actor and director.Well, Mom Mironov, the actress Maria Mironova, after which he called one of his daughters, graduated college theater Lunacharsky and also appeared on stage.Andrew's parents met on the stage and turned into a beautiful duet and wonderful couple.By the way, my mother Mironov, the last day of play at the theater.And birth she started almost on the stage.So, we can say that the biography of the man began precisely on the stage.

Andrew was born the seventh of March, but the parents decided to write it eighth in the holiday as a real gift for mom.And the other women.

Andrew was born in the same year, when the war began.Therefore, the theater was evacuated.During the evacuation of a boy very ill d

engue fever.Mother worried about him, and his wife pilot Gromova helped with medication.Thanks to the joint efforts, the maternal love and inner strength of the boy's future actor survived.

When Andrew went to the first class, the parents were advised to change his name to the name of my mother.The times then were troubled.That's what Andrew and became Mironov.

future actor grew up like an ordinary child.He loved to play football, different leadership traits, did not like the sciences.And yet it was very clean.If not for the cleanliness, we could see more in the crowd Mironov in 1952.Then he went to the shooting of the film "Sadko", but could not put a ragged sackcloth over his naked body.For this guy immediately removed from the set.

Andrew always very fond of the theater.Since childhood, he was familiar with well-known actors and actresses.When the boy went to school, he went to drama school, organized by the class teacher Man - Hope Panfilova.The first role that Andrew performed on the stage, was the role of the inspector in the "Inspector".Agree, for the first role is very, very good.When Mironov graduated from high school, choosing a profession and did not have to think.He immediately filed documents in the Shchukin School.Incidentally, the Commission, no one knew that he was the son of actors.Moreover, the first audition was unsuccessful.But, nevertheless, Andrei made every effort and still passed the exam with flying colors.The boy was enrolled on the first course, which was overjoyed parents and himself.Incidentally, it is worth noting that in his youth Mironov was not nearly as handsome as we used to see him on the screen.Andrei had skin problems, weight gain.It's hard to be called the best on the course.In general, Andrew took only his persistence and diligence.He really wanted to learn everything and tried my best.As Andrew was vanity.He wanted to achieve and what he wants.

neat, well-dressed, traveled only by taxi - so Mironova remembers his classmates.While studying in college, Andrew never wanted to appear in the crowd.This distinguishes it from other students, as all attempted to light up.For Mironov this was not something special and necessary.In addition, the administration of schools rather negative attitude to the fact that the students acted in the movie.But in the end, Andrew was still on the set.He played a small role in the film "And if you love."This first experience of filming for the big screen has opened a new world for Andrew.It was there that he learned how to still be a real actor and was finally convinced that the correctness of the chosen course of life.

After graduating Andrew really wanted to get into the company of Vakhtangov.In the end, the guy for a long time to choose between the other theaters and stopped at the Satire Theater.Originally, Andrew was not sure if he really wants to serve in this theater.But once he started playing, he understood that it comes to the popularity of the theater.His role like the public.His notice of him write theater criticism, they say about him in the street.

In the seventies, Andrew was not the only star of the theater, but also a star of the big screen.Mostly he played in comedies.First it was the film "Three plus two", then "Beware of the Car".By the way, in this movie role Mironov was rather flat and uninteresting.But he was able to play so that all viewers remember his character.

But, of course, a favorite actor took the role of a charming adventurer Genes Kazadoeva in "Diamond Hand".By the way, Mironov has always suffered from the fact that this comedy's role was best for the audience.But in this film for the first time Andrew sang.And this had to thank Nikulin.It was he who insisted that Gaidai gave Andrei sing himself and turned into the story of this song.After the "Diamond hands" Mironov sang in many films.

But it did not bring an actor of great joy.He wanted to play Mikhalkov and Tarkovsky, like getting serious role, and all saw in him only comic adventurer.

Speaking about his personal life, his marriage to Catherine Gradova was a love marriage.But, nevertheless, the young people could not get along, and soon dispersed.But they remained daughter Masha.

last decade Mironov very sick.He removed the lymph nodes, diagnosed meningitis, then the actor was a brain hemorrhage.But he always played.Tired, sad, it appears in the frame on the stage and no one knew what it really is.His last film was "The Man from Boulevard des Capucines."And he gathered more viewers than "Diamond Hand".Probably, Mironov would this indescribably happy.If live.

Actor practically born on stage.And there is almost dead.August 14, 1987 during a performance of "The Marriage of Figaro" Andrew became ill.He was taken to the hospital, fighting for his life for two days.But it is not saved.August 16, this great people and talent died of a massive cerebral hemorrhage.

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