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Actor Yevgeny Morgunov

Life actor Yevgeny Morgunov began April 27, 1927.The future actor was born in the Russian capital.As a child, Eugene was the same as all the boys who had to grow and mature during the war.Morgunov worked in the artillery factory, and then drove in football, where instead of a ball was tin.Of course, the war was heavy, so the actor lived like all children of the time, knowing and a lack of food, and a twelve-hour work.Eugene always wanted to become as well-known and unique singer, as Leonid Utesov.Therefore Morgunov constantly participated in the initiative, and always wanted to become an artist.He always went to the movies, but since the morning sessions were cheaper, Eugene had to skip school.The actor noticed that perhaps litsedeya chose the profession because did not shine in the knowledge of many subjects.The boy grew up only with her mother.He thought that perhaps lacked his father's upbringing, to pull himself together and begin to study well.

Morgunov came on the scene in almost miraculous event

.And how can you not be called a miracle that man wrote a letter to Stalin, and he replied?Eugene wrote to the leader that the head of the plant on which it is running, prevents its aspirations to become an actor.Five days later a letter arrived from the Kremlin, where Stalin ordered enable Eugene to enter the theater named after Tairov.That's Morgunov and became a disciple of the famous director Tairov.Then Eugene retired from the theater to study at VGIK.With him I studied such talented people like Sergei Bondarchuk, Nonna Mordjukova, Vyacheslav Tikhonov.

How Morgunov was in those years?This man is distinguished by the ability to get out of any situation and constantly joking.When he had no money for the trip, Jack pretended to be supervisors, and so we reach the institute on several buses.Generally, Morgunov always been able to scroll through some little scam.Of course, he never did anything to the detriment of others.But if you need to get something and get it, Morgunov was not equal.

As a career actor movie, more a student Morgunov played in the film "Days and Nights".However, this role was unofficial.As for the formal roles, the first for Eugene became "Young Guard".In fact, many may be surprised, but at the time, Morgunov was slim and lean.But when his cartoon friends portrayed in the future, he drew thick.

Morgunov After graduation went to the theater-studio movie actor.One time Morgunov also played in the Maly Theater.

Morgunov long shot only in supporting roles.The point here was in his disposition, and in-jokes.In addition, many felt that Morgunov not talented.But in the end, it was not so, and we are all in this more than once convinced, revising the old Soviet films.

Everything changed when he met Morgunov Leonid Gaidai.The director decided to remove a small comic story of three Bootleggers and dog.They were called Coward, Bobby and Experienced.But it turned out that finding an actor for the role of the experienced quite problematic.Exactly to the moment when it is not noticed in the film set.Anyone who knew Morgunov, always said that this man was very similar to his character.Thanks to the talent of the entire Trinity, the comedy team quickly became popular and loved by the audience.Gaidai continued to shoot them comedies.But, unfortunately, cinematic friendship and ease of relations is not tolerated in life.Specifically, initially Morgunov, Nikulin Vitsin and very friendly, but, in the end, Morgunov offended when Nikulin began to study his own career.They even took revenge to each other, it was just a place too special, actor's, games.Morgunov went on the colored Boulevard, in the Nikulin Circus and presented to the deputies, began to send Nikulin all people with housing problems.Then the circus Morgunov not allowed.

He quarreled with Gaidai.That's just the director Yevgeny reconciled, though twenty-seven years, and Nikulin, they never again spoke.But with Vitsin Morgunov he was friends always, very loved and respected him.

After the trio disbanded, Morgunov shot not so much.One of his most famous roles after a period of trinity - "Pokrovsky Gates".There's actor starred kupletistov Soin.Morgunov could play comedy and drama, and satire.But the fact is that many directors somehow stubbornly did not want to see this comedic character actor.

If we talk about personal life, then Morgunov had a wonderful family.With his wife, he spent thirty-six years.In Morgunov had two children and grandchildren.He loved his family, but never anybody will not push through.Eugene thought that all must succeed on their own.But he never refused to help unless people it was really needed.Only for myself Morgunov could not beg for something, and embossing.

He always respected the audience, always go out with them during the intermission at the theater, to be photographed.Even when it was very sick.He had diabetes, which began to progress in the eighties.By the way, due to diabetes Morgunov so recovered.He never listened to the doctors, always drinking, smoking and eating sweets.Finally

Health Eugene knocked down after the death of his son in 1998.It happened two stroke, heart attack.When it was really bad, the actor lay on the examination.It turned out that it is impossible to cure.But he still continued to joke and laugh.Until the very end.

Yevgeny Morgunov was not 25 June 1999.The family buried him with his own money.State organizations suddenly began to make up the actor.But be that as it may, Experienced forever remain in the hearts of millions of viewers.And this will not change anybody.