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The highest celebrity world

growth of some of the highest celebrity world is very far from the miniature, and here we are not talking about the male glitterati.Popular and well-known representatives of the beautiful parts of the world in no way inferior to men, and also "look with a high" on their colleagues not tall.So let us still find out who are these celebrities of the world, whose growth exceeds the specified norm.

Brigitte Nielsen

popular actress, model and part-time singer Brigitte Nielsen is one of the representatives of the list, under the name: "The highest celebrity."Brigitte has repeatedly called the tallest girl in the stars.Height sorokashestiletney actress is as much as 185 centimeters.But, nevertheless, it does not prevent Nielsen look very attractive and feminine.Incidentally, the actress was married five times and all her choices were not very tall.One of the cavaliers celebrity was no less popular actor Sylvester Stallone, who had never been a high staturoy.

Adriana Karembeu

Known Slovakian model Adriana Karembeu confidently takes the second place after Brigitte Nielsen.Growth, which boasts a model similar to the growth Nilsen- 185 centimeters.In addition, Adrian has the long legs among the contemporary models.The length of the legs as much as the girl reaches 124 centimeters.What you do not have perfect legs?By the way, the legs Karembeu hit the Guinness Book of Records.The model is very popular among the male part of the world.The majority of boys dream about it, and many well-known businessmen have repeatedly offered her his hand and heart.But the heart of beauty belongs to the same man - a famous football player Christian Karembeu, with whom Adrian is twelve years in wedlock.

Uma Thurman

Another popular star and beautiful woman under the label "high celebrity" - American actress Uma Thurman, also was not the exception.Rising film star is 183 centimeters.Uma recently renewed relationship with his favorite Arpad trimming and they are already in the near future plan to get married.Incidentally, the actress has two children - eight sons Levon and eleven-year-daughter, Maya.

Elle Macpherson

high success not only in the modeling industry, but the growth has known sorokasemiletnyaya supermodel Elle Macpherson.The growth model is 183 centimeters.At this time McPherson is a successful business woman, manufactures personal collection of underwear, and a well-known gloss than once called a model of one of the most beautiful in the modeling world.

Brooke Shields

model Brooke Shields also feels quite confident when it is surrounded by tall people.Rising Brook is 183 centimeters.By the way, precisely because of their high growth during the filming of a movie called "The Blue Lagoon" Brooke had to walk on the special grooves to look lower with her co-star Christopher Atkins.At the moment, the model is already nine years old is happily married.

Eva Herzigova

Model Eva Herzigova can truly be proud of not only the fact that she is one of the most beautiful and successful models, and the fact that it has a "royal" growth, which is equal to 183 centimeters.By the way, Eva never miss a moment to supplement its growth high heels.At thirty-eight years Gertsogova is one of the most sought after models in the world.Her pictures adorn many popular publications, and she Eva starred in a huge number of commercials, which is well-known brands.

Kathryn Bigelow

famous former husband James Cameron Kathryn Bigelow also boasts high growth, which is 182 centimeters.Catherine recently received international recognition in the category "Best Director of the Year" for the film called "The Hurt Locker."

Nicole Kidman

Actress Nicole Kidman has a height 180 centimeters.As they say many critics, the main reason for the gap between Kidman and Tom Cruise was precisely their difference in height.But at the moment the actress rehabilitated after this break and married Keith Urban.

same height as that of Nicole Kidman, are celebrities such as: Actress Sigourney Weaver , model Nadja Auermann and Gisele Bundchen , singer Taylor Swift , and the wife of US President Obama Baroque Michelle Obama.But growth in the range of 170 cm and above are celebrities such as Sharon Stone and Liv Tyler .

As for the list of "high world: Russia", the picture looks like this: one of the leading popular singer takes Lolita .Its growth attain to the level 181 cm.Above Lolita can be considered famous tennis player Maria Sharapova .Height 187 cm Mary.So much for the Russian beauty.Sharapova loves shoes with high heels and never complex about his height, but on the contrary, is proud of him.And what you suggest.In short, our beauties can give odds to Hollywood.

The list goes on for a long time, but we will probably stop and finally add: remember that the highest growth - that is no reason for the complexes, it's just your unique flavor!Be proud of it!

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