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Secrets of cooking delicious beef stroganoff

little history

So "befstrogany beef" is a Russian dish, donated by Count Alexander Grigorievich Stroganoff.More precisely it has not come up with the Count himself, and one of his cooks.It happened in the second half of the 90s of the nineteenth century.And some legends say that this dish was invented by a cook for the Count, because the Count was old, and the process of reception of meat has become difficult for him.

Nothing hard to prepare this delicacy, but there are some peculiarities and subtleties of knowing that you will be able to cook and surprise your family and guests.Read carefully and you will find all the details that will make the taste even more delicious and tender.

cooking beef stroganoff into two portions in the classic version


  • two or three bulbs
  • fresh beef 200-250 g
  • cream (fat content 10-20%) - half a cup of sour cream
  • (preferably low-fat) - 100-120 gr
  • butter - 50g
  • olive or vegetable oil for zazharki
  • as tomatoes
  • pepper and salt to your preference

Features of preparation of meat for beef stroganoff, meat Stroganoff or anotherof the names "a la Stroganoff Boeuf" - is slicing meat somewhere in half a centimeter, and then cut these pieces on straw.The resulting cold cuts need to roll a small amount of flour.It should not be forgotten that salt and pepper stuffing should be in the cooking process, but in any case at the time of seeding the flour to the meat.

Once we figured out with beef, onions begin to prepare.Cutting should be semicircles, with not too thick.If you love to onions in the dish was imperceptible, we recommend it to soak in hot water.

How to cut meat for beef stroganoff?

Now the most important thing.In a well-heated frying pan, add a little pre vegetable or olive oil, then add a little butter to be.

then start to fry the chopped onion half rings.Cooking it should be on a fairly high heat, until the moment when he would not let his juice.

Once you see that the bow began to fasten a little, add the meat.This suggested to reduce the heat slightly, and in any case not to mix meat.That is, should be fried beef with onion.This whole process will take you no more than 10 -12 minutes.Readiness is determined by color.The meat becomes light golden shade or talk about it in a circle of cooks - "varnished".

de mid-way through the cooking process can add pepper to your taste.Note - only pepper!

At the time when there is a "painting" of meat should be prepared tomatoes.For this one large or medium-sized tomatoes should be steam parboiled, remove their peel and grate.As soon as you saw that the meat was pale yellow in color, you must add the grated tomato and only at this time, you can mix all that is in the pan.Then, remove the content immediately in a saucepan, because if we overdo the meat in the pan, it will harden and we would be quite tasteless.

How to cook tasty and quickly stroganoff

In a saucepan add the cream and cream and continue to simmer for 10-15 minutes.You ask, why are added and sour cream and cream?The answer is simple, slightly sour stroganoff gives acid and cream - sweet.This connection gives a special taste of the dish.At the end of cooking add salt.As a result, we get delicious meat with a thick sauce.

To make beef stroganoff in multivarka, you need the same products which have been used for food in the classic version.Enabling multivarku mode "Baking" or "Hot", you need to fry onions until yellowish and put the meat on top of the onions.And to close the lid of the device should not be.Once the meat is a little grab, switch multivarku mode "Quenching" and then continue to cook for the recipe described above.

Extinguishing time will take approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.

How to cook beef stroganoff in multivarka

Very tasty when served with befstrogany pre-cooked and fried potatoes.But even if you have a simple garnish pasta, this combination will not spoil the taste.This recipe is perfect not only as a daily meal, but also as a main dish festive table.Bon Appetit!

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