Ingredients // Fruit

Jam made from mint

  • Mint - 500 grams
  • Sugar - 1 kg
  • Water - 1 cup
  • Lemon - 1 Each

Try to close your eyes and say to myself, jam mint... feel the freshness that fills your mouth?:) Yes, it turns out this jam mint - incredibly fresh.Many of the jam to eat at once is impossible.I prefer to do it is not just so, and either use in baking, or sauces.Seriously - you can jam with mint served with meat, very interesting combination of turns, personally, I love these.In cakes, it feels great.Try to prepare at least a jar, if you have a mint - to figure out how to use.To prepare jam mint, it is necessary: ​​1. Mint wash, dry, disassembled into leaves.2. Cover up half the mint sugar and insist 6:00.3. From the cups of water and boil the remaining sugar syrup.4. Pour boiling syrup, mint, add the lemon juice and infuse an additional 6 hours.5. Bring to a boil and boil for five minutes jam.6. Hot pour the jam on the banks.Jam made from mint, I poured into the smallest jars, because a lot of it is no

t immediately necessary.If a beautiful jar, the jam mint can give as a small souvenir.Good luck!

Servings: 10