Physiognomy: is talking about a form of face, forehead and eyebrows

Face shape
Imagine how much information is hidden in the proportions of the human face!What is it at your interlocutor?

elliptical.Holders of oval entities that extend from top to bottom, forehead and chin and gently rounded, not sit quietly on the ground.In the constant search for fresh emotions they can often sort out different types of work and hobbies, not stopping for a long time no one.But they do not suffer unnecessary risks and do not want to be all the time at the helm.Curious, intelligent, sensitive and balanced.

Square.Persistent, determined, courageous.If a person is added to the square and wide forehead and lower jaw protruding slightly forward - people are often rude.People with this face shape pronounced constant thirst for power.To gain leadership positions can "go over the heads."Unable to remain long at rest, they need to fight and win, and its tranquil exercises they evoke sadness and melancholy.Women with "square" individuals often seek to dominate a man.

Triangular.People who h
ave the nature of a massive forehead, narrowed middle part of the face and a small narrow chin, ingenuity does not hold.Gifted by nature, they grasp everything on the fly.Selfish and motivated, they do not often have a permanent attachment, but often unscrupulous and cunning.

Trapezoidal.Large forehead, but with great cheekbones and chin average standard speaks of artistry and heightened emotion.Such people are almost the same, "tenacious" and motivated as representatives of the "triangular" face shapes, but inferior to them on the part of self-esteem, less violent and more sensual.If such a face shape nature endowed the fair sex, it says it is good, not capricious nature.

round.For the most part it's peaceful and relaxed people, good and prone to empathy.Easily create an atmosphere of cordiality and understanding, than usually attract others.Not really striving for power, try to avoid the difficulties and troubles.Yet not without ambition.About purposefulness can say such a feature, as a highly placed nose, high cheekbones, twinkle and shine in the eyes - a man with such a person could easily become a leader.

Form forehead can tell a lot about nature and human behavior.

Round.For example, owners of a round convex forehead in addressing exhibit ingenuity, invention and creative approaches, do not tolerate rigid framework and limitations of choice.

sloping.If the interlocutor sloping forehead, rejecting ago, he prefers to use the already proven techniques, is not looking for new ways boasts fast response and good memory.Direct

not rock back and a rounded forehead says straightness thinking.Such people do not like to work under time pressure, it is difficult to perceive inconsistent submitted information, but good memory.

eyebrow arches.Have brow says that people like to live by the rules, and their absence - openness to new ideas.If the area between the eyebrows issued ahead - before you a strong person with great willpower.

Baldness forehead suggests curiosity, some zakompleksovannosti and often about excessive sexuality.The latter is easily explained: a surplus of testosterone - the "male" sex hormone, leading to early hair loss.

Wrinkles on the forehead - like notes in his autobiography.Three distinct horizontal lines - people in front of you stubborn, resistant, used to bring the follow through.Two frontal wrinkles give a complex and contradictory character: companion pulls in one direction and then the other, but it is easily subject to pressure.If a wrinkle - a sufferer who loves to dramatize everything.However, his emotions are not deprived of theatricality - do not trust.Broken shifted wrinkles on his forehead give people nervous, sensitive to criticism, ambitious and thus insecure.

What interlocutor eyebrows?The harder and thicker, so it is stubborn and recalcitrant.Thin eyebrows ends point to the nobility of character, wide - on courage, and upturned - by generosity.

Long eyebrows belong to calm natures, not prone to unnecessary risk.

Short eyebrows, especially if they are thick, usually in people hot-tempered and often rude and uncooperative.

eyebrows fused at the base - before you resourceful, straightforward and resolute man.He loves to argue and stand on his own, to convince him of something is quite problematic.

form a boomerang tell about selectivity, sensitivity and reliability of the person.These people love life and order in a measured pace.

Owners rounded eyebrows resourceful and circumspect, is not easy to get them into the soul, but if you get it, you'll be rewarded with attention and devotion, such a person.

Eyebrows vrazlet give active, cheerful, optimistic nature, able to easily achieve its goals.

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