Natural stones, medicinal properties

So what gems?Stones that have special properties and are used for making various ornaments.Precious stones are divided into four classes:

first class - ruby, emerald, sapphire and diamond

second class - alexandrite, orange, green and purple sapphires and precious black opal, jadeite,

third grade -demantoid and spinel, white and fire opals, as well as aquamarine, topaz, tourmaline, rhodonite,

fourth grade - beryl, zircon, and Kuntz moonstone, sunstone, as well as yellow, green and pink beryl.Almandrin and amethyst, turquoise, citrine and chrysoprase belong to the fourth class.

malachite, lapis lazuli and jade, jasper, garnet, and many other similar stones considered semi-precious.In addition, we are very fond of wearing jewelry made of coral, amber and pearls, but they are not stones, but they also have medicinal properties.

The easiest way to use a stone - is within twenty minutes to hold it in his hand with his eyes closed in silence or listening to music.You can put a stone in his po

cket, and it is during the day, and if you hurt yourself, then turning it (anti-clockwise) over the wound, you will notice the pain subside.With stone massages.They move along the body a short distance (10-15 cm.) And rotate clockwise.This massage is not only calm and allow to relax, but also energize you.Everyone knows that water - media.It is therefore a good water recharge their energy stone.To do this in a glass of clean water for the night, put your stone.This water should be drunk in the morning on an empty stomach.It normalizes the function of your digestive tract, improve well-being.

Before using stone treatment it is necessary to define suitable for you or not.To determine the relationship of stone with its owner in the old days used a simple way.In this way, we enjoy today.Before going to bed stone must bind to the outside of the arms, the left shoulder, and go to bed.If you had a nightmare, that stone is not suitable, and if good dreams - you can safely wear this stone.It happens that the night passes without dreams - hence the stone for you neutral.

Each stone has certain medicinal properties.

Agate - helps to purify the immune system, help relieve your irritation.

Aquamarine - reduces nervous and mental stress, anxiety, and banish dark thoughts.Improves kidney and thyroid.

Diamond - helps in curing diseases of the intestine and liver, relieves headaches and cleanses the body.

Amethyst - removes intoxication, as well as inflammatory processes in the body.People with gout are advised holding a stone in his hand.Put an amethyst under the pillow - it will save you from insomnia cure a headache, if you put it on the forehead.

Turquoise - save you from nightmares, it helps with diseases of the eye, in the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers, as well as arthritis and rheumatism.

Rhinestone - improve memory and speech.Put the crystal in the glass with melt water, put on the light (20 - 30 minutes) and then drink the water.Your body is cleansed of toxins.

Garnet - stimulates the circulatory system and blood formation.It helps in the treatment of fever, jaundice and bronchitis.

Pearl - has hemostatic properties, increases the vitality of the body.Water infused with pearls, control acid-base balance of the body and help in various inflammatory processes in the body.

Emerald - well help in the treatment of liver and stomach.It heals burns, wounds, skin diseases, diseases of the joints and teeth, as well as protects against strokes, normalizes blood pressure.

Coral - removes the excitement will help in the gastro-intestinal diseases, diseases of the spleen and liver.

Lapis - is used in the treatment of eye diseases, degenerative disc disease and various skin diseases.

Malachite - useful for rheumatism and arthritis, in all types of skin ulcers.Strengthens teeth, improves skin color.

Jade - If this water on a rock, it will help to strengthen muscles and bones, to cleanse the blood and soothe the nerves, including increases sexual potency in men.

Opal - medicinal properties help with chronic low-intensity and respiratory diseases, and helps to cure diseases of the genitals.

Rubin - stimulates the immune system, helps with depression, as well as gipotonikam, treats blood disorders, anemia.

Sapphire - is used for rheumatism, diseases of the spine, neurological diseases, epilepsy and hysteria.

Carnelian - useful in diseases of the thyroid, boost your immune system, improves metabolic processes in the body.

Tigerseye - helps cleanse the body from overeating.

Topaz - calms the nerves, cure insomnia.

Fluorite - helps reduce bone pain, heal gum disease.

Peridot - helps digestion, improves the functioning of the pancreas, is used for liver and gall bladder.

Citrine - strengthens mind, relieves toxins that affect the nervous system.

Amber - used in hyperthyroidism, in pulmonary diseases.

If you correctly pick up a stone, it will help you to deal with various diseases.But about your stone need to worry.Even in ancient times people knew that the prolonged use of stones, it is necessary once a month to carry out its cleaning power.For this we need two days to put the stone in a strong solution of sea salt.Stones also require "charging".They were charged by placing it on a light two - three hours.Just a stone can be charged and moonlight, with the growing moon.Use for the treatment of various ailments we must remember that the use of the stones should not exclude methods of modern medicine.Here they are, natural stones, medicinal properties which are important for the maintenance of human health.