Horoscope for the month of January, the scorpion

January 26 is not worth venturing dispute - possible misunderstanding.Try to maintain respect for one another, because love is not a word "I".Continuing very harmonious period in your life.The joint vacation with your loved ones will get to know each other, to find the emotional point of contact - it will strengthen the Union and pave the way for long-term happy relationships.Best romantic date will be 8 and 9 January.Starting from January 10, financial status of the partner will begin to play a major role for you: it can help you, or he himself needed money.From 11 to 20 January.13 and 15 January - the good days when you can safely start any important conversation, but do not forget to be guided by love, care and respect.Only then will you be able to negotiate and resolve controversial issues.Since January sex life will be more harmonious.Particularly suitable days for intimacy -16 and 17 January.

  • Talisman month: hematite.
  • Favorable days: 26 January 30, 8, 13 of January.
  • difficult days: January 28,
    3, 11, on 18 January.
  • priority interests: meeting interesting people, learning, short trips.

romantic date Scorpio

Christmas holidays - a magical time, and better meet them in some place surrounded by mysteries.This can be a temple of oriental art exhibition or shop esoteric talismans.

Family Scorpio

Pay more attention to the marital relationship, and the other household chores will not take much of your time.Children, too, will enjoy exemplary behavior.Before the holidays should be like, decorate the house, engage the whole family in this exciting business.Not without your participation will take place important events in the lives of families.If there were problems with the neighbors, they will be resolved after January 4, the day of a solar eclipse.Gather the whole family at the festive table the best January 7 and 8 th and 9 th of dedicate communication with the younger generation.After the January 16 you will want to seriously get to work on the house, you can start a big cleaning or moving furniture.

Health Scorpio

bad mood can undermine your health at the beginning of January, so melancholy on the eve of the New Year to you absolutely contraindicated.Until January 7, Spend more time on your appearance: visit a beautician and hairdresser, do not neglect their advice and attentive to the choice of cosmetics.Any procedures at that time will be particularly effective.Whole-grain bread helps to fix problems with the intestines, which in turn will save you from rash on the face.

Recreation Scorpio

This month you are coming short, but very intense trip.If you decide to raise their level of education, it will be seminars and workshops in the nearby town.As the transport select bus or train.Such trips help to combine business with pleasure.Infinitely their mission - changing experiences and acquiring new knowledge.The most important visit will take place after January 4.To go on a long journey Star Council on 22 January on 18 January.For the rest alone will approach 28-29 January, only necessarily go do something useful, such as creativity, crafts and manufacturer of home cosmetics.Get the power of your heavenly patron of Pluto, you can in the kingdom, which he manages, - the underground.Find his possession is not too difficult: it's the subway and tunnels, and transitions.

Money Scorpio

difficulties in financial matters are possible until January.Most likely, there will be delays in the payment of salaries, difficulties in communicating with banks and legal entities.In January, everything calms down, and the problem will be eliminated.In the early days of the new year, you may feel concern about their financial situation, but quickly adjusted.Since January 8, a beneficial effect on your financial affairs will have a loved one.At work, I have a lot to communicate.January 16-17, perhaps a wonderful solution bureaucratic and financial matters.

Luck Scorpio

Sun will adjust your relationships with family and other people.Mars will travel: will make the road safe and enjoyable experience possible.Jupiter will provide an opportunity to reach out to the younger generation.Uranus will provide you with the ability to find a way out of the most complicated and controversial situations.

man scorpion

Although Scorpio often looks like the owner, he is capable of a lot of time and effort to give his handpicked successor.This is what will your cute: helping you, it will strengthen the relationship.Perhaps between you is not a lot of romance, but you feel secure.


It is in good shape in many respects thanks to your care.Health support favorite new experience obtained in the trips, as well as traditional medicine.Difficult day - January 11 should not be allowed overload, possibly sooner rather leave work.


With the money all right.However, in January may be delayed or lost vouchers.If he has a need for financial risk, it is better to do so before 15 January.After January 8 will help to make business partners or you.


At work, there will be many meetings and conversations possible trip.The most difficult day - January 11, there may be disputes with colleagues or management.January 25 is ideal for interviews and debriefing.


Despite the fact that the business friends are very important to him, do not need to exert too much effort to arrange a meeting.A good day to communicate - on 26 January.


In his spare time you hold dear should be a book, but not just for fun, and to learn some new things, such as psychology, communication or use of your computer.Rest is best in short trips, combining communication with interesting people and fun feast.After January 4, he will understand what he wants to do, and start a dream into reality.Now we know what the horoscope for the month of January, the scorpion.

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