Horoscope for the month of January, the archer

from 1 to 10 January.January 1 controls emotions, avoid conflicts, especially watch out for your own words - there is danger of saying a lot of unpleasant things.January 2 emotional stress.And not only in the behavior of a partner, try to find a cause in itself.By the end of the decade most of the problems will be resolved.From 11 to 20 January.Until January 13, can still be conflicts and disputes.But from the 14th relationships begin to build, it will be easier to find a common language with your partner.January 15 will be able to establish an intimate life, as long as it was based on a spiritual connection.16 and 17 January may appear again differences misunderstanding and resentment.January 18th is better to abstain from sex.

  • Talisman month golden opal.
  • Favorable days: 23, January 31, 5, 15, on 19 January.
  • difficult days: January 27, 2, 10, 17 of January.
  • priority interests: shopping, nutrition, finances.

romantic date Sagittarius

On New Year everyone loves to dress up in costumes.Arrange

a costume party and you, and do not forget about the camera.So you can try yourself in different roles and have fun from the heart.

Family Sagittarius

Despite the fact that the need to spend a lot of energy for the benefit of the family, as long as you give more than you get in return.In the first decade it will be particularly difficult to reach an understanding with the household.Do not plan for this period no serious cases.One of the most difficult days - on January 27 and January 2 and 3.It is easier to become 8 and 9 January: in these days, you can safely gather the whole family around the table, talk and relax.January 10 again may be difficult, do not plan the important household chores.January 11 and 12 be sure to pay attention to children.

Health Sagittarius

During the whole period you'll be cheerful.The activity and energy will not leave you even for a day.However, the first half of the month will be marked by excessive emotionality and tendency to dramatize every situation.Try to keep yourself in their hands, otherwise you may have lung disorders of the nervous system.Also want to experience the possibilities of the body, to know what the potential strength and energy it laid.Be sure to sign up to the pool or the gym.There, under the supervision of trainers will be able to test themselves without damage to health.The desire to keep yourself in good shape will be dictated by the intense attention of men.Kiwi fruit - fruit that contains a large amount of trace elements and minerals.Just one exotic fruit per day covers the daily requirement of vitamin C, which is known to strengthen the immune system, blood vessels, increases resistance to infections and helps fight stress.

Recreation Sagittarius

Although these days and drop the New Year holidays, can not say that will be able to drop everything and go away on holiday.Rather, household chores and care will require your presence.So we have to learn to relax on the spot, using a convenient moment.Try as much as possible to retire to read a book or watching a movie.The journey can go 23 or January 25 remaining days are neutral.January 30-31, best to be alone, it is time to sum up the year and gather his thoughts and new forces.Expressway, on which you can ride for a long time without thinking about the obstacles.Fast, favorite music, excitement, a sense of movement bring you back to life and gives a sense of freedom.

Money Sagittarius

Financial issues will be important for you.If you want to change the situation with the work, you can do it after the solar eclipse on January 4.In addition, if the long time dream of owning your own business, then in the new year we can safely begin to act.Most importantly - finally create your own material foundation.Treat finance seriously, try to reconsider the costs and give up frills.Since January 14, in material affairs can expect active participation of the partner in marriage or business.

Luck Sagittarius

is important to learn how to work together with friends and not to give up their assistance.Mercury will openly and boldly express their opinions and attitudes towards others.Neptune allows intuitively take the most optimal solutions, to quickly navigate to any place in the new environment.


find a common language with your favorite of this month will be difficult.Despite the fact that the relationship is important for him, he tends to be stubborn.Leave the discussion of serious topics for later.But from January 1, he will finally be able to put into words all the things about so long and stubbornly silent.


your Sagittarius will be in great shape, however, it is important to pay special attention to proper and healthy eating.He, like all the wards of Jupiter, is prone to excesses of the festive table, which can lead to liver disease and gall bladder.January 13 is the time to start a "new life" - to do health improvement.


Money matters will take him on vacation.And it is absolutely normal, because now finally be able to solve financial problems.True, this will make a great effort.Now you need to start a new business or change jobs to a paid (best to do it after the solar eclipse on January 4).


In early information about future prospects in the career is uncertain, but after the holidays a lot clearer.January 26, may be held interview with the head of a favorable outcome, and that's the 27th best not to get caught the eye of the authorities.


Now next to him were really reliable, proven people and let them a bit - but they can always rely on.January 29 gather at friends, fun and peace arrange a feast.


Despite his busy schedule, you need to persuade him at least sometimes to relax.January 30 and 31 it would be great to retire, to collect my thoughts and make plans for the next year.Now we know what the horoscope for the month of January, the archer.

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