How to soothe a baby to sleep

Why is this happening? The fact that most of us think that, being born, pipsqueak already has many skills.And the ability to sleep - one of them.But this is not quite true.From mom and dad very much depends.It is necessary to teach the baby to sleep.It sounds paradoxical, but it is.As
soothe baby to sleep?Create a special atmosphere, create rituals that will crumbs understand that it is time to sleep.

Speaking about the organization of children's sleeping place, first of all, pay attention to the mattress.Even if you went to bed as a gift from friends, not worth saving.It is better to buy a new mattress.The fact that the infant, as opposed to adult, yet not bend the spine.He will develop a child when he confidently stand on legs and start walking.Because mattress need moderately hard and smooth.Which filler is preferable?Experts believe that natural materials are more environmentally friendly, less likely to cause allergies.Among the natural fillers suitable seaweed, horsehair, buckwh
eat husks.But coir (coconut fiber) is tough enough, and some of the kids, as their growth check, do not like to sleep on this mattress.Do not forget to cover, mattress pad, it should be easy to remove, because it will have to be washed a lot.But in any case, buying a product, ask for a certificate of quality.Pay particular attention to the fact that it was marked "for children".

Most kids swimming relaxes after this procedure, they fall asleep soundly. However, there are beetles who, having stayed in the water, feel the rush of vitality, butnot a lot of kids.
What if pipsqueak not tolerate change in the weather, cry, do not want to sleep, overexcited? In that case, how to calm the baby before bedtime? Please use the power of herbs - Prepare a soothing broth, then pour it into a baby bath.Do not abuse the phytotherapy: just 1-2 herbal baths a week.
have a calming effect motherwort herb, valerian root, grass oregano, hops cones, grass sage. Doing a mixture of herbs, do not get carried away, it is better to use monosbor or composition of the two grasses.Acquire the best herbs for the baby at the pharmacy, so you'll be assured of the quality of medicinal raw materials.
on baby bath standard will require approximately 1 tablespoon of dry raw materials.Fill it with a glass of boiling water, let stand, covered with a lid.Then strain the broth and pour into the tub.If your baby has moved from a small bath in an adult, then, respectively, and the amount of broth should be more.

What next?
When the baby washed, blotted dry neat movements skin.Then put on a diaper crumbs - this will allow the child to sleep peacefully due time.

seasick or not?
On this occasion, there are heated discussions doctors and parents, although a definitive answer has not been found.One can not deny that historically the majority of peoples babies rocked in a cradle (shaky, cradle).But today, some doctors believe that the situation in which young parents vigorously shake the baby, trying to get him to sleep, is harmful to children's health.
If you take your beloved child, gently pressed against his chest, and sing him a lullaby softly - what's wrong with that?
Scarce feels her mother's native smell, warmth, affectionate hugs mother's hands ... Now this - the boundaries of his world.And the world needs to be a reliable, familiar and pleasant.Also important for the children's sleep and the fact what kind of mood you, Mommy.After all, when you are calm, relaxed and kid.Tune in to this wave, you restless night!

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