Whether to give the child to education grandparents

Now many things have changed, but the tradition of giving children the education of grandparents in many families remained, too, out of despair.At the minimum that the state pays mothers, except that you can buy diapers, and how to live, if the spouse low-paid jobs?On one salary can hardly feed at least three people, and in fact someone on the two and three children, if not more.That's the dilemma Postal send their children to the garden or grandparents retired.
But this situation is developing, not all, there are families in which the husband is able to provide the whole family at the time of his wife's maternity leave.But in some of these cases give the reins of raising a child in his grandmother's arms by their own reluctance to turn into zakorenevshuyu housewife Tweety Kulakovu- mother of seven children.And there is a third category - they are raising their children, not allowing grandparents to intervene in this creative process.Which option is most favorable for your baby, every mother is able to

define itself, looking at the child.So, let's analyze the pros and cons of the three positions.
Just specify me closer option when parents are raising their children, but here, too, there are exceptions.Do you think that the main thing for the child's development while he was still a little?Of course, his psychological feeling of calm and security.No newfangled development activities, namely the inner world of the little man.All our problems and psychosis keep their roots in childhood, it is a kind of foundation for the proper and safe we ​​lay, will depend on the future life of our child.Loving mother and only she is able to date s baby all the warmth and affection he needs at this age.But there are dysfunctional families, mothers who drink and other categories that are not quite care about inner peace and development of their child, so in that case, of course, my grandmother more or less culpable, the kid will be better and more comfortable with the oldergeneration, rather than with their parents failed.
When the family is not enough money, the best option would be to wait until the child becomes more or less independent (able to go to the potty, he eats, he can say what he wants), and then with a clear conscience to send him to kindergarten.Of course, all kids develop differently, someone that period comes earlier, someone later, the average rate is somewhere 1.5-2 years.

Regarding the conventional wisdom that women housewife grows dull with time and becomes uninteresting to her husband, it is foolishness.Dear women, I understand, it all depends on you.If you are married to and not good intelligence and wit - start to cultivate now, ways to do this are countless, well, if you had all the creative and interesting nature, believe me, will they not get away from you.
Grandparents is, of course, is good, but it is our children and not worth their duties flip them.They have brought up their children, they, too, want to catch my breath a little pension from the bustle of life, to live at least the last few years for himself and for his own pleasure.Moreover, the doctors have shown that children living with older people more susceptible to disease.With age, the nature of such qualities as care go into anxiety, frugality - in stinginess, unsociable - in isolation, and others. But from this increased attention, resembling an obsession, so that the child is developing slowly, and understand some of the vital things.Eternal Kutani, so it was warmer in the end the child sweats and a cold, do not go there, it does not, it does not eat, infinity.

Grandparents are much wiser than us, and life experience have more, so they believe that only they know how to educate the younger generation, sometimes forgetting that times are not the same.Of course, sometimes we can not do without their advice, but, as they say, is good spoon for dinner!
Therefore, if your child spends most of his time with the grandparents, then try in your relationship to find a compromise to not further argue in the presence of the baby, whose education is more important.

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