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Microcurrent therapy, facelifts, breasts, buttocks

creation of technologies microcurrent therapy world owes the company Bio-Therapeutic Computers.Of course, this method is not a panacea, but certainly a powerful breakthrough.For many visitors of beauty salons were able to assess the effectiveness of micro-impact solutions for a number of different problems - from medical to aesthetic.Painless and safety of a new method, an excellent lasting results for minor contraindications made him one of the most popular at the moment.And besides getting rid of hyperpigmentation and acne, bags and puffiness under the eyes, stretch marks and cellulite up to the fourth degree of the demand still ended up fighting with aging.Indeed, one of the main problems that successfully solves the microcurrent therapy - facelifts, breasts, buttocks.And, then, women of the dream of youth and beauty is now feasible without anesthesia and operations.

essence of microcurrent therapy as follows: on the body affects a very weak pulse current - only about 100 microamps.Due to its smal

l size, a microcurrent is able to restore damaged cells passing through them.The blood supply is improved, normal cell activity, there is a deep hydration of the skin.And so yet another indisputable advantage of micro-in anti-aging skin and wrinkles - it is a stable effect of excluding subsequently sagging skin.Furthermore, when exposed to a low current value is a stimulation of the immune system that helps treat inflammation.Microcurrent therapy normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands.The device, which is the procedure of microcurrent therapy programmed for different modes of operation and provides several levels of exposure.

important advantage of this procedure is painless, and it - the current is so small that the patient is not experiencing discomfort.In addition, as already mentioned, with the help of micro-current therapy can not only lift problem areas - the face, chest, abdomen, buttocks, and more . advantage of this method in the fact that the patient can get rid from several problems at no additional cost time and money.But what is particularly impressive patients that have passed only the first procedure - is the result.Visible, the obvious result.

Apart from the above facial rejuvenation, breast, neck, abdomen , buttocks, microcurrent therapy is used for rehabilitation after injuries and operations to restore definition body contouring and facial, skin whitening, to solve the problem of hair loss.

sustainable results Microcurrent therapy distinguishes from conventional Miolifting.In addition, a new method - an excellent replacement radical cosmetic surgery facelift and body, as well as injections of Restylane and Botox.

Contraindications to the microcurrent therapy are: pregnancy, coronary heart disease, metal implants, pins, malignancies, hypersensitivity to electric current, as well as some aspects related to cosmetic treatments and surgery.