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Sexual complexes - the most bizarre and depraved

Unfortunately, not all different looseness in bed.And keep us usually two reasons.Either their own systems - "and suddenly he's not think of me," "oh, I'm afraid to say something extra," or its complexes - "and so he in himself is not sure, but I ...", "heand so continuous problems, and I'm here ... ".So for harmonious sexual relations you first have to contend with the complex.Moreover, they can be corrected.Even the greatest shame lasts no more than 8 minutes, and then passes, because it includes the adaptive capacity of the organism.So, too shy and ashamed to get used to.But keep in mind, and more - 99 percent of men will not fight their sexual complexes, because it is too painful for them.So it's a battle of the hero, or rather heroine.

complex first. In pursuit of orgasm

In our society, the pursuit of orgasm became just some fetish.Moreover, it is almost the measure of success in life."If she's under me screaming bloody murder - so I do everything well," - sincerely believe men."If I do n

ot experience orgasm, that is, the world does not explode before my eyes - that with me that something is wrong," - women think.However, the truth is that the same woman can experience a variety of sensations, which, for brevity, called orgasm.

So your task is to understand herself and her husband to explain that it is impossible to assess the quality of your relationship and your behavior on the fact that, for example, shown in porn films.Then your spouse will be less set out to achieve a specific result from you - "When it is over!" - And will be configured to search for new forms, feelings, ways and caresses to get "more interesting result."Agree, this is a winning attitude.For you, of course.

second complex. Uncertainty macho

bed - a place where the rules of treatment of men sometimes work the other way around.Phrases such as "you do not even reach the level of his brother" will not cause ordinary men passion for sport - "I'll prove it!".Encouragement like "Come on!Come on! "a voice of thunder, that loves your crazy football fan, is seen by many as the" arrival ".

scold, scold and nag - also not an option, because it is simply afraid the next time to you to approach.And lost everything.But what works - it is praise.Since even the most macho cool in bed is never to late sure of himself, it must be maintained.For your praise, he will go to any sexual exploits.Thank him for the moments of happiness, and they will be more.Praise him - and he will try.And do not give praise when he does not try.From sexual complexes (the most bizarre and depraved) will be over.

third complex. «who had been with her ...»

bed - it's not a place where people need a "naked" truth.You might want to tell him of his best moments in life.Keep!Nothing intimate kiss in the first grade voice is not necessary, because men are easy to earn an inferiority complex about it.Even if the husband provokes you to candid conversations of your stories should follow that the best moments you spent with him.

Only, for God's sake, do not lie.One of the worst feelings for a man - that his favorite lies.This undermines the credibility not only in bed, but in life.On the complex question with his hand: "How many men have you had before me?" You can always give some neutral, purely female response: "Yes unless they are men compared to you!" Praise is always a way, because for some reason-So you're sleeping with him.

complex fourth. «Maybe I'm doing wrong ...

« Dear, I think it would be great if you could still put his hand on my ... "- this is no dyhalki not enough.And soobrazhalki too.Therefore, it is necessary to say very simply - forward, backward, up, down.If it does not take into account your wishes, it is possible that he simply does not hear - or you whisper very quietly, or he is too passionate about the process.Then repeat this quite clearly.Perhaps more times.You're an active participant in the process and have the right to influence him.

Can not say - just do.Put his hand to where you want, remove, flip.Just do it naturally and confidently.After all, there is nothing more natural than to bring joy to the beloved.And there's nothing more attractive than a confident woman.

What should I tell him

The average size of the vagina - 6-13 cm, the average length of the language - 5-7 cm. Therefore, attempts to get as far as possible the language is rarely justified.All of the most sensitive points are close to the entrance - at a depth of 3-5 cm. This is the famous G-spot, which is located on the front wall of the vagina (small convex spot, size and shape resembling a ruble coin).Similar terms have the same depth, but at the sides of it - this zone X and Y. It is believed that women experience vaginal orgasm is from stimulation of these areas.Perhaps all this information will make him forget the favorite masculine approach "the deeper the better."