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What gifts offended men

Antipodarok №1.Shampoos and shower gels.Why the women decided to give the hygiene products.On the feast of February 23, my brother collected 3 shower gel and shampoo 2, will last until the next holiday!I wonder how she would react if received on the feast of sex gel and cleanser for the face.I'd like to look at her face!Down hygiene!What counts woman gifts in return, after hygiene products?

Antipodarok №2.Teddy bears and toys.Girls are nice to get cute toy, but then we do not know what to do with them, and they are gathering dust in a closet or on a couch.And the men something to do with bears ??Unless you peredarit ...

Antipodarok №3.Manicure set, trimmers, trainers - or all that talk about the shortcomings of our men.Even if you are giving a gift is not a hint, he still can perceive it differently.Before you buy the man gifts, put yourself in their shoes and think like whether you get it.

Antipodarok №4.Pajamas, underwear, socks, sneakers, ties.Such a small thing a man can afford to buy myself.Wha

t do you feel when you give your man tights.Such banal attributes that are present in his life every day will not bring him pleasure.About ties separately.Not every man wearing ties, some general and rarely wears a shirt and tie even more.

Antipodarok №5.Money.Do not give money, regardless of the amount.Men are self-sufficient and proud, this gift you will touch it accurately and resentment.The man - the breadwinner and the hunter, even if at the moment that is not glued.If socks with shorts else can swallow the money you had just insult.If you want to help him financially, you do not need to present it as a gift.

Antipodarok №6.Joke gifts.Joke gifts and souvenirs suitable as an addition to this gift.It is not necessary to give such things serious holidays, after all this is your man, with whom you are going to live together.

Antipodarok №7.This is all I can not find one word.This subparagraph includes all those little things that were presented to you earlier, and the fact that you do not have liked.No need to get rid of those things that just waiting in the wings.Better from such things immediately get rid of.

Do not think that I rejected the all possible gifts.Give what your man is interested, for example, if the motorist - anything associated with cars, if an athlete - anything related to sports, if they like football or basketball - ball for this sport.I mean, give something that will bring you pleasure and for that you should be grateful.I just presented the list antipodarkov that can upset or hurt your man.But no one knows your man better than yourself.Do you want to surprise him, to break stereotypes and give flowers, candy, beads - who said that the only surprises like the girls ?!

Ladies, do not buy and give gifts only to shooting.Give each gift with delight as he was not worth, get pleasure from the pleasure that will bring your gift to your loved one.And what would you have not bought a gift, whether shorts or gold money clip, it's your choice if you think that the purchased briefs lead your favorite in the puppy dog ​​enthusiasm, then so be it.