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How to meet American and marry him?

They love to joke, but the joke they have a very low-key.They also believe that everyone should mind his own business.If you want to make a hairstyle, then you do not have to run around the house in curlers, and it should make you a hairdresser.Americans love to rest.They spend their leisure time at picnics, fishing, and they often visit bars and pubs.They always try to see the bright side of everything, even if it is not.Try to find something good in every situation.

How to meet American and marry him?

To do this, first you have to take the initiative.Because these people are afraid to approach the first, fear of rejection, and the Americans do not like lesions.Secondly, because of the great hard work, it is better to "catch" on the job, because it is the work they give most of the time.Well, if you do not want to get acquainted in this way, it is possible in the evening to go to some bar and make it familiar to the manager who came to rest, or at least with the bartender.To allow it to meet their bu

siness card and write on it the time and place of the meeting.You'll see, he is sure to come.Behave at the meeting should be confident, as the Americans like successful women.And cook that for dinner in the restaurant one will pay for itself.And even if you live together and rent an apartment, you probably will pay for everything in half.Tell us about yourself, but in any case it does not collide with pity.Talk about how you are all well!Lots of joking and most importantly - a lot of smile, then it will be easier to meet and marry amerekantsy.

Plan your pastime together, plan to go to the places he likes to visit, for example, go to the match of his favorite football team.Do you like it will be fun, because you are close to their dream ...

be in bed with him unexpected.Turn on your imagination, surprise him, because he was so fed up with his gray days are no different from each other.Begin to heat it when he was still at work.Please send him an e-mail full of passion and attach a couple of photos of the same theme.By the end of the working time without notice come to his office and engage in sex in his office.There is no such possibility?So, do it in the car near the house.And it does not fit?Then try the house to be the most passionate in the world and do not forget to decorate everything in the bedroom (candles, champagne), prepare the cream, strawberries, in general, make the man of her dreams of the most happy at this moment!Well, your long-awaited American conquered?Now wait for marriage proposals.Most likely, it will be all romantic and beautiful gift.But even if you legalize their relationship, it is likely you are and will continue to pay for themselves, so they are concepts.

But the children you will have only if your partner will be 100% sure that will be able to ensure a decent future of your family for years to come.So, you are now a typical American family with exit picnics and gray weekdays.Congratulations!You realize a dream and married amerekantsy.

What to do in case you wanted to end it all?How to divorce her husband?To do this in every possible way to provoke him to scandals, constantly emphasize its shortcomings, focus on his missteps, because the Americans - people are taught from childhood that they all always perfect.They can not tolerate criticism, and by the way, so in America are in great demand antidepressants and psychologists.Now turn to the choice of a lawyer.Hire a good specialist, as it is unlikely your mate will want to share with you a half of joint property.Surely he will try in every way away from you recently.Be confident in yourself and do not give up, then you gain a small victory!