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The ratio of men to children from a test tube

This is nothing strange, because such children as though men are not directly related.Yet not always the ratio of men to test-tube babies negative.In order to understand their relationship, it is necessary to understand the factors that influence the formation of opinions.

inferiority complex among men

begin with why the ratio of men can be negative.First, they just start to feel useless.After all, if the race can go on without a man, that he seems to be losing one of the main meanings of living.Do not forget that even in ancient times was considered the best among men who could leave more offspring.He was respected, considered the leader.He was the strong and healthy.And if you take away the need for the stronger sex to engage in reproduction, it starts to feel flawed.That's why so many men have a negative attitude to children conceived artificially.They accuse the women in feminism, because they realize that they lose power, they are no longer so necessary as before.And while it does not reflect

the fact that women are not as important a form of conceiving a child as you need to feel close to a defender and helper, who can be the father of this child is normal.And because these young people are becoming less and less, desperate to find a normal candidate, women simply give birth to children "for itself", since no one has repealed the maternal instinct

negative attitude toward artificially conceived children may occur in men who have health problemsand are infertile.In this case, such an attitude is only an inferiority complex.In fact, the man hates himself, instead of children.But he can not admit it to themselves and others, so start blaming their misfortunes science.Such dissuade young people is extremely difficult, as they need to win their psychological problems, to recognize that these children are not a tragedy, but a gift from God.But while the man himself is not aware of their mistakes, to talk to him just useless.

conservatism and religion

certain categories of men with negative attitudes towards children of the tubes are religious people and the older generation.They believe that such children by their very existence goes against nature and God.In this case, their opinion is irrational imposed dogmas and postulates that everyone interprets as it sees fit.Older people believe that their time was not like this that modern man no matter what can not, and the woman got out of hand completely.Unfortunately, they do not think that their time had the same problem with male infertility and many families remain childless.

Adequate perception

But do not assume that all men are bad for children from a test tube.There are a large number of boys who understand that sometimes a child may be the only opportunity for the creation of a full-fledged family.Often these young people are educated, interested in science.In addition, raising the question of the child from the tube, they think not only about their own ego and that his favorite woman wants to become a mother.These men take an option conceiving children from a test tube.Although, of course, the lack of an opportunity to have their own child and beats on their dignity, but they are trying to assess the situation adequately and not dwell on this.Such men are learning to take children out of the tube as his own and eventually become a good father to them.