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How to determine the nature of man by his dog

«How to determine the character of a man by his dog?" - Very simple, we answer!How would it not sound silly, but between breeds of dogs and the character of its owner male psychological connection exists, which we will try to determine today.


man, the owner of dog is a very ambitious man who always loves to be the center of attention.A different and can not be, otherwise why would the man would have taken to his training this giant of the dog world?Passers-by turn followed and this is clearly flatters such a man.In order to achieve these goals, dogovladelets goes to, so do not stand in his way.The nature of this man allows him to be a good father to his children and a great lover.


Such men are complex, due to them which is not very easy to communicate.But despite this, these men for their outstanding professionalism and authoritative they not heed the objections go to the finish, using all of the goals.The owner of this dog loves intrigue, in romantic relationships, and demanding

much jealous.With such a man is never boring, besides all dobermanisty great family man and have strong patience.


Such men are always balanced, but a bit lazy, categorical and do not accept mediocrity.Love criticism and are in a good sense of the word, idealists.Deep in the heart seek to delight everyone, so each walk with the dog completely fulfills this need.

German Shepherd

hosts, like most dog inherent enormous willpower.Such men have a domineering character, they like order in everything: the house - clean, kids - go for a medal, at work - discipline and order, of love - complete harmony.These men are excellent family men, they are always faithful in marriage.The only negative, the owners have a poor shepherd humor.


dachshund owner is willing to help everyone at any time, even when requested to do so.These male executive, but lack of initiative.In love affairs always tend toward equilibrium.The main drawback - the desire to please absolutely everyone and to keep good relations with all.

Labrador and golden retriever

generous and sentimental men that prefer this dog under their outwardly peaceful appearance pose a huge passion.Resentment and jealousy.These men have a good sense of humor and have a good erudition.

Yorkshire Terrier

men that prefer this breed dogs tend to subconsciously decide for themselves what life could achieve great heights.Owners YORK - this respectable men like to show throughout his initiative.In love affairs these men like consistency, so marriages with them strong and durable, and they are based solely on the interest and respect.Disadvantages include a lack of trust and the complete lack of ability to admit they were wrong.


These men are in my heart the children.They rarely one hundred satisfied with themselves and always strive for something higher.Despite the special charm, these men have in their nature puzzle which is difficult to determine even the woman he loves.


this man characterized by generosity, honesty and kindness.They rarely listen to the opinions of others, because their intellect above it.Very love children, so one child in the family with this man you can not do.In love, appreciate reciprocity, integrity and honesty.

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