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Coitus interruptus for women

Nowadays, you can often hear the question - is not harmful if coitus interruptus for a woman?And this is not an idle question.Subject interrupted sexual intercourse for a woman always important, because it is, first and foremost, to preserve women's health.

Let us dwell on these so-called "harmful" moments.

We know that experts in the field of sexology recommended during intercourse maximum relax, nothing to think, to focus only on the pleasant feeling on how to please a partner, etc.Normally, the implementation of intercourse all physiological processes are reflexively, out of our will.Interrupting coitus, we intervene in the physiological process, "confuse the program" for the nerve cells, there is a sharp change of excitation and inhibition.Imagine for a high speed train rushing and suddenly someone clicks the emergency brake ... What happens to the passengers at this moment: bewilderment, confusion, fear!And the train is moving for a while by inertia.Also it happens to the human body.

Thinking at the most "interesting" moment about how to "do not fly", a woman can not relax, she fears arise in the head rush thinking about an unwanted pregnancy.All this leads to severe stress, and reduce negative emotions force sexual sensation.What kind of pleasure in this situation, can we talk?The partner all the time forcing myself to in order to control the time of orgasm in men, and this in turn leads to dulling the senses, erased completeness of obtaining true pleasure and enjoyment, to which so eager partners.

And until recently, many experts believe that if often interrupted sexual intercourse, then the woman may develop frigidity, increases the likelihood of neurotic reactions.

If we consider the matter from the point of orgasm, it must be said that this method of birth control can cause harm to both women, and perhaps, on the contrary, will not have any negative impact.

What kind of negative impacts do you mean?This relates primarily to women who have never experienced an orgasm.Studies confirm that 50% of them used the practice interrupted intercourse for women.

orgasm in women is not always occur at the same time with a man.If a woman is able to relax and not think about the Bad conception and if the time of receipt of the partners come orgasm at different times, such a switch be without negative consequences. But if a woman has an orgasm occurs only at the moment of ejaculation in men, the interruption act of love can have a negative reaction.Such a response is called frustatsiey - unreacted sexual arousal, which is characterized by abdominal pain.But it should be noted that such simultaneous orgasm orchestras in our life is uncommon, such a state can achieve the perfect pair of aspiring to perfection and harmony in their sexual lives.In a couple during the act of love a woman "garbage in the head" about protection will never be.

Let's look at another "bad" moment.It turns out that this sexual intercourse for a woman not a panacea against unwanted pregnancy.This confirms the fact that sperm are formed and activated even during intercourse, and not only upon its completion.Therefore, the probability of pregnancy reaches 25%.

For men, this practice can also cause damage to health, if such a method is used for a long time, for many years.When a man makes an abrupt halt and takes penis from the vagina, the function of the prostate is changing.It is not completely reduced, however it may be formed of stagnation, which will lead to medical intervention.He may also appear response neurosis, malfunction of the internal organs, premature ejaculation, weak erection.

But not so inconsolable!Modern contraceptive industry offers us a wide range of different funds.Using them skillfully and purposefully, can easily avoid negative consequences, both for female and for male health.If partners love each other, friendly and caring for each other, it is not making love would be a disaster.Partners will be able to use this "ending" in the case at hand would not contraceptives.