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Intimate passion: the female orgasm


female orgasm as a physiological phenomenon, is in the most passionate moment of intercourse spasmodic contraction of the muscles of the vestibule, which is accompanied by pleasure waves that radiate throughout the body.Based on this definition, we can say that the intimate passion female orgasm pose a special feeling for the abolition of the male pleasure.

interesting fact is that she is not so very long ago learned how to get an orgasm.In terms of biology, to become pregnant and continue a healthy kind of such a thing as an orgasm is not necessary.So why do women have learned to get pleasure from sex?Rather, due to the development of spirituality and passion, because it is orgasmic sensations helped the ladies make the right choices for their children's father.

Orgasm is not for everyone

unfortunately, not all representatives of the female orgasm may be.According to statistics, 30-40% of an intimate relationship does not bring pleasure and it happens very rarely.By the way, even tho

se ladies who have a normal ability to perceive sexual pleasure, enjoy not having sex at all.If you believe the opinion of therapists, to 20-23 years if a girl does not get pleasure from sex, it is considered the norm, but the lack of orgasm during regular sex after 25 years - a violation.

female orgasm - it's always passionate and bright

Not only that, the female orgasm is always held on the complex not only physiological, but also psychological level.In terms of the psychological perception of the quality of orgasm it depends on the emotional state of women.If the lady have any concerns, she will not be able to have fun.But in physiological terms it is much more complicated and confusing.Primarily, this is due to the fact that theoretically the fairer sex may have very different in strength, duration and severity of types of orgasm (vaginal, uterine, clitoral orgasm point G).

Not all at once

As a rule, women are very rarely get an orgasm when they begin sexual activity.To intimate relationship began to bring a woman pleasure, it should get sexual experience and is perfect to explore her body.A girl without such experience is difficult to be passionate and to receive pleasure.

Pleasure and love as one

real passion and pleasure a woman can only get if you feel strong feelings for your partner.These women are different from men who can have fun even without feeling.

simulation orgasm

Women know how to do very well without causing any suspicion among men.In this way, the lady increases male self-esteem and rehearsing real experience.

orgasm and menstruation

the phase of the menstrual cycle is dependent orgasm itself.In the middle of the cycle a woman is experiencing great excitement and, in some phases of the cycle, she may desire to be completely absent.

Orgasm in a dream

orgasm during sleep is normal physiological phenomenon, which is absolutely not connected with the rhythm of sexual life in the period of wakefulness.

Get doubly

of passion woman can survive short intervals multiple orgasms (multiple orgasms).This is due to the fact that after an orgasm is maintained sexual arousal, which promotes the chain or one prolonged orgasm, which can last from several minutes to a half hour.

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