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What to do if the condom broke?

Preventing unwanted pregnancies

If this occurs and the sperm in the vagina got, think about the severity of the incident.To begin to remember what day of the menstrual cycle.Getting pregnant is not possible with the 2 days of ovulation (days fall in the middle of the cycle at the time the egg is released from the ovary) until the next menstrual period (the period of absolute sterility).The rest of the sperm cells is an opportune time to wait for the egg.

If the condom broke in perilous times, as soon as possible if you want to remove sperm from the vagina - to take a shower and prosprintsevatsya.Douche need a little acidified solution (you can add vinegar or lemon juice).This solution sperm move slower and die faster.Before syringing solution should taste - the solution should be slightly acidic, if the solution is too acidic, it may happen burn genital mucosa women.After manipulation of the vagina must enter a drug that is destructive to sperm - spermicides (kontseptrol, Delphine, farmateks, ortho

, koromeks).These formulations are produced in the form of foams, creams, tablets (oral), suppositories.Of course, this method does not give an absolute guarantee that the pregnancy does not occur, so it is necessary to continue the emergency prevention of pregnancy.Here come to the aid special hormonal drugs such as Postinor.This drug contains a synthetic analogue of progesterone (a female sex hormone), which inhibits the activity of estrogen (this is another female sex hormone), thus preventing conception.One pill Postinor taken immediately (or within 3 days), the second pill is taken 12 hours later.This drug is not harmless as it causes hormonal disorders.

Postinor can instead use combined hormonal contraceptives, but they can be used only if prescribed by a gynecologist.After the "accident" within a few days into the uterine cavity can insert an IUD (intrauterine device).This manipulation makes extremely gynecologist.

Every woman should be clearly understood that emergency methods to prevent pregnancy can not always be used as a method of contraception (the exception is the IUD, it can be used continuously), or you may be a heavy defeat of female genitalia.

If a condom breaks, can prevent diseases transmitted during sexual intercourse?

condom breakage is dangerous and when sexual intercourse takes place with a person (a casual partner), whose health can be questioned.In this case, there is a risk of contracting an infection that is transmitted directly through sexual contact.It could be an infection - hladimioz, ureaplasmosis, genital herpes, trichomoniasis, HIV or sexually transmitted diseases - gonorrhea, syphilis, limogranulema venereum, chancroid, granuloma venereum.

To prevent a series of STD is necessary in the first 2 hours after sex to hold emergency prevention.If the sexual partner was not sure, it is recommended to apply to the Skin and Venereal Diseases Clinic at the point of personal prevention, prevention of men there is a 2% solution protargola (can also be used gibitan, tsidipol).Women Prevention is silver nitrate, mercury salts, gibitanom, potassium permanganate, tsidipolom.

If there is no confidence in his sexual partner, you should not neglect preventive actions.

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